How Much Does A Hospital Bed Cost

How Much Does A Hospital Bed Cost?

Hospital beds are essential for providing comfort, mobility, and support to patients who require extensive medical care. They are used in the hospital or home and come in various styles, from basic to luxury.

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost option for temporary hospitalized care at home or if you’re researching long-term care facilities, there is no question that the cost of purchasing a hospital bed can vary greatly.

In this post, we’ll explore how much does a hospital bed costs and what factors determine the price of an average hospital bed and compare prices across different models and types in UAE. If you’re looking to buy one soon, then read on!

UAE Health Care System

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) public healthcare system has been hailed as a regional leader. This all-encompassing, publicly funded service is managed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Emirates Health Authority (EHA).

Their partnerships with world-renowned organizations, including the Children’s National Medical Center, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, have significantly impacted the region. 

The UAE is becoming a top destination for medical tourists because of the efforts of these organizations working together to improve patient care. In addition, those from all over the world go there to make use of the country’s infrastructure.

The quantity of available hospital beds, however, is not promising. As a result, many individuals in the UAE opt to acquire second-hand medical furniture.

UAE Health Care System

What Role Do Hospital Beds Play In Modern Medicine?

If you’re unwell, the last thing you want to do is disturb the peace. Your bed is the first and final thing that people will hear when they visit this room. Even if the physicians and nurses are really polite and helpful, you will judge the quality of your hospital stay based on how well their beds meet your needs.

This means that every hospital should carefully monitor the condition of its beds. When a hospital bed is too expensive, the patient would be better off staying home. So you decide to hunt for second-hand hospital beds in the UAE.

Hospital Beds in UAE

Let’s start with our approach to determining a country’s total number of hospital beds. The term refers to the total number of inpatient beds in all types of healthcare facilities, including public, private, general, and specialist hospitals and rehabilitation institutes. Now let’s take a look at the United Arab Emirates’ position on this issue.

There are now a total of 134 hospitals in the UAE, 39 of which are government-run and 95 of which are privately owned. In addition, there are almost 13,000 beds available in these medical facilities. Thus, the number of beds accessible in the UAE has increased to 1.37 for every 1,000 people.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well-known for its top-notch healthcare system, but it does have a few issues, including a shortage of hospital beds. UAE has a disappointingly low number of medical beds.

Types of Hospital Beds and Their Costs in UAE

Several types of hospital beds are available in the UAE, each designed to meet specific medical needs. The costs of these beds can vary depending on factors such as the features, functionality, and quality. Here are some common types of hospital beds and a general price range for each:

1. Manual Hospital Beds

These beds are manually adjustable and typically have a basic design. They can be adjusted for height, backrest, and leg elevation. The manual hospital bed for home price ranges from approximately AED 1,000 to AED 3,000.

Manual Hospital Beds

2. Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

These beds have both manual and electric adjustment features. For example, the bed height can be adjusted manually, while the backrest and leg elevation can be controlled electrically. They usually are around AED 3,000 to AED 5,000.

3. Full-Electric Hospital Beds

Full-electric beds offer electric adjustment for height, backrest, and leg elevation. They are controlled using a handheld remote or buttons on the bed. These beds provide maximum convenience and ease of use for both patients and caregivers. Full-electric hospital bed prices can range from approximately AED 5,000 to AED 10,000.

What is the difference between a medical bed and a regular bed?

4. Bariatric Hospital Beds

Bariatric beds are designed for individuals who require a higher weight capacity. As a result, they are wider and sturdier than standard hospital beds. You can buy bariatric hospital beds for about AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 or more, depending on the weight capacity and additional features.

Bariatric Hospital Beds

It’s important to note that the prices mentioned above are approximate ranges and can vary based on the brand, supplier, and any additional features or accessories included with the bed. Therefore, consulting with local medical equipment suppliers or distributors in the UAE is advisable for accurate and up-to-date pricing information based on specific requirements.

Is It Okay to Buy Used Hospital Beds from the UAE?

Buying used hospital beds can be a cost-effective option for certain situations. However, there are some factors to consider before going for used hospital beds for sale in UAE or any other location:

1. Quality and Condition

Assess the quality and condition of the used medical bed for sale before purchasing. Ensure the bed is in good working order, free from significant damage or wear, and meets safety standards. Inspect the mechanical and electrical components, mattresses, and any accessories with the bed.

2. Warranty and After-Sales Support

Check if the seller offers any warranty or after-sales support for the used hospital bed. Having a warranty can provide peace of mind and protection in case of any issues or malfunctions after purchase.

3. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Ensure that the used hospital bed has been adequately cleaned and sanitized before use. Maintaining proper hygiene standards is crucial to minimize the risk of infection or contamination.

4. Compatibility and Customization

Consider the patient’s specific needs and ensure that the used hospital bed meets those requirements. For example, check if the bed is adjustable to accommodate the patient’s height, positioning needs, and any other specific medical considerations.

5. Supplier Reputation

Research the reputation of the supplier or seller from whom you are considering purchasing the used hospital bed. Look for reviews, customer feedback, and their track record in providing reliable and quality medical equipment.

6. Safety Standards and Regulations

Ensure that the used hospital bed complies with relevant safety standards and regulations in the UAE. This is particularly important for electrical components and overall safety features.

Rental Hospital Bed Option

You can also opt for a hospital bed for rent instead of purchasing it. This can be a convenient option if you only need the bed for a short period, such as during a home care program or while the patient is recovering from an illness or injury.

This will cost you less than buying the bed outright. You can rent hospital beds for approximately AED 1,000 to AED 5,000 per month in the UAE, which is quite economical.


Hospital bed costs can range greatly, depending on the type of bed and any additional features. In UAE, hospital bed price is not very high but also not cheap. The quality and condition of used hospital beds should be checked before purchasing.

Make sure to get the correct type of bed for the user’s needs and ensure that the bed meets relevant safety standards and regulations. Knowing all these things can help you make an informed purchase decision and get a suitable hospital bed.