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Electric Wheelchairs for Dubai, UAE

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  • All Terrain Electric Wheelchair Scooter


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Automatic folding/unfolding using the joystick controller

    ✅ Flip-up armrest for easy access

    ✅ Swappable Lithium battery

    ✅ Water-resistant IPX4

    ✅ Power saving mode: auto power-off.

    Constant speed cruise mode

    Wireless remote control

    App Operated Smart Electric Wheelchair

    ✅ Max weight capacity: 100 kg

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  • Air Hawk Wheelchair a Lightweight and Foldable Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

      High-quality Brushless Motors
    ✅  Removable and breathable cushion
    ✅  Maximum Weight Capacity of up to 180 kg
    ✅  Easy folding and unfolding
    ✅  Net weight 25 Kg with the batteries and Fully Foldable
    ✅  TGA Certified, ARTG ID: 372653

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  • Robooter Foldable Smart Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    Easy to fold and carry

    ✅High-end squeeze casting

    ✅ Fine matte spray treatment technology

    ✅ Autonomous Mobility

    ✅ Lithium Battery

    ✅ Foldable wheelchair electric converter

    ✅ Runs 6km per hour

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  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded


    • Thin and Portable
    • Provide greater safety and stability due to anti-tip mechanisms
    • Provides comfort while sitting
    • Promotes correct posture and less back pain
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  • Ultra Light and Folding Electric Wheelchair – Litewheels


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Lightest power wheelchair on the market

    ✅ Remote attendant control for Carer uses 8″ front wheels and extra-large 12″ rear wheels for better handling of uneven surfaces and obstacles.

    ✅ Airplane Friendly

    ✅ 1 year warranty

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  • Phoenix Portable Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    • Anti-tip wheels for stability
    • Shock absorption design for a smooth ride
    • Waterproof joystick with user-friendly controls
    • Designed for larger individuals
    • Portable and compact design
    • Lightweight, durable aluminum alloy frame
    • Loading Capacity: 200 kg
    • Driving Range: 20 km
    • Net Weight: 26.5 kg
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  • Portable Reclining Electric Wheelchair: Brushless Motors and Shock Absorber Wheels


    VAT Excluded

    • Reinforced frame with dual base bar for durability
    • Shock absorber wheels for a smooth ride
    • Net Weight: 23 kg
    • Electromagnetic braking system
    • Reliable brushless controller for precise control
    • Suspension system for a comfortable ride
    • Weight capacity: 135 kg
    • Driving distance range: 15-18 km
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  • Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function

    The Ultimate Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ The Ultimate Standing wheelchair loved by physiotherapists
    ✅ Weight capacity: 100 kg
    ✅  Can be used either sitting or standing
    ✅  Latest Innovative Technology on the market
    ✅  Easy conversion
    ✅  Joystick powered
    ✅  Comes with Hoist for extra support
    ✅  Model: 2021 Design

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  • Heavy Duty Power Chair: Foldable Power wheelchair

    Heavy Duty Power Chair: Foldable Power wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    • User-friendly controls
    • Anti-tip wheels for stability
    • Portable and compact design
    • Easy folding and unfolding
    • Easy to Travel
    • Heavy duty
    • Maximum capacity: 150kg

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  • FALCON Adjustable Backrest Light Folding Electric Wheelchair


    Vat Excluded

    ✅ The Falcon has two very high-quality Brushless Motors
    ✅ Ideal for any person’s posture needs
    Uses advanced technology
    ✅ Reclining Wheelchair 
    ✅ Designed to be a heavy-duty wheelchair
    ✅ Colours Available: Silver, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow

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  • Adjustable-Standing-Electric-Mobility-Wheelchair

    Adjustable Standing Electric Wheelchair


    Vat Excluded

    ✅  Zero Gravity Recliner wheelchair
    ✅  Patient can stand, lay down, sit, and move independently.
    ✅  Help the patients to stretch their body and joint
    ✅  1 YEAR warranty on the frame and 1 YEAR on electric parts and battery
    ✅  14 Days Full Satisfaction Guaranteed  T&C Apply

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  • EZYSTAIRS Automatic And Safe Stair Climber Chair


