How Wide is A Wheelchair

How Wide is A Wheelchair

The width of the wheelchair is an important consideration while buying it. So, how wide is a wheelchair in mm or inches? The width of the wheelchair matters because it has to navigate through the doorways and corridors. If the entrance is narrow and the wheelchair is too wide. Then it will create trouble for the users. 

To find the dimensions of the wheelchair, we measure different wheelchair types and models and come up with their widths. If you want to know the dimensions of the wheelchair, then you should keep reading this article. 

Wheelchair Dimensions 

Wheelchairs come in different sizes and styles; their width can vary depending on the type and model. 

Typically the average wheelchair width ranges from 24 to 26 inches (610-660mm) from one side rear wheels to another. At the same time, the wheelchair length is 42 inches, measuring from the back of the rear wheel to the footrest front. You can add 6 inches (150 mm) for the toe/foot because the footrest width is only of the heel size. 

The lightweight or sports wheelchairs can be narrow, and their size typically ranges from 16 to 20 inches (406-508 mm). 

A bariatric wheelchair’s width ranges from 24 to 30 inches (610-762 mm) because it is designed for bariatric size individuals. It is made to accommodate up to 250 pounds of heavy people. 

Factors That Affect Wheelchair Width

The wheelchair width can vary depending on various factors. 

Wheelchair Type and Model

The wheelchair dimensions vary from one model to another. A standard wheelchair is an average size wheelchair, while a narrow one has relatively short dimensions. In contrast, a bariatric one is for a big person with wide dimensions. 

Further, the wheelchair size varies from a manual wheelchair to an electric one and then standing wheelchairs. So, you find the right dimensions by asking the manufacturer about the chair’s width. 

User Body Size 

User body size also determines the width of the wheelchair. A small size person with low body weight acquires small size wheelchair while the big one with high height needs a big size wheelchair. 

Wheel Size

The size and placement of the wheels on the chair also affect the chair’s width. Especially the rear wheels’ size and placement can increase or decrease the width of the wheelchair. For example, a wheelchair with large rear wheels can have a wider overall width to accommodate the wheels.

Armrests Placement

Another thing that defines wheelchair width is the placement of the armrests. The armrests that are wider and bigger can make the wheelchair wide than one with small size armrests. 

What to Consider in Taking Wheelchair Measurements

When measuring the width of a wheelchair, it is important to consider not only the seat width but also the overall width, including any protruding parts such as footrests or armrests. It is also important to consider the turning radius of the wheelchair, which is the amount of space needed for the wheelchair to make a full turn.


So, the width of all wheelchairs models is not exact, and it is difficult to tell how wide a wheelchair is. However, as we explain, the average size of the wheelchair ranges from 24 to 26 inches. But still, the width of a wheelchair varies depending on the wheelchair type and mode and the user’s body size. 

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