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Handicap Vehicle modifications

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  • FS2009

    FS2009 Lever: Dual Function Push Braking and Rolling Acceleration-Fadiel

    ✅ Dual function of push braking and rolling acceleration

    ✅ Special locking brake button and Horn

    ✅ Cruise control that can memorize the position of your accelerator while in use

    ✅ Lever or palm grip for control

    ✅ Adjustable rotation resistance

    ✅ A simple memory reset to manual control with a touch of the handle

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  • ELECTRONICS Easy Drive

    ELECTRONICS Easy Drive: Automatically Adjust Throttle and Brake Controls-Fadiel

    ✅ Combined Manual and Electronic Acceleration System

    ✅ Comfortable Driving

    ✅ Springs with 4 Adjustable Settings

    ✅ Spring to Return the Lever to the Zero Position

    ✅ Lever Release Mechanism

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  • Floor brake lever FP1-20

    FP1-20 Floor Brake Lever: Easy to use Brake Lever-Fadiel

    ✅ Ergonomic design for easy and comfortable operation

    ✅ Corrosion-resistant for long-lasting durability

    ✅ Three push rod selection points for optimal braking effort

    ✅ C40 steel rack with closely spaced teeth for maximum brake lock

    ✅ Lever release mechanism for easy operation

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  • PUSH PULL Easy Drive

    PUSH/PULL Easy Drive: Combine Brake Pedal with Forward Manual Thrust-Fadiel

    ✅ Telescopic rod connected to accelerator pedal for enhanced acceleration and consistent pedal level

    ✅ Double bearing on the upper joint of the lever minimizes the mechanical effort of managing the accelerator

    ✅ Lever has 3 push rod selection points on the brake pedal to optimize braking effort

    ✅ Springs on the upper joint of the lever have 4 adjustable settings

    ✅ Upper part of the lever can be rotated to activate the transmission

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  • CL010 5 functions command

    CL010 5: Functions Command Push-button Panel at Steering Wheel-Fadiel

    ✅ Compatible with any type of vehicle

    ✅ Clearly labeled buttons for easy operation

    ✅ Interacts perfectly with the original controls

    ✅ Allows for full control of vehicle accessories while driving

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  • Accelerator combined to the brake FS2005

    FS2005 Accelerator Combined to The Brake: Total Control Over Accelerator-Fadiel

    ✅ Ergonomic design with smooth, intuitive operation

    ✅ Lock button to restrict the speed and memorize the accelerator’s position

    ✅ 6-service control unit to command lights, windscreen wipers, and more

    ✅ Freedom of movement in any condition and on any type of road

    ✅ Keeps hands firmly on the wheel, allowing for safe navigation

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  • Inversion Pedal Accelerator on the floor

    Inversion Pedal Accelerator on the Floor: Accelerate Car with Left Leg-Fadiel

    ✅ Quick and easy installation and removal

    ✅ Suitable for all cars

    ✅ Can be combined with an automatic clutch or servo clutch

    ✅ Allows for more comfortable and efficient acceleration

    ✅ Allows for the use of both legs to accelerate the car

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  • Inversion Pedal Accelerator

    Inversion Pedal Accelerator: Make Accelerating With Left Leg Simple and Easy-Fadiel

    ✅ Allows for smoother acceleration and deceleration

    ✅ Quickly change your driving style with just a few seconds of effort

    ✅ Easily move the accelerator pedal to the left for faster speeds and greater control

    ✅ Reduces driver fatigue and improves fuel efficiency

    ✅ Compatible with either an automatic clutch or clutch servo

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  • Pedal extensions

    Pedal Extensions for Reduced Lower Limbs: Support Automatic and Manual Transmission-Fadiel

    ✅ The extra length gives drivers more control over the pedals, resulting in a safer and smoother driving experience.

    ✅ By adding extra length to the pedals, Pedal Extensions help to prevent leg and foot fatigue, making for a safer driving experience.