    Vat Excluded

    High-quality aluminum alloy

    ✅ Automatic Climbing

    ✅ Safety Mechanisms

    ✅ User-Friendly Controls

    ✅ Portable and Versatile

    ✅ Craw track sliding system

    ✅ Durable and Easy Maintenance

    ✅ Ultra-wide rubber track slide system

    ✅ Suitable for people with limited mobility, the elderly, disabled, bariatric, and immobile patients

    Can be used for hospitals, care homes, emergency centers (fire, police, ambulance)

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  • Reclining Power Electric Wheelchair: Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair


    Vat Excluded

    ✅ Ergonomic designed cushion

    ✅ With Medical Motor and Cylinder

    ✅ Angle Adjustable Headrest

    ✅ Expandable & comfortable footrest

    Quick and easy remove battery

    High-quality brake system

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  • UNQ-Long Range Electric Wheelchair


    Vat Excluded

    • 100 kg loading capacity
    • Swift and smooth
    • Quick-response braking system
    • Handles obstacles up to 40 mm in height
    • Long-lasting Battery
    • Comfortable ride with a 7-inch PU front wheel
    • 15 km range on a single charge
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  • EZYWHEELS Heavy Duty Electric Scooter with Omnidirectional wheels All Terrains for Disables


    Vat Excluded

    Robust Construction

    Omnidirectional Wheels

    ✅ All-Terrain Capability

    ✅ Powerful Electric Motor

    ✅ Adjustable Seat and Controls

    ✅ Safety Features

    ✅ Ample Storage Space

    ✅ Max weight capacity: 100 kg

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  • Travel Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

    Easy Folding Travel Lightweight Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Long Cruise Range

    ✅ Smart Auto Braking

    ✅ Anti-Slip Wheels

    ✅ Double Super Power Motor

    ✅ Shock Absorber Spring

    ✅ Can Be Carried on the Plane

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  • Multipurpose-Electric-and-Manual-Wheelchair-With-Foldable-Option

    Multipurpose All Round Use Electric and Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option


    Vat Excluded

    ✅ Self Propelled Wheelchair
    ✅ Fit in even the smallest car boots
    ✅ Light enough to easily be lifted by almost anyone into the car to avoid the hassle of boot hoists
    Joystick is transferable from Right to Left
    ✅ Can be fold easily as a manual wheelchair in seconds
    ✅ Can be pushed with comfortable handlebars or self-propelled

    ✅ With both safety and convenience
    ✅Folding aluminum frame
    ✅Portable structure & folding backrest
    ✅Adjustable foot plate
    ✅Electric and Manual with one button switching
    ✅Real time speed display
    ✅FM Radio
    ✅Brushless HUB Motor
    ✅Bluetooth Function
    ✅Intelligent function reminding
    ✅Intelligent brake when lower power
    ✅FOC vector control technology


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  • Unique-Electric-Wheelchair-Scooter-With-Omnidirectional-Wheels

    iGET1 Unique Electric Wheelchair Scooter With Omnidirectional Wheels


    Vat Excluded

    ✅Flip-up armrest for easy access
    ✅ Easy to disassemble into 3 pieces in a few simple steps for transport and storage.
    ✅ Charging Time: 4 hours
    ✅ Climbing performance: 20°
    ✅ Weight capacity 160kg
    ✅ Spare battery available
    ✅ Battery weight: 3KG
    ✅ Net weight including battery: 42kg

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  • Electric-Smart-Power-Assist-with-Keypad

    Electric Smart Power Assist with Keypad and Lightweight Features


    Vat Excluded

    The smart power-assist gives you the freedom to do more.
    ✅ It moves with you and it’s so lightweight, you don’t even know it’s there.
    ✅ You can spin in place, be in a wheelie, or hop of curbs.
    ✅ It is compatible with your active lifestyle.
    ✅ This option includes a keypad that allows you to conveniently turn the power on/off and increase/reduce speed.

