Can I make my Vehicle a Disability Car Modification in Dubai?

Yes, you can make your vehicle a disability car modification. Gilani Mobility is here to assist you if you want to know where you should go for modifications.

Gilani is a trusted disability car modifier in Dubai and offers excellent customer service and support.

There are many ways of transferring a regular vehicle to a wheelchair car. Almost all of these modifications will convert a vehicle into a more accessible modified car for a disabled person.

We bring lucrative solutions that suit individual needs by consulting with significant suppliers and providers.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Restraints and seat belts systems
  • Hoists
  • Winches
  • Seating
  • Ramps and steps
  • Automated doors, ramps, and tailgates
  • Custom handrails
  • Custom flooring

Wheelchair Access Car Modification Dubai

Hyundai Staria Wheelchair Conversion

3rd Row Car Conversions

A hydraulic lifter is used for accessing the car for a wheelchair. Staff at Gilani ensure a safe, reliable, and controlled environment to fulfill your requirements.

The KIA Station Wagon has plenty of space for wheelchairs with 5 passengers. You can either use a third passenger seat for 8 passengers. These KIA wagons are excellent for traveling with your family for outgoing trips and outings.

Gilani Mobility also offers vehicle conversion for KIA Carnival to adapt and alter the vehicle according to your needs.

We will assist you with small to significant adjustments in your car. We find solutions that bring happiness to your face.

Hydraulic Wheelchair Platform Accessible Lift Hoist

The customizable wheelchair is of different types. Each of these allows users to use their car. At the rare side door, a lift is installed with a hydraulic system to ride the user while sitting in the wheelchair. The system of lowering, lifting, and folding is fully automatic.

The system can operate using a wired remote or your mobile phone. However, it can use manually in case of emergency. It is a heavy-duty system that can bear up to 300Kg weights.

What types of vehicles are suitable for wheelchair-access car conversion in UAE?

Many cars can use wheelchair-access cars. You can convert your lovely car into wheelchair access by approaching Gilani Mobility. However, vans and SUVs work best for wheelchair access.

You can contact us at +971 54 222 2321 or at to know whether your required modifications can be installed on your vehicle.

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