    ✅ With the extra length of Pedal Extensions, drivers with reduced lower limbs can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

    ✅ Installing Pedal Extensions is a cost-effective solution for those with reduced lower limbs. The extensions can be easily installed onto existing pedals, eliminating the need for costly modifications.

    ✅ Pedal Extensions can be easily installed onto the existing pedals of a vehicle with screws, bolts, or rivets.

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  • Left-Foot-Flip-Up-Accelerator-for-Automatic-Cars.

    Left Foot Flip Up Accelerator for Automatic Cars

    ✅ Disability Car conversion

    ✅ Disability Left Foot accelerator

    ✅ Assistive driving solutions

    ✅ Installed by Gilani Mobility

    ✅ Transferable to other vehicle

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  • Flip-Up-Left-Foot-Accelerator-Driving-Solutions

    New 2022 Flip Up Left Foot Accelerator

    ✅ Flip Up Left Foot Accelerator

    ✅ Disability Car conversion

    ✅ Disability Left Foot accelerator

    ✅ Assistive driving solutions

    ✅ Installed by Gilani Mobility

    ✅ Transferable to other vehicle

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved Flip up Left Foot Accelerator

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  • Mini Stamp Pedal Extension

    Mini Stamp Pedal Extension

    ✅  Universal and transferrable Mini Stamp Extension pedal to any vehicle
    ✅  Easily flipped away and universal
    ✅  Adjustable in distance and height from 3cm- 9cm
    ✅   Shorter Stature or shorter people
    ✅   Easily installed by clamping onto your current pedals
    ✅   Stamp Pedal Extension available for manual and automatic vehicles

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  • Brake And Accelerator Stamp Pedal Extension

    ✅   Provides 10 – 30 cms of extension to your pedals

    ✅   Universal and Transferrable to any vehicle

    ✅   Shorter Stature or shorter people or small people

    ✅   Easily installed by clamping onto your current pedals

    ✅   Stamp Pedal Extension available for manual and automatic vehicles

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  • Smooth And Comfortable Quick Release Spinner Knob For Vehicles

    Smooth And Comfortable Quick Release Spinner Knob For Vehicles

    ✅ Quick Release Steering Knob

    ✅ Universal Design Fits into Most Vehicles

    ✅ Driving Aids

    ✅ Comfortable One Handed Use

    Driving Support for People With Disabilities 

    ✅ Large Clamping Surface that Won’t Damage Wheel

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved Steering Knob

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  • FS2001 Brake Lever

    FS2001 Brake Lever: Perfect Lever for Drivers with Lower-leg Disabilities-Fadiel

    ✅ Ergonomically shaped handle for easy access

    ✅ Optimal ratio between strength and resistance

    ✅ ABS covers for a more elegant look

    ✅ Simple and intuitive operation

    ✅ Five-button control panel for managing vehicle’s light controls and services

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  • Left Foot Accelerator Flip Up model GELF02

    Left Foot Accelerator Flip Up Model-GELF02

    ✅  Full United Arab Emirates Warranty

    ✅  Suitable for people with a Right leg or foot amputation, Left sided stroke, arthritis, or limited Right leg mobility

    ✅  Universal and removable

    ✅  Disability Aid Registered providers for vehicle modifications


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  • AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator

    AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator: Control Acceleration Without Taking Your Hands off the Wheel-Fadiel

    ✅ Enhanced Acceleration and Control

    ✅ Increased Safety

    ✅ Faster Acceleration

    ✅ Improved Fuel Efficiency

    ✅ Enhanced Convenience

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  • Fadiel Easy Drive R

    Easy Drive R: Combine Brake Pedal with Electronic Acceleration System-Fadiel

    ✅ Ergonomic Design

    ✅ Better Control

    ✅ Extra Safety

    ✅ Optional Integration of Auxiliary Controls

    ✅ Lever Release Mechanism for Easy Unlocking

    ✅ Special Steel Rack

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  • AC2002 Wired Satellite Accelerator