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  • Electric Wheelchair With Electric Adjustable Seat, Backrest and Rotation

    Electric Wheelchair With Electric Adjustable Seat, Backrest and Rotation


    Vat Excluded

    ✅  Standing Wheelchair with Multi-Functional Features
    ✅  Armrest can be folded up
    ✅  Fully adjustable for various body shapes and positions
    ✅  Warranty: 1 Year on Frame & 1 Year on Battery
    ✅  Turning radius: 104cm
    ✅  Height of insurmountable obstacle: 4.5cm

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  • CE-Approved-All-Terrain-Electric-Mobility-Scooter

    CROSSOVER CE Approved All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter


    Vat Excluded

    ✅  Powerful Mobility scooter

    ✅  All Terrain Electric Mobility Scooter

    ✅  Charging Time: 5 hours

    ✅  Driving distance: 50 Km

    ✅  Unique and new Remote controlled Wheelchair

    ✅  Omnidirectional Wheel

    ✅  Luxurious sleek design

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  • Power Electric Wheelchair: Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Smart Control System

    Power Electric Wheelchair: Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Smart Control System


    Vat Excluded

    ✅ Electric Power Assistance

    ✅ Smart Control System

    ✅ Reliable Brushless Controller

    ✅ Ergonomic designed cushion

    ✅ Flip up armrest

    ✅ Foldable footrest

    ✅ Quickly released controller

    ✅ Quick-release batteries

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  • Quickie Q100 R Rear - Wheel Power Wheelchair

    Quickie Q100 R – Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair: Compact Powerchair for Indoor and Outdoor Mobility

    Vat Excluded

    ✅ Ultra-compact design for indoor and outdoor use

    ✅ Speed: 6 kph

    ✅ Batteries: 55 Ah

    ✅ Maximum User Weight: 125 kg

    ✅ Smart base technology for optimal maneuverability and stability

    ✅ Compact dimensions for easy navigation in tight spaces

    ✅ Superior indoor maneuverability with a small turning circle

    ✅ Outdoor performance with traction and stability on various terrains

    ✅ Transport-friendly and lightweight design for easy handling

    ✅ Customizable seating options for individual comfort

    ✅ Easy transfers with swing-out leg rest and controller

    ✅ Long battery life with a range of 31 km on a single charge

    ✅ Options and accessories for enhanced functionality and comfort

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  • Portable Folding Electric Wheelchair: Freedom Chair

    Portable Folding Electric Wheelchair: The Freedom Chair


    Vat Excluded

    • Maximum Seat Capacity:100kg
    • Allows you to remove the joystick controller
    • Equipped with the latest Brushless Motors
    • Extendable footrest
    • Travels up to 16km
    • The total weight of this wheelchair is only 22kg
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  • High Power Electric Folding Wheelchair

    The Modern High Power Electric Folding Wheelchair


    Vat Excluded

    • Comfortable
    • Maximum capacity 110kg
    • Foldable and easy to use
    • Strong Steel Frame
    • Cushioned backrest and Seat
    • Travel up to 20 km
    • Product Weight 35kg
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  • Folding Power Wheelchair with Lithium Battery – Convenient and Comfortable Mobility Solution


    Vat Excluded

    ✅ Folding power wheelchair with foldable frame for easy transport

    ✅ Marketing-leading battery range of 50 km

    ✅ Solid 8″ and 12″ wheels for indoor and outdoor terrains

    ✅ Padded seat and adjustable backrest for comfort

    ✅ Dual suspension system for optimal traction

    ✅ Spacious and secure under-seat zippered pouch

    ✅ Quick, one-hand folding in seconds

    ✅ Compact size fits in the car trunk or taxi

    ✅ High-quality VSI electronics and lithium batteries

    ✅ Maximum range of 50 km and speed of 6 km/h

    ✅ Lightweight with a total weight of 37.5 kg

    ✅ Maximum user weight capacity of 136 kg

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  • Manual Self Propelled Electric Wheelchair

    Manual Self Propelled Electric Wheelchair – ROBUST


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Electric Wheelchair with Manual Self Propelled Wheel Option

    ✅  The frame is made of bold carbon steel which makes the wheelchair double-strength

    ✅  Its electromagnetic brakes ensure a safe commute

    ✅  Flip-up armrest allows you to get into the wheelchair from any side for easy access to the dining table 

    ✅  The push ring technology makes it easy to switch from manual to electric

    ✅  The easy folding makes it compact and small so that it can fit in most car’s boots

    ✅  1 Year Warranty on Frame

    ✅  1 Year Warranty on Electrical Components

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  • Electric and Manual Foldable Wheelchair Heavy Duty


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Foldable & High Backrest

    ✅ High-strength steel frame

    ✅  Adjustable leg rest

    ✅  Flip-up armrest

    ✅  Lithium battery

    ✅  Foldable wheelchair With manual and electric converter

    ✅  Max weight capacity: 100 kg

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  • Smart App Controlling and Folding Electric Wheelchair

