Can Wheelchairs Go on Grass?

Can wheelchairs go on grass

For people with mobility challenges, using their wheelchairs across different surfaces is a struggle since not all wheelchairs are built equal. One common question that wheelchair users frequently ask before purchasing or renting a manual or electric wheelchair is “Can wheelchairs go on grass?”

Fortunately, with the advancement in mobility technology, innovative solutions have been introduced to give people with mobility limitations more freedom to enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the terrain.

Limitations of traditional wheelchairs

Traditional wheelchairs are mainly designed for indoor use and smooth surfaces. If your wheelchair is the traditional one, its small, narrow wheels can easily sink into soft grass making you stuck. 

The majority of electric wheelchairs on the other hand may still be difficult to navigate on grassy surfaces since some of them are still made with smaller wheels. The motors and components of electric wheelchairs are also not built to withstand this terrain, putting a strain on its mechanical parts if used on grass.

All-terrain wheelchairs

If you’re on the lookout for a wheelchair that can conquer all surfaces, mobility experts like Gilani Mobility offer all-terrain wheelchairs designed primarily for off-road adventures. These mobility devices are for people with disabilities who are still outdoorsy and lead an active lifestyle. 

All Terrain Electric wheelchair Scooter

Key features of all-terrain wheelchairs

Large, sturdy wheels

The main difference all-terrain wheelchairs have from traditional wheelchairs is its wheels. These wheelchairs have large, sturdy wheels designed to tackle not only grassy surfaces but uneven and rough surfaces as well. Its wheels have better traction and are more stable, preventing sinking into soft ground like grass.

Enhanced suspension systems

These systems are built into all-terrain wheelchairs to absorb shocks and vibrations. Wheelchair users will also have smoother and safer rides even on rough terrains because of these suspension systems.

Durable frame

The frame of all-terrain wheelchairs are also more durable and sturdier than traditional wheelchairs. This is to ensure that the wheelchair can withstand rigorous and frequent outdoor use.

Powered options

Some all-terrain wheelchairs come with electric or power-assist options, similar to an electric mobility scooter. This option helps in providing additional propulsion when the wheelchair is on difficult terrains. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with limited upper body strength and would need help navigating into grassy fields and other challenging surfaces.

Considerations for grassy surfaces

While all-terrain wheelchairs can safely navigate grassy surfaces, wheelchair users still need to keep the following considerations in mind:

Wheelchair weight

All-terrain wheelchairs may be heavier than traditional wheelchairs because of their durable and strong frame and components. Users or caregivers should consider their ability to transport the wheelchair, especially if there are no ramps or the vehicle is not modified to a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Battery life

Electric all-terrain vehicles rely on batteries for power. Users should be mindful of the wheelchair’s battery life, especially during extended outdoor use and there’s no way to recharge it. This is an important consideration to avoid running out of power in remote places.


Regular maintenance is important since the wheelchair is frequently used outdoors. All-terrain wheelchairs in spite of their durable construction are still prone to wear and tear. Periodic checkups of these chairs will ensure any issues are addressed promptly to contribute to the wheelchair’s longevity.


All-terrain wheelchairs are a game-changer for people with mobility challenges, especially for those with an adventurous spirit. With these wheelchairs, the longstanding question of whether wheelchairs can go on grass is already solved. 

With their durable construction, large wheels and advanced suspension systems, these mobility devices allow wheelchair users to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature without limitations.