    AC2002 Wired Satellite Accelerator: Make Driving Accessible for Everyone-Fadiel

    ✅ Easy and Safe Driving Experience

    ✅ Easy Installation

    ✅ Automated Function

    ✅ Customizable for Different Hand Sizes

    ✅ Great Control

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  • FR33 Electronic ring accelerator

    FR33 Electronic Ring Accelerator for Lower Limb: Drive Safely-Fadiel

    ✅ Lightweight Design

    ✅ Easy Installation

    ✅ Safe Driving Experience

    Multiple Installation  Options


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  • FR34 Electronic ring accelerator

    FR34 Electronic Ring Accelerator for Lower Limb: Drive Safely-Fadiel

    ✅ Easy to Install and Use

    ✅ Can be Controlled using a Circlip

    ✅ Lightweight and Reliable

    ✅ Secure and Safe Driving Experience.

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  • IP2003B 2 point steering wheel handle

    IP2003B 2 Point Steering Wheel Handle: Rotate Steering Wheel with One Hand-Fadiel

    ✅ Easy-to-grip handle

    ✅ Lightweight design

    ✅ It can be customized to your hand size

    ✅ Can be adjusted by tightening the screws

    ✅ Ensures a comfortable and efficient driving experience

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  • IP2003C Steering wheel fork handgrip

    IP2003C Steering Wheel Fork Handgrip: Adjustable Handgrip for Steering Wheel-Fadiel

    ✅ Easy to install and use

    ✅ Adjustable handlebar for a better fit

    ✅ Durable steel material for long-term use

    ✅ Lightweight construction for reduced fatigue

    ✅ Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and control

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  • CL005 - CL006 Infra-red Lights and Services Control Station at Steering Wheel

    CL005 – CL006: Infra-red Lights and Services Control Station at Steering Wheel-Fadiel

    ✅ Ergonomic design of the keyboard with three differently colored buttons

    ✅ Compact size and various colors to fit in with the vehicle’s interior

    ✅ Infrared signals to a receiver inside the passenger compartment for communication with original vehicle electronics

    ✅ Approved by the Ministry of Transport in different versions

    ✅ Charging socket and switch on the upper part for illumination at night

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  • IP2003E 3 point steering wheel handle

    IP2003E-3 Point Steering Wheel Handle, Lightweight and Customizable

    The 3-point steering wheel handle IP2003E is a device that allows the user to rotate the steering wheel with one hand. Being very light does not weigh on the steering. Thanks to its versatility it can be customized on the user’s hand.

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  • PM2006 Steering wheel swivel handgrip

    PM2006 Steering Wheel Swivel Handgrip-Fadiel

    ✅ Lightweight aluminum construction for easy maneuverability

    ✅ Ergonomic design for a secure and comfortable grip

    ✅ Perfect for individuals with myoelectric prostheses

    ✅ Provides a great way to get a grip on everyday life

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  • Pedal protection

    Lightweight Universal Pedal Protection: A Safety System for Disabled-Fadiel

    ✅ Helps keep your loved ones safe while driving

    ✅ Easy to install and fits any type of vehicle

    ✅ Ultra-lightweight aluminum and charcoal grey paint for a sleek and stylish look

    ✅ Prevents the driver from accidentally engaging the pedals

    ✅ Great for those learning how to drive and those with limited mobility

    ✅ Affordable and reliable protection

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  • Lever FS2008

    Lever FS2008: Efficient Single Hand Throttle and Brake Management-Fadiel

    ✅ The Fadiel FS2008 Lever is designed with a comfortable handlebar and adjustable lever arm

    ✅ This lever allows for precise control of the throttle and brake

    ✅ The lever can be easily operated with one hand, so you can focus on driving.