    Smart App Controlling and Folding Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Lightweight Aluminum Frame

    ✅ Auto Folding with a Remote controller

    ✅ Smart App Control

    ✅ Compact Design

    ✅ Adjustable & non-slip footrest

    ✅ Fold-up armrest

    ✅ Washable cushion

    ✅ Max weight capacity: 130 kg


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  • Air-Wheel-Electric-Wheelchair-With-a-Remote-Control-1

    Electric Wheelchair With Auto Folding Options and a Remote Control – Air Wheel


    ✅ Fits easily into the boot of most vehicles
    ✅ Small, portable and travel Friendly for train, airplane and most cars
    ✅ Airline friendly 24V Lithium battery
    ✅ Lightweight Foldable Mobility Air Wheel H3PS Smart wheelchair
    ✅ Fast charging time only 2-3h
    ✅ Impressive 120 kg weight capacity
    ✅ Removable, washable seat cushion and backrest

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  • Power-Motor-and-Hand-Cycle-Wheelchair

    Handcycle Wheelchair: Manual to Motor Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    ✅  Mileage: 20km
    ✅  Max Cross height: 10 cm
    ✅  Headlight: 2*pcs LED
    ✅  Weight Capacity: 150KG
    ✅  10,000 hours working life
    ✅  Brake: Motorcycle disc brake
    ✅  With suspension for easy Ride
    ✅  Wires: Waterproof
    ✅  Foldable: Yes
    ✅  For Manual Wheelchairs type: Universal

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  • Super Load-Bearing Electric Wheelchair: KingChair


    VAT Excluded

    • Super Load-Bearing Electric Wheelchair
    • Precision control with Sine Wave controller
    • Long-lasting lithium batteries
    • Off-road tires for all terrains
    • Dual charging options
    • Wireless remote support
    • Extended driving range with FOC Controller
    • Intelligent electromagnetic braking
    • Durable Solid Tires
    • Aluminum frame for strength
    • Max speed: 6 km/h
    • Massive load capacity: 300kgs
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    Foldable Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    • Reliable and Durable
    • Limit upper body strength due to its lightness
    • Easy to store
    • Compact and Portable
    • Comfortable with entertainment function
    • Maximum weight 100kg
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  • Portable Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded

    • Portable and Lightweight (23 kg)
    • Compact Folding Design
    • Loading Capacity: 120 kg
    • Speed Range: 0-6 km/h
    • Stylish Black Color
    • Smooth Ride
    • User-Friendly Operation
    • Long-Lasting Battery
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  • The New Portable Reclining Wheelchair

    The New Portable Reclining Wheelchair


    VAT Excluded


    Comfortable and relaxing experience

    ✅ Help reduce pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders

    Help improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs

    ✅ Help reduce pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders

    Help the patients to stretch their body and joint

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  • SmartChair Travel

    Smart Travel Chair


    VAT Excluded

    • Durable yet lightweight
    • Compact and fresh new look
    • High-quality brushless Motors
    • Easy folding and unfolding
    • User friendly
    • Weight Capacity: 120kg
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  • Heavy Duty Wheelchair for Airport Use


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Exceptional Reliability and Durability

    ✅ Robust Construction for Smooth Mobility

    ✅ Extended Range on a Single Charge

    ✅ Convenient Portability for Airport Use

    ✅ Comfortable Seating Dimensions

    ✅ Powerful Motors for Efficient Performance

    ✅ High Weight Capacity (Up to 300 kg)

    ✅ Quick and Convenient Charging

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  • Bariatric Electric Wheelchair with Folding and Light-Weight Options – Air Hawk & Falcon

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ High-quality brushless motors

    ✅ Lightweight Aerospace aluminum-alloy frame

    ✅ Solid front and rear tires

    ✅ Flip-up footrest

    ✅ Intelligent electromagnetic brake

    ✅ Removable, washable seat cushion and backrest

    ✅ Reliable and precise battery-life indicator

    ✅ Airline approved

    Small and portable for traveling

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  • Oversize Bariatric Wheelchair: EXTRA Wide Electric Wheelchair Heavy Duty


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Weight Capacity of up to 350kgs

