7 Disability Podcasts You Should Listen To


Podcasts for disabled are not niche podcasts that only those who are disabled should listen to. Listening to a disability podcast offers a unique opportunity for all of us to gain insights about the different experiences (and of course, challenges) that these people face in their daily lives. Here in the UAE, people with disabilities are advocated for and receive government mandated benefits such as issuance of Sanad cards. But this isn’t the case for others.

Listening to these podcasts that often feature candid conversations, personal anecdotes, and expert interviews will give you an idea about the issues that some disability communities face across the globe. 

If you want to broaden your knowledge and want to become a champion of inclusivity, we recommend that you listen to the following podcasts.

The Accessible Stall

Hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau, the podcast discusses mainly issues faced by the disability community. Both of the hosts have disabilities and mobility limitations making them relatable. The issues they discuss are also based on their first hand experience.

This podcast is not just fun to listen to (with the hosts bantering all the time) but both the hosts give their honest opinions and perspectives on important issues without sugarcoating it.

The Disability Visibility Project

With such a witty name, this podcast is hosted by Alice Wong. The podcasts’ topic of conversations revolve around disability rights and social justice. This podcast is named as one of the 15 best podcasts hosted by women by Refinery 29 in 2021.

It’s worth listening to since topics of conversation also include culture, politics and media with disabled people. For new listeners, you can download a pdf of all episodes to find which of the episodes you want to start with. Unfortunately, there are no new uploaded episodes since April 2021 but there’s a possibility of audio stories upload soon. 


A play with the word able and listenable (adj. pleasant to listen to), you couldn’t help but be intrigued with this podcast by Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin. What sets this podcast apart from other podcasts is that they ask questions that are worth asking. There are no off-limits topics of discussion for these two.

This podcast aims to spread awareness about the disability community and break down stigmas. They encourage everyone – disabled or able to listen and learn something. 

Disabulletin WFHB

This podcast highlights the injustices that some people with disabilities experience. One of their latest episodes is about the lawsuit filed by a disability rights organization against a ride hailing service company by not providing WAVs or wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is an important issue that people with disabilities face and often lead to them feeling excluded. As such, those with the resources resort to buying their own transportation and have it undergo vehicle modifications since the public transport system is not accessible.

This podcast is a must for awareness about important issues faced by the disability community.

Disability Matters

Hosted by Joyce Bender, this podcast helps people with disabilities join the workforce. The podcast invites prominent people in the Human Resources industry to talk about competitive employment for people with disabilities. Disability rights leaders also grace the show to talk about their advocacies.

This podcast is worth listening to since the content is helpful especially for those people with disabilities who are looking for a job.

Life’s a Road Trip

Scott Martin, the host of Life’s a Road Trip is a quad amputee. Prior to that he was an athlete and considered soccer as an art form. His podcast is a collection of different topics and conversations but what stood out is his podcast confirming that an “athlete is an athlete, whether he or she is ‘whole’ or has a disability.” 

His podcast is perfect for those who aren’t born with their disability and have led an able bodied life before. His encouragement about not being defined by your disability will help those who feel limited by their limitations. He invites different speakers with different disabilities in his show making them relatable to more listeners. One of his guests is a quadriplegic who won 18 gold medals in swimming and who still pursues other hobbies for wheelchair users. Another notable guest is a mother who did not let her daughter’s Down Syndrome diagnosis get in the way of them living a full life in spite of what the “experts” say. 

Embrace it with Lainie and Estela

Hosted by real life friends, this podcast discusses the challenges of living with a disability. Lainie and Estela both wear leg braces because of chronic neuromuscular conditions. In spite of this, they help their listeners feel confident.


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