    ✅ The FS2008 Lever can be customized for either mechanical or electronic control systems

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  • Dual Control Pedals For Brakes Made By UAE

    Dual Control Pedals For Brakes

    ✅  Dual controls are an extra set of driving controls
    ✅  Minimum cutting to your vehicle for installations
    ✅  Re-useable parts for your future car
    ✅  Same-day job completion
    ✅  3 years warranty

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  • Dual Control Car Pedals

    Dual Control Car Pedals For Driving School Vehicles

    ✅  3 year United Arab Emirates Warranty
    ✅  Controlled via Cable System
    ✅  Transferable to your new vehicle and Universal for all cars

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  • Rear View HD Mirror

    Rear View HD Mirror – Crystal-Clear Vision, Eliminates Blind Spots, Easy Installation

    • Distortion-free reflections for a clear view.
    • Improved visibility for safer driving.
    • 60mm x 200mm dimensions.
    • Quick setup in most cars.
    • Long-lasting, high-quality materials.
    • Enhances your driving experience.
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  • Kia Third Row Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

    Kia Third Row Wheelchair Accessible Taxi-WAT

    ✅ Safe, controlled and flexible environment for wheelchair accessible Taxi passengers

    ✅ Compliant with the national legal requirements under the RMS.

    ✅ Customisation – options of seating arrangements

    ✅ Qualified engineers to perform Taxi conversions

    ✅ Fully Automatic Ramp optional

    ✅ Third row Kia Wheelchair accessible Taxi – WAT

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  • Honda Odyssey Second Row Car Conversion Fully Automatic Access Ramp

    Honda Odyssey Second Row Car Conversion Fully Automatic Access Ramp

    ✅ Fully Automatic Wheelchair Access Ramp

    ✅ Flexible seating arrangements available

    ✅ Customised to suit your needs

    ✅ 2nd-row conversion installed by a trusted engineer or tradesman

    ✅ No Manual Handling Needed!

    ✅ All vehicle modifications are safely completed under NSW Law

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  • Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Mobility Access Car Conversion

    Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Mobility Access Car Conversion

    ✅  Convenient and Flexible seating arrangments

    ✅ Fully Automatic ramp

    ✅ No Manual Handling Needed

    ✅  Third Row car conversion

    ✅  All vehicle modifications are completed and safely under the NSW Law


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  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with No Ramp Design

    Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with No Ramp Design- Internal Elevator!

    ✅ Uniquely designed

    ✅ No manual handling and is perfect for traveling

    ✅ Easy wheelchair access

    ✅ Fully Automatic

    ✅ Compact and versatile

    ✅ Compliance with the United Arab Emirates  NSW State Law


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  • Wheelchair Disability Accessible Toyota Hiace Package

    Wheelchair Disability Accessible Toyota Hiace Package

    ✅ Various vehicle conversion packages available

    ✅ Quality service

    ✅ Wheelchair accessible car conversions

    ✅ Convenient

    ✅ Customisation

    ✅ Compliant with the United Arab Emirates NSW State Law.


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  • Kia Third Row Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversion

    Kia Third Row Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversion

    ✅ Safe, controlled and flexible environment

    ✅ Compliant with the national legal requirements under the RMS.

    ✅ Customisation – options of seating arrangements

    ✅ Qualified engineers and trades personnel to perform car conversions

    ✅ Fully Automatic

    ✅ No Manual Handing require

    ✅Third row Kia Wheelchair accessible car conversion



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  • Foldable Wheelchair Boot Hoist with Remote Control

    Foldable Wheelchair Boot Hoist BT-80 with Remote Control


    Automatic Lifter with Remote Control-Boot Hoist BT-80

    ✅ Don’t worry about lifting your wheelchair or scooter anymore

    ✅ The best solution for loading your wheelchair

    ✅ Remote controlled easy to use

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  • Electric HANDYLIFT Person Lifter-Handytech

    ✅ Electro-mechanical lift arm that makes it easier for the passenger to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat


    ✅ Person lifter


    ✅ Passenger transfer solution

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved

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  • Folding and folding transfer bench

    Wheelchair-to-Vehicle Folding Transfer Bench By Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Folds up for easy storage and transportation