    ✅ 360 Degree Joystick for ease of use

    ✅ Heavy Duty for all terrains

    ✅ Airline Approve

    ✅ 1-Year Warranty

    ✅ Maximum weight capacity: 350 kg

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  • Alber Erivo Power Wheelchair

    Alber Erivo Ultra-Portable Power Wheelchair: Effortless Folding & Long-Lasting Battery

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Easy to transport and store

    ✅ Effortless one-motion folding

    ✅ Up to 11/22 miles per charge

    ✅ Smooth or worry-free ride

    ✅ Maximum comfort & stability

    ✅ Excellent seating ergonomics

    ✅ Easy access & operation

    ✅ Added flexibility for users

    ✅ Convenient entry & exit

    ✅ Customizable for comfort

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  • SMOOV 010 wheelchair power pack

    SMOOV 010 Wheelchair Power Pack

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Easily attaches to active wheelchairs, transforming them into power chairs

    ✅ Smooth maneuvering on various surfaces, including uneven terrains

    ✅ Adjust and extend functions via the SMOOV Mobility App

    ✅ Suitable for both foldable and non-foldable wheelchairs

    ✅ Weight: 7.2 kg

    ✅ Maximum User Weight: 140 kg

    ✅ Maximum Speed: 10 km/h

    ✅ Driving Range: Approx. 20 km

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  • E-Motion M25 Wheelchair Power Pack

    E-Motion M25 Wheelchair Power Pack – Effortless Power Assistance

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Power Assistance with push-rim sensors

    ✅ Integrated Lithium-Ion Batteries for an excellent range

    ✅ Easy attachment and detachment of drive wheels

    ✅ Convenient ECS Remote Control

    ✅ Adjustable push-rim sensor sensitivity

    ✅ Lightweight and compact design

    ✅ Speed of up to 8.5 km/h (with Mobility Plus Package)

    ✅ Range of up to 25 km

    ✅ Suitable for users up to 150 kg

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  • Reclining Electric Wheelchair With Adjustable And Foldable Options

    Reclining Electric Wheelchair With Adjustable And Foldable Options


    VAT Excluded

    ✅  Innovative 360-degree motion
    ✅  Aeronautical Aluminium
    ✅  Soft cushion padded armrest and headrest for added comfort
    ✅  Fully adjustable
    ✅  Drive Range: 20km
    ✅  Max capacity: 100kg
    ✅  Full the United Arab Emirates Warranty
    ✅ Zero Gravity

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  • Magic Mobility Extreme X8 - POWER WHEELCHAIR

    X8 Power Wheelchair: 4×4 Powerful Wheelchair

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Four independent, high-speed, high-torque motors for superior off-road performance

    ✅ Unbeatable ability to climb curbs and small steps

    ✅ Articulating front frame and low-pressure knobby tires for a smooth and jolt-free ride

    ✅ Top speed of 10 km/h (6.2 mph) for fast and efficient travel

    ✅ Exceptional battery life and distance coverage

    ✅ Wide range of seat width and depth options for personalized comfort

    ✅ Articulating backrest with manual or power recline functionality

    ✅ Customizable color and finish options to suit personal preferences

    ✅ R-Net electronics for reliable and efficient control

    ✅ Maximum user weight capacity of 182 kg (155 kg tilted and elevated)

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  • Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair With Smart App

    Alexia Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair With Smart App


    VAT Excluded

    Compact and Auto-Folding Electric Standing Wheelchair

    ✅ ALEXIA uses advanced technology

    ✅ Remote controlled VIA Smart App

    ✅ Promotes Independent living

    ✅ Option to sit and stand

    Suitable for aged care homes

    Can be used for daily activities

    ✅ Easy to maneuver, fits perfectly in narrow places

    ✅ Max weight capacity: 100 kg

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Buy Electric Wheelchairs in Dubai, UAE

We understand how difficult it is to deal with a disability or medical condition that makes you sit in a wheelchair. But being dependent on someone always to push your wheelchair from one place to another lowers your confidence. There is one solution to all your problems which is an electric wheelchair. They are admittedly more than a product for the one who wants freedom. Imagine you’re not dependent on anyone and can move around freely.

Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are electric powered mobility devices. These wheelchairs are powered by batteries that supply energy to the motor. Such wheelchairs can be easily controlled with a joystick or other digital controller. So they don’t require anyone to push from one place to another. The user also feels free and independent while sitting on it compared to manual wheelchairs. Electronic wheelchairs perform equally well indoors and outdoors. Their small turning radius makes them ideal to use at home. You can move around the neighborhood and go to the nearby market. Their foldable and lightweight features make them travel-friendly. Moreover, you can also customize an electronic wheelchair according to your needs. Look for the best electric power wheelchairs in Dubai at Gilani Mobility. Gilani is a leading healthcare product provider in the UAE. We offer you a wide range of wheelchairs options, such as foldable electric and lightweight wheelchairs, heavy-duty or bariatric wheelchairs, and auto foldable and remote-control wheelchairs. Our stock never stops here. We have many more options for you; just explore all the wheelchairs on our website without worrying about the quality of our products.

Features of Electric Wheelchairs

Our wheelchairs are loaded with features that give the customers 100% satisfaction.
  • Designed on ergonomics
  • Premium quality at an affordable price
  • Have a digital controller or joystick
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Customization option
  • Long lasting frame
Electronic or Power wheelchairs are useful for individuals having some disability or cardiovascular problem or for someone who can’t walk for a long distance. Motorized wheelchairs provide accessibility and comfort to the rider. They can enjoy their ride and can stroll freely. Choose from multiple options available online at Gilani Mobility according to seat width, weight, frame, and other features. You can buy a wheelchair for yourself or your loved ones.

Rent Electric Wheelchair at Gilani Mobility in Dubai, UAE

If you have limited or don’t want to buy a wheelchair because you need it for a limited time. Then don’t worry and take a deep breath because Gilani Mobility is here to help you with a rental wheelchair option. Yes, we offer wheelchairs for rent. You can hire your mobility wheelchair for as long as you need it and we can arrange delivery and pick up from your home. Get in touch with our team without hesitation and rent an electric wheelchair.

Why Should You Choose Gilani Mobility

Who never wants to buy a product designed on ergonomics after market research? We employ an experienced team of technicians, mechanics, engineers, and professional medical experts at Gilani Mobility. They all put their efforts together to bring a product for the customers according to their needs. Buying an electric wheelchair at Gilani gives you complete satisfaction because you bought a wheelchair that is more than a product. We are committed to providing value for money. That’s why we have become a priority for the people of the united arab emirates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an electric wheelchair in Dubai?

You can buy a wheelchair online in Dubai at Gilani Mobility. We have a wide range of electric wheelchairs. So, you can choose according to your needs of seat width, size, brand, and other features.

Who might use an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs are primarily used by people who are unable to walk because of weakness in their lower limbs. This weakness can be caused by stroke, disease, injury, or other health issues. Individuals with cardiovascular and fatigue-based problems also use electric wheelchairs.

Can I rent a wheelchair in Dubai, UAE?

Yes, you can rent a wheelchair in Dubai at Gilani Mobility. We are a leading mobility aids provider in the United Arab Emirates.

Can I customize an electric wheelchair?

You can customize an electric wheelchair according to your needs. You can modify a wheelchair to meet rider body measurements. Further, you make it more comfortable by putting customize cushions.

Where to buy wheelchair accessories in Dubai?

Gilani Mobility is the best option for buying wheelchair accessories. We have various wheelchair accessories, including cushions, phone or pad holders, cup holders, anti-tipping safety wheels, etc.

How much does a good electric wheelchair cost?

Electric wheelchair costs in UAE range from AED 3,500 to 40,000+, depending on features and brand. Prioritize finding the perfect fit for your needs & lifestyle over just price!

Which is best electric wheelchair?

“Best” depends on you! Consider needs, budget, features, and comfort. Test models at Gilani Mobility Dubai to find your mobility match.

How far can an electric wheelchair go?

Distance depends on your chosen model! Electric wheelchairs in the UAE can travel 10-20 miles on one charge, but some can go even farther. Consider terrain, user weight, and features like battery size for a more accurate estimate. Test drive before you buy for ultimate peace of mind!

How to charge an electric wheelchair?

Easy! It’s like charging your phone:
  1. Plug the charger into the wall. Attach the other end to the assigned port on your chair, usually close to the controller.
  2. Turn on the charger. Some have indicator lights, wait for the green “charged” signal.
  3. Leave it plugged in! Most wheelchairs take 4-8 hours to fully charge, so give it plenty of time for maximum freedom. ⚡️
Remember, consult your manual for specific instructions and tips for optimal charging!