What is the Best Bariatric Electric Wheelchair in 2023?

Best Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

Looking for a more roomy wheelchair because a standard one feels a little restricted!

For your needs, Gilani Mobility offers stronger and larger Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs to fulfill your needs.

Gilani Mobility has 10+ years of experience with mobility products and brings trusted products for you. Our dedicated team of medical professionals, engineers, builders, and care staff puts their efforts and years of experience into better living for people having limited mobility. They assist you in finding the best bariatric electric wheelchairs which recoup the absolute pleasure of life.

Choose Gilani Mobility Bariatric Wheelchair for free mobility, freedom, and leisure.

What is a Bariatric Electric Wheelchair?

A Bariatric Electric Wheelchair is a safe and reliable mobility device. Its strength is double that of a standard wheelchair as it is a heavy-duty wheelchair. It’s more space makes it suitable for large people. A Bariatric Wheelchair can carry a bigger person of 250kg, and its extra seat space provides comfort and support.

Gilani Mobility provides plenty of options to enhance your mobility and comfort. We offer a variety of bariatric electric wheelchairs, including electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, and rental wheelchairs. So, you can choose according to your needs.

Is a Bariatric Electric Wheelchair right for me?

This Wheelchair fit best for people who have overweight more than 100-125Kg. Even it is suitable for taller people with a height of more than 175cm.

This wheelchair works best for people having the following medical conditions;

  • Cardiopulmonary disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injuries

Its design allows you to move around freely and easily.

Here are some bariatric-sized electric wheelchairs Gilani Mobility offers:

Bariatric Electric Folding Lightweight Wheelchair – Air Hawk

Gilani Mobility is an exclusive UAE Distributor of Air Hawk, updating these fantastic wheelchairs with the latest technology at the lowest possible price. This newest edition of the Air Hawk wheelchair is available for sale in Dubai for easy traveling. The bariatric electric folding wheelchair is the hottest wheelchair option in UAE Market.

The foldable wheelchair has outstanding durability and superior reliability with a custom-made armrest from 540mm to 610mm in width, which enhances setting comfort.

Moreover, it comes up with a flip-up armrest and footrest, which assist in access to and from the mobility device. It is equipped with a press button and 2 easily removable slick batteries that are skillfully placed in the subframe on either side of the foldable wheelchair. You can remove these batteries from either side of the front by pressing the button.

You can fold it within 2 seconds and carry it in your vehicle. You can unfold it just by lifting its handle. Its anti-bacterial cushion with breathable material consists of high-quality fabric canvas, which is machine washable.

Its seat is optimized for gravity to avoid any risk while ascending the hills, and the auto mechanics will stop it automatically. The automatic braking system and re-programmable joystick are plus points over the other competitors in the market.

Its programmer has 21 control moods such as acceleration, deceleration, joystick sensitivity, turning radius, and many other fantastic and unique features.

“Gilani Mobility is the exclusive Distributor of Foldable Electric Wheelchairs in UAE. This versatile wheelchair can endure up to 180Kg and is super light, having 23Kg weight without batteries. It is also verified by MoHAP(The Ministry of Health and Prevention).”

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Foldable Bariatric Electric Wheelchair Extra Wide Heavy Duty-Falcon

The Falcon Bariatric Wheelchair is available at Gilani Mobility which is designed for large and heavy people for more effortless mobility. It is loaded with the necessary features to support maximum comfort. It also has a reclining backrest for further comfort.

Like the Air Hawk wheelchair, it is also designed for heavy-duty purposes and can bear up to 180Kg of person weight. It is equally well-suitable for heavier and tall individuals. A wheelchair is lightweight as it is made of an aluminum frame and nylon-reinforced upholstery. A carry pouch under the seat is available for storage.

The wheelchair available in UAE comes up with a seat width of 49cm and a depth of 47cm for more relaxation. Additionally, the armrests are padded and can be folded up and away, which makes use of the seat easy. The wider front wheel fork helps in more durability and extra stability. You can hire a wheelchair from us to decide which suits you.

IGET1 Electric Wheelchair scooter with Omnidirectional Wheels

The IGET1 Electric wheelchair scooter with omnidirectional wheels is an excellent bariatric wheelchair. It is the best option if you want stylish and sophisticated wheelchairs. It is a heavy-duty wheelchair made up of aeronautical aluminum, the same used in airplanes.

The wheelchair comes up with Omni-directional wheels, enabling it to have best smallest turning radius in the market without losing comfort.

It can easily hold up to 180Kg weight because of the aeronautical aluminum frame. The front and rare wheels of the chair make it easy to maneuver in the community.

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