How to Get A Wheelchair Parking Permit

How to Get A Wheelchair Parking Permit

A wheelchair parking permit makes the parking lots accessible for individuals facing any impairment. Because you have to struggle for parking as parking spots are not accessible most of the time. After getting a parking permit, you can easily park near the office or shopping centre parking. 

So, what is a wheelchair parking permit? How to get a wheelchair parking permit. Here we will explain parking permits and how to get one anywhere worldwide. 

What is a Wheelchair Parking Permit 

A wheelchair parking permit, also known as a disability parking permit or a handicap parking permit, is a special identification that allows individuals with disabilities to park in designated parking spots closer to their destination. 

Generally, the parking permit display on the vehicle shows you have permission to park in a particular spot. 

How to Apply for a Wheelchair Parking Permit

The process of obtaining a wheelchair parking permit can vary depending on your location because each country has its laws. However, you can take some general steps to get one. 

Check Eligibility

Before applying for a wheelchair parking permit, you have to go through the eligibility criteria. For the eligibility process, contact with Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or an equivalent department. However, the process varies in each state and country. Determine their eligibility requirements and the rules and regulations of your area. 

Generally, individuals with mobility impairments such as difficulty walking or using the stairs are eligible for a parking permit. Other qualifying conditions are;

  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Heart Conditions
  • Loss of Lower Body Parts (Legs) 
  • Visual Impairments

Determine If You Need a Temporary or Permanent Permit

Determine needs that whether you want a temporary or permanent permit. Why? Because sometimes you’re dealing with an illness or injury and using a wheelchair temporarily. After the recovery of the problem, you don’t acquire parking. If you’re dealing with a condition that makes you use a wheelchair daily, you need a permanent parking permit. Otherwise, apply for a temporary license. 

The application process for both varies. A temporary permit has an expiration date, while for a permanent license, you have to renew after a few years. 

Obtain Medical Certification

Now you’ve to get a medical certificate if you’re eligibility approved. The medical certificate includes the statement from the doctor that verifies and states your medical condition and how it affects your mobility. 

The certificate also tells if you require any mobility aid, such as a wheelchair or walker, and are eligible for a handicapped parking permit. You must provide the medical certificate with the application for a wheelchair parking permit. 

Fill Out an Application

Fill out your application with the medical certificate. You can obtain or download the application from the local DVM (Department of Motor and Vehicle) or equivalent agency. 

The application requires your personal information, like your name and address. Further, it asks for the doctor’s contact information, who verifies your eligibility for a parking permit. You may also need to provide a copy of your driver’s license or other identification.

Submit Your Application

You’ve completed your application; now, you must submit it to the dedicated department, such as DVM or another that handles disability services in your area. 

The submission can be made in person, by mail, or online. In some countries, you must pay a small fee ($3 to$5) with the application. 

Wait for Approval

After applying, you have to wait for approval. Typically it takes a few days, but it can vary depending on your living location. 

Once your application is approved, you will receive your wheelchair parking permit in the mail or be instructed to pick it up in person. The permit usually includes information about where and how long you can park and any other rules or restrictions. So, this is how you can get a wheelchair parking permit. 

Useful Tip: Keep an eye on the expiry date of the parking permit and apply for the pass renewal before the current gets invalid.

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