Esaad Card Registration, Discounts and Benefits in UAE

Esaad Card

If you’ve ever heard of the Esaad card and wondered what it’s about, this blog post from Gilani Mobility will provide you with all the necessary details and information you need to know to take advantage of this card with all its benefits and privileges. 

What is Esaad Card?

The Esaad card is a loyalty program launched in March 2017 by the Dubai Police. Cardholders are entitled to discounts and benefits. To make it easier to avail of its benefits, the card is linked to a mobile app that cardholders can use to look for and redeem offers.

Esaad Card

What is an Esaad loyalty card?

The Esaad loyalty card has numerous purposes. It can be used to avail of government services and discounts to various establishments.

What is a Fazaa card?

Similar to the Esaad card, the Fazaa card is a smart card for residents and citizens of the UAE that helps them avail of access to government services and discounts and benefits to restaurants, healthcare facilities, retail stores, entertainment venues, etc. 

Esaad Card Registration

Esaad card registration is easy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Prepare documents for the application such as ID, photos, and other relevant documentation such as proof of residence and work.
  3. Fill out the application form
  4. Submit documents
  5. Review and verification of your application
  6. Card issuance once the application is approved

Who is Eligible for Esaad Card?

This card is open to all Dubai residents including expatriates.

  • Government Workers
  • Retirees and senior citizens
  • People of Determination

(similar to the Sanad Card that gives related discounts and privileges to PoD such as disabled parking permit and car insurance for disabled drivers) and limited-income residents qualify for the benefits. 

Is Esaad Card free?

Yes. Application to avail of an Esaad card is free.

How to get Esaad Card?

To get an Esaad card, fill out the application form at the Esaad’s website. Wait for the message from Esaad concerning the status of your application.

How to activate Esaad card?

To activate the Esaad card, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Esaad’s official website.
  2. Enter the details required. Have your Emirates ID ready.
  3. Click submit.

How to get discount card in Dubai?

Getting a discount card in Dubai is fairly straightforward provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

Esaad Card

How to use Esaad Card?

To use the Esaad card, download the mobile app and check the latest offers available to you. Cardholders, especially People of Determination have discounts on healthcare services, medications and medical equipment which may also include mobility products such as electric wheelchair, electric mobility scooter and four wheel mobility scooters, and medical bed.

Essad Card benefits

Esaad card benefits include discounts to several restaurants, cafes, clothes stores, accessory shops, jewelry stores, and airline deals.

Esaad Card discount list

Food and coffee

Brand Discount
Caribou Coffee 20%
Papparoti 20%
BurgerFuel 20%
Nando’s 20%
Chili’s 15%
Gourmet Burger Kitchen 15%
Romano’s Macaroni Grill 15%


Brand Discount
Jawhara 50% on diamonds and pearls
Bvlgari Jewelry 45% on selected items
Petit Bateau 25%
Timberland 20%
Chic Shoes 20%
Gymboree 20%
United Designer 20%
Sacoor Kids 15%
Agnona 15%
Damas Jewelry 10%


Brand Discount
Flydubai 25%
Thai Airways 20 – 25%
Flynas 20% on regional travel
Etihad Airways 15 – 20%
Emirates Airlines 10%

Esaad Card offers

Aside from deals for food and coffee, retail stores and airline flights, Esaad card holders also have discounts on electronics and hotel stays. 

Esaad Card offers on electronics

Esaad card offers on electronics include:

Sharaf DG 

  • 5% off on electronic accessories
  • 5% off on extended warranties
  • 2% off on IT accessories and smartwatches
  • 2% off on televisions and appliances
  • 2% off on smartphones, IT, gaming and photography

Esaad Card discount list hotels

Discounts on hotel stays for Esaad card holders include the following:

Brand Discount
Miramar Hotel Bangkok 40%
Royal Caribbean Cruises 40%
Four Seasons Hotel Amman 40%
Avani Deira Hotel 35%


What is a Fazaa card? 

A Fazaa card is a card that helps cardholders access government services and avail of discounts to establishments. 

Who is eligible for Esaad Card?

Residents of Dubai, locals and expatriates are eligible to apply for an Esaad card as long as the eligibility criteria are met. 

Is Esaad Card free?

Yes. The Esaad card is free.

How to get discount card in Dubai?

There are numerous discount cards available for residents in Dubai. To get a discount card, check which of the available discount cards you’re eligible for. 

How do I get an Esaad privilege card?

To get an Esaad privilege card, check your eligibility first. Once you’ve checked that you’re eligible to apply, prepare the documents necessary and fill out the application form at

How do I register for my Esaad card?

To register for your Esaad card, visit the Esaad’s website here.

How do I get an Esaad card for golden visa holders?

Applying for an Esaad card as a golden visa holder is the same procedure as those who meet the eligibility criteria. Expatriates who are golden visa holders are more likely to get approved for an Esaad card.

How do I contact Esaad?

To contact Esaad, find below their contact details:

Phone number: +971 4 383 3333
Email address:

What is the discount of Golden visa?

Golden visa holders have discounts for the following:

  • Healthcare and insurance packages
  • All the discounts enjoyed by Esaad card holders provided the Golden visa holder applied for one