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  • Adjustable Patient Lift: Durable Design, Effortless Transfers, 136 kg Weight Capacity, YC8240

    • Effortless patient transfers
    • Easy assembly
    • Enhanced caregiver convenience
    • Secure and stable design
    • Versatile for various patient sizes
    • Promotes patient well-being
    • Suitable for healthcare facilities and homes
    • 136 Kg weight capacity
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  • AirWheel Extra Lightweight Mini Smart Suitcase Scooter: 110 Kg Weight Capacity, Long Lasting Battery, USB Ports – SE3S

    • Mini Smart Suitcase Scooter, 110KG capacity
    • Strong Aluminum Frame, one-piece stability
    • Comfortable Elastic Handle, easy lifting
    • Scenic Dragging, hidden pull rod
    • Spacious 20L Capacity, durable materials
    • Exclusive Battery, air travel compliant
    • External USB Interface, power bank option
    • Weight: 9.4 Kg
    • Intelligent Handle, easy control
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  • AirWheel Lightweight Smart Electric Suitcase: 110 Kg Weight Capacity, 9 Kg Weight, TSA Locks, 5.5 Inches Wheel – SE3T

    • Load Capacity: Up to 110KG
    • Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame
    • 48-liter Capacity with 24-inch cabinet
    • Smart Handle
    • Removable Battery
    • Dual USB Interfaces
    • TSA-Approved Code Lock
    • Lightweight: Only 19.8 lbs (9kg) empty
    • High-Performance Shock-Absorbing Wheels
    • Rapid 2-Hour Charging
    • Speed: 8.1 mph (13 km/h) on flat surfaces
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  • Electro-Hydraulic Double Arm Baby Van Lift: Lightweight, 320 Kg Weight Capacity -BP 2P

    • Electro-hydraulic double arm lift for van loading
    • Double flat platform with a central interruption for stability
    • 320 kg max weight capacity
    • 10-second ascent time (with 320 kg)
    • Emergency hand pump for backup
    • Lightweight at just 90 kg
    • Compact design for van installation
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  • Heavy Duty Wheelchair for Airport Use: 300 Kg Capacity, Extended Range, Quick Charging – EPW66

    • Exceptional Reliability and Durability
    • Robust Construction for Smooth Mobility
    • Extended Range on a Single Charge
    • Convenient Portability for Airport Use
    • Comfortable Seating Dimensions
    • Powerful Motors for Efficient Performance
    • High Weight Capacity (Up to 300 kg)
    • Quick and Convenient Charging
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  • Lightweight High Back Steel Manual Wheelchair: 120 KG Weight Capacity – ST-WL-1010

    • Steel frame for enhanced durability
    • Fixed armrests for consistent support
    • Swing away footrests for easy transfers
    • Smooth 8 x 1″ PVC front casters for maneuverability
    • High backrest at 460mm for added comfort
    • Impressive weight capacity of 120 KG
    • Lightweight design with a net weight of 16.5 kg
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  • Lightweight Long Range Electric Wheelchair: 100 Kg Loading Capacity, Long Battery, Easy to Transport EY17

    • 100 kg loading capacity
    • Swift and smooth
    • Quick-response braking system
    • Handles obstacles up to 40 mm in height
    • Long-lasting Battery
    • Comfortable ride with a 7-inch PU front wheel
    • 15 km range on a single charge
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  • Portable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair: Anti-Tip Wheels, 180 kg Capacity, 20 Km Range – Phoenix D36

    • Anti-tip wheels for stability
    • Shock absorption design for a smooth ride
    • Waterproof joystick with user-friendly controls
    • Designed for larger individuals
    • Portable and compact design
    • Lightweight, durable aluminum alloy frame
    • Loading Capacity: 180 kg
    • Driving Range: 20 km
    • Net Weight: 26.5 kgs
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  • Portable Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair: 120 kg Capacity, Long-Lasting Battery – P7

    • Portable and Lightweight (23 kg)
    • Compact Folding Design
    • Loading Capacity: 120 kg
    • Speed Range: 0-6 km/h
    • Stylish Black Color
    • Smooth Ride
    • User-Friendly Operation
    • Long-Lasting Battery
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  • Portable Reclining Electric Wheelchair: Brushless Motors, Shock Absorber Wheels, 135 Kg Weight Capacity – YE246C

    • Reinforced frame with dual base bar for durability
    • Shock absorber wheels for a smooth ride
    • Net Weight: 23 kg
    • Electromagnetic braking system
    • Reliable brushless controller for precise control
    • Suspension system for a comfortable ride
    • Weight capacity: 135 kg
    • Driving distance range: 15-18 km
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  • Premium Wood Montessori Toys for Kids’ Educational Development

    • Montessori-inspired design for educational play
    • High-quality wood material for durability and safety
    • Vibrant multi-color design to engage young minds
    • Perfect size for little hands to handle
    • Versatile usage in homes, schools, and daycare centers
    • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Encourages fine motor skill development
    • Fosters creativity and imaginative play
    • Child-friendly with smooth edges and non-toxic finishes
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  • Safety Harness for Wheelchair Patients: Adjustable Straps, Breathable Shoulder Support – Secure Seating and Nursing Care

    • High-quality nylon construction
    • Timeless black color
    • Lightweight design
    • Secure and adjustable fit
    • Promotes peace of mind and confidence
    • Long-lasting reliability
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  • Stress-Relief Sensory Sock for Kids with Autism: Custom Lightweight Spandex Elastic Full-Body Wrap

    • Customized full-body wrap for sensory comfort
    • Lightweight, gentle spandex elastic material
    • Machine-washable and easy to maintain
    • Assorted colors and free print patterns
    • Versatile use at home, school, or therapy
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Designed for autism, ADHD, and sensory needs
    • Calming and anxiety-reducing sensation
    • Enhances sensory awareness and self-regulation
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  • Unique Foldable and Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

    Wheelchair Adjustable Backrest Light Folding Electric Wheelchair – FALCON


    The Falcon has two very high quality Brushless Motors
    ✅ The Foldable chair FALCON Adjustable Lightweight Folding
    ✅ This Electric Falcon Wheelchair is ideal for any person’s posture needs.
    ✅ It allows you to adjust the back of a wheelchair.
    The FALCON uses advanced technology.
    ✅ It is also designed to be a heavy-duty wheelchair.
    ✅ Colours Available: Silver, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow

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  • Lightweight and Foldable Electric Wheelchair – Air Hawk – GM-D09


      High-quality Brushless Motors
    ✅  Removable and breathable cushion
    ✅  Maximum Weight Capacity of up to 180 kg
    ✅  Best price guaranteed as the exclusive United Arab Emirates distributor
    ✅  Easy folding and unfolding
    ✅  Net weight 25 Kg with the batteries and Fully Foldable
    ✅  TGA Certified, ARTG ID: 372653

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  • 4-Wheel Rollator Deluxe – Folding Walking Frame for Elderly and Disability


    Best 4wheel Rollator Walker Frame

    Height adjustable backrest for better comfort and support

    ✅ Lightweight frame

    ✅ Shopping bag included

    ✅ Net Weight: 7.5 Kg

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