Comprehensive Guide to Etihad Airways Wheelchair Requests

Comprehensive Guide to Etihad Airways Wheelchair Requests

Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi, UAE’s carrier airline has always prided itself to be an airline that is able to cater to the different needs of its diverse passengers, including those with limited mobility. Understanding their specific need, Etihad Airways wheelchair request process has been streamlined to lessen the hassle for passengers who would need this mobility aid during their travel.

Understanding the passenger experience

To provide an enjoyable flying experience for passengers with limited mobility, Etihad Airways made sure that the moment wheelchair user passengers arrived at the airport, boarded the plane until disembarked in their destination they would not have any difficulties. They’ve taken significant steps to address their potential concerns by:

Pre-flight wheelchair request

Etihad Airways requests all its passengers to request a wheelchair 48 hours before the flight to ensure availability of the wheelchair. 

Etihad Airways wheelchair categories are as follows:

  • Ramp Wheelchair (WCHR): For wheelchair users who would need a wheelchair for long distances.
  • Step Wheelchair (WCHS): For wheelchair users who would need a wheelchair for long distances and assistance with steps.
  • Cabin Wheelchair (WCHC): For wheelchair users who are immobile and would require assistance to and from their seat onboard.

How to request a wheelchair

Etihad Airways wheelchair assistance is available through multiple channels. Passengers who will need a wheelchair during their flight can visit or send an email to

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Airport Experience

Etihad Airways is committed to providing a pleasant experience for its passengers with mobility issues as soon as they arrive at the airport.


Etihad Airways staff are available to assist passengers with mobility limitations. Trained staff members are readily available to assist, ensuring a smooth procedure for all pre-departure processes.

Dedicated check-in counters

To expedite the check-in process, Etihad Airways has dedicated counters for passengers who will need wheelchair assistance or will have to check in their wheelchair and other mobility aids. This minimizes waiting times and ensures a more efficient experience for wheelchair users.

Bringing your own wheelchair and other assistive devices to your flight is also possible. Etihad Airways provided a comprehensive guideline on which mobility products are allowed onboard, which can be checked-in along with the disabled passenger’s luggage, etc.

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Boarding and deplaning

Etihad Airways prioritizes the comfort and safety of passengers with limited mobility during boarding and deplaning. Wheelchair users are usually boarded early, giving them the time and space to settle in their seats before other passengers board.

Comprehensive Guide to Etihad Airways Wheelchair Requests

In-flight experience

Wheelchair users onboard Etihad Airways have ensured a comfortable and enjoyable in-flight experience.

Onboard wheelchairs

If your wheelchair does not meet the specified dimensions to be allowed onboard, Etihad aircraft are equipped with onboard wheelchairs to assist passengers with limited mobility move within the cabin.

Accessible restrooms

Restroom facilities on board are accessible to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility to use the facilities independently. 

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Post-flight assistance

Etihad Airways ensures a completely positive experience for its passengers and continues to prioritize their needs even post-flight.

Baggage collection

Etihad staff is available to assist wheelchair user passengers in collecting their baggage ensuring a smooth transition from the aircraft to the baggage claim area.

Transit assistance

For disabled passengers with connecting flights, Etihad Airways provides assistance through the airport and transfer between flights. This ensures that passengers with reduced mobility never miss their connecting flights.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to book wheelchair assistance on Etihad Airways?

Booking wheelchair assistance in Etihad Airways is possible through multiple channels. The wheelchairs can be requested through online booking at or via email to


Etihad Airways addresses the unique needs of disabled passengers by being attentive from booking to boarding, during the flight and deplaning. Etihad’s dedication to being inclusive by positioning their airline as an accessible advocate providing equal services to all passengers in spite of their mobility abilities. 

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