Seamless Shopping Using a Dubai Mall Wheelchair

Dubai Mall Wheelchair

Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destinations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Attracting locals and tourists alike, this mall which has become an important landmark made all the necessary arrangements and initiatives to make it as accessible and inclusive as possible. One of those initiatives is the Dubai Mall wheelchair free of charge service.

Wheelchair-friendly infrastructure

Dubai Mall ensures shoppers of all abilities enjoy all the shopping options they offer. The mall’s infrastructure is designed to accommodate wheelchair users, featuring ramps, elevators, and wide pathways and doors. The main entrances are equipped with automatic sliding doors for easy entry and exit.

Elevators are also strategically located throughout the mall, making it easier for wheelchair users to go up and down the mall’s different shopping levels. The exterior and interior are carefully designed for easy and comfortable maneuverability, ensuring wheelchair users will be able to visit any restaurant, retail shop, parking spaces, comfort rooms and other attractions and facilities without any difficulties. 

Wheelchair rental services

Since its daily visitors have diverse needs, Dubai Mall provides free wheelchair rental services for those shoppers with limited mobility. The wheelchairs are available at the Guest Services desks located across the mall. This is a free-of-charge service for those who did not bring their own mobility devices during a visit to Dubai Mall.

Availing of this service is fairly straightforward. The mall would just need a valid ID and would require a retainer fee which will be refunded after safe return of the wheelchair. There are other terms and conditions to using the mall’s wheelchair such as:

  1. The wheelchair must only used within Dubai Mall’s premises only
  2. Loss or damage to the wheelchair will result in penalty charges
  3. The timings of the Guest Services desks are the same as the mall’s operational hours

Dubai Mall Wheelchair

Accessibility Assistance 

Aside from the free wheelchair service, Dubai Mall’s employees and staff are also trained and ready to provide assistance to shoppers with disabilities. They are available to provide guidance, assistance with using the mall’s facilities and to answer any questions about the accessibility features within the mall. 

For any accessibility related concern, just visit any of the Guest Services Desks or any of the roaming security officers near your location. 

Accessible restrooms

For a more comfortable shopping and entertainment experience, Dubai Mall’s management ensures restrooms across the mall are accessible. With a spacious layout for easy maneuvering of the wheelchair, these restrooms also have handrails and grab rails to make it easier for visitors with mobility challenges to use the amenities safely and without the need for any assistance. 


The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of leading accessibility and inclusivity initiatives to ensure its residents, locals and expats and global visitors are welcomed. The government is working hand in hand with mobility solutions specialists like Gilani Mobility who provide their wheelchair on rent in Dubai services and other aid assistive technologies to all guests who visit Dubai and its mall counterpart, the Dubai Mall. 

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Is wheelchair available in Dubai Mall?

Wheelchairs are available in Dubai Mall. To avail of this free-of-charge service, visit any Guest Services Desks. You need to pay a retainer fee which will be refunded to you after returning the wheelchair and you need to provide a valid identification as well.

Do we get wheelchair-free service in Dubai Mall?

Yes. The wheelchair service in Dubai Mall is free of charge. However, you still need to provide a retainer fee which will be refunded to you after use of the wheelchair. 

Is a wheelchair available in Burj Khalifa?

The entrance to the Burj Khalifa is through the Dubai Mall and the wheelchair you have been using to shop and visit the offerings of Dubai Mall can also be used to visit the Burj Khalifa. 

How do wheelchair users go shopping?

Wheelchair users go shopping the same as able-bodied shoppers. With most shopping malls becoming more and more accessible and inclusive (installation of wheelchair ramps, elevators, no-step pathways), wheelchair users do not have any difficulties visiting different retail shops, restaurants and other entertainment options.