Adjustable Beds in UAE

Where to Buy Adjustable Beds in UAE

Electric beds are the best option for proper sleep. Adjustable beds were once only used in hospitals for patients to recover from certain medical conditions. But as time has passed, people have come to understand its significance and have begun utilizing it at home to maintain good health. According to research, 7% of sleep issues are caused by uncomfortable mattresses, which can be resolved by switching from a traditional bed to an adjustable one.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bed in the UAE and want to know about the best places to buy one for yourself or your family member. Then we list the best places in UAE for buying electric beds.

What are Electric Beds

It is necessary to know what an electric bed is and how it can benefit you.

The electric bed has multiple adjustable lying positions. You can modify the upper and lower bed positions and the height to find suitable sleeping positions.

Benefits of Electric Bed

The most effective benefits of adjustable beds are;

  • Improve Sleeping
  • Easier Breathing
  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Swelling and Pressure Release
  • Improve Digestion Process
  • Reduce Acid Reflex and Heartburn, etc

Where to Buy Adjustable Beds in UAE

Gilani Mobility

Gilani Mobility is the best place to buy adjustable beds in the United Arab Emirates. The company is well-reputed in providing medical aids and services. They have been working for years in the market and have one branch in Australia. They have a team of medical professionals, engineers, and service staff. They build products with the latest technology and ergonomics.

Gilani Mobility’s main headquarters is at 9 17th street, Umma Ramool, Dubai. You can visit there to check out their products’ quality and seek guidance on medical equipment.

In addition to this, you can also get vehicle and home modification services. Further, you can buy electric scooters, wheelchairs, and assistive aids from them all over the UAE.


An online marketplace called Sehaa was founded in 2015. It is a multi-vendor market with a significant focus on offering medical supplies. They have more than 2500 goods listed in more than 20 categories.
On their website, you can find any medical aid product. In contrast to their online website, the company is headquartered on 6th st – Al Quoz Red Crescent Warehouse, Gate 2 Warehouse No.10, Dubai. You can visit their office to talk with their agent and to test their products.

Restonic – Supporting Dreams

Restonic is a US-based company in the United Arab Emirates, established in 1938. They build and engineer the highest quality sleeping product and have a wide range of products with exceptional features and remarkable health benefits.

The business has a plant in the United Arab Emirates from which it exports goods to Middle East Countries.


Desertcart is another online product-selling website where you can buy an electric bed in the United Arab Emirates. It is a multi-product website and claims to have 100 million products cataloged. They ship products from all over the world. You can visit their site.


The last option is to buy electric beds in UAE in Sehaasouq. Sehaasouq is also an online marketplace for buying and selling used medical products. You can buy used adjustable beds from their website. They also provide medical equipment for rent.

Which One is Best

We discuss all the available options for buying adjustable beds in UAE. If you are still confused about choosing the best option, then we can help you. The best option to buy a power bed is Gilani Mobility.


The company mainly works in this industry and provides tested and high-quality items to the customer since it employs medical specialists and engineers to manufacture medical equipment that is experienced enough to deliver products that match your needs.

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