Best Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair at Gilani Mobility

Best Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchairs create problems while traveling from one place to another. The alternative best option is a lightweight, portable wheelchair that operates with batteries and can also fold it to bring yourself while traveling. You can easily fold or disassemble it to fit in the compact storage of your car trunk.

Do you want to know the best lightweight wheelchair at Gilani Mobility? The best wheelchair at Gilani is the Air Hawk’s lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair. Continue reading if you want more information in-depth.

What Makes Air Hawk Wheelchair Best?

The Air Hawk wheelchair is based on an ergonomics heavy-duty electric wheelchair. Moreover, it has foldable feet and armrests to meet your needs. It comes with two brushless motors, lightweight and easily foldable.

It is best due to its unique features;

  • The wheelchair is fully foldable
  • It weighs only 25 Kg without batteries, lightest for easily carrying
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 180 Kg, enough for most bariatric size individuals
  • It can drive on uneven paths such as grass, dirt, and rough terrain due to its large wheels
  • It has an 85 mm turning radius
  • Max speed of 6 Km/h
  • 360-degree Joystick controller
  • It comes with spare batteries for a longer journey

What to Consider Before Choosing a Wheelchair?

Before choosing a wheelchair, it is necessary to discuss a few parameters which make it better than the others.

Weight Capacity

Most portable wheelchair has a lower load capacity than heavy-duty wheelchairs. If you are a bigger person, it is essential to research the wheelchair’s weight capability before purchasing.

Battery Life

Another critical factor to consider while selecting a wheelchair is the battery. If you drive a wheelchair for a long time, check the battery timing. Electric wheelchairs run on batteries.

Turning Radius

Turning radius plays an important role in easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Moving a wheelchair at home, airports, or shopping malls with a large turning radius is challenging. Therefore, ensure the wheelchair has a good turning radius for swiftly navigating such spaces.

Storage Space

If you choose a portable wheelchair, you’ll probably travel more and need to bring documents. A wheelchair storage compartment comes in handy in this circumstance for keeping your papers in under-seat storage.

Fold Easily

You pick a portable wheelchair, so you bring it along. Some wheelchair models are difficult to fold, which eventually gets annoying. Luckily, high-quality wheelchairs are portable and simple to fold for storage in small spaces. Airlines also love such wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Overall Weight

You need to determine the wheelchair’s overall weight because you are buying a light wheelchair. To select a lightweight wheelchair, ask the retailer how much the wheelchair weighs altogether with batteries.

Benefits of Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The benefits of a lightweight electric wheelchair are;

  • It is easy to operate
  • It is self-propelled
  • Gives you independence
  • Easy to fold and store

Bottom Line

Air Hawk Wheelchair is the best folding electric wheelchair at Gilani Mobility. It qualifies all the parameters you must consider before choosing a suitable wheelchair.