    ✅ Comes with straps to secure the bench in place

    ✅ Easily converts from a vehicle seat to a wheelchair

    ✅ Adjustable seat height using included adjusting controls

    ✅ Strong, lightweight aluminum frame

    ✅ Makes transferring from a vehicle to a wheelchair and vice versa much safer and easier

    ✅ Includes a rotation and retraction version for smoother access to the seat adjusting controls

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  • Baby Lift

    Small Baby Lift: Easy to Use Electric Lifting Device for Low Roofs Vehicles-Fadiel

    ✅ Small Baby Lift has a friendly design with elegant, fine finishes

    ✅ Easy-to-use lifting device that uses an electric motor and hydraulic system to raise and lower items safely

    ✅ Equipped with acoustic-luminous signals as required by the most recent European regulations

    ✅ Made of high-strength steel and self-hardening aeronautical aluminum

    ✅ Easy to install and operate with a power cord and foot pedal

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  • Wheelchair lift LIGHT-LIFT-BP

    LIFT-BP: Light Wheelchair Lift: Double Electro-hydraulic Arms for Smooth Movement-Fadiel

    ✅ Powerful double electro-hydraulic arms for easy, effortless lifting and loading

    ✅ Automatic movement for a seamless ride

    ✅ Maximum allowed load of 350 Kg

    ✅ Manually operated emergency system for basic operations

    ✅ Reduced weight of 93 Kilograms

    ✅ Minimum size and protrusion to allow positioning close to the door

    ✅ Innovative book opening

    ✅ Entirely aluminum platform and high-resistance booms for an optimal foothold

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  • BI - 80 Lift

    BI-80 Lift: Easy Access Between Road and Interior of Your Vehicle-Fadiel

    ✅ Maximum capacity of 350 kg

    ✅ Equipped with special rubber shock absorbers for quieter operation

    ✅ Features a non-slip floor and a minimum dimension of 35 cm when closed

    ✅ Equipped with an emergency system for manual operation in the event of electrical faults

    ✅ A double-arm electro-hydraulic lift operated by an operator on a full platform with an automatic movement system

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  • JOLLY Removeable Ramp for Ambulance by Fadiel Italiana

    JOLLY Removable Ramp for Ambulance by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ 350 kg load capacity.

    ✅ Lightweight (only 23 kg).

    ✅ 52 cm wide walking surface.

    ✅ Smooth external lanes for easy gliding.

    ✅ Durable and stylish powder-coated finish.

    ✅ Central punching for optimal operator grip.

    ✅ Removable by unscrewing the special wing nuts.

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  • MOVIA 2 level ramp

    MOVIA 2 Level Aluminum Ramp by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Lights can be installed to signal encumbrance in low-light situations.

    ✅ The ramp is equipped with a safety catch that automatically engages when fully loaded and is released when the ramp is lowered to the ground.

    ✅ The ramp is fitted with non-slip rubber feet to ensure stability and security.

    ✅ The ramp is supplied with a safety strap to provide extra security when loading and unloading.

    ✅ The ramp is made from a seamless aluminum sheet for lightweight and is fitted with surface punching for exceptional grip.

    ✅ The ramp has two gas pistons and two handles to help it open and close.

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  • MOVIA Automatic Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp

    MOVIA Automatic Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Wide range of sizes to fit the majority of vehicles

    ✅ Easy to use and operate with a push button command

    ✅ Two gas pistons and two handles for easy opening and closing

    ✅ Automatic activation for a seamless transition from ground to vehicle

    ✅ Lights for encumbrance signaling for easy use during the evening or night

    ✅ Comes with a direct connection to the vehicle’s battery or an external power source

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  • MOVIA Automatic Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp by Fadiel Italiana

    MOVIA Rotating Ramp by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Optional lights to signal encumbrance

    ✅ Lever to keep it in position when in use

    ✅ Comes in a wide range of sizes to fit most vehicles

    ✅ Rotating axle allows it to be rotated to the left or right side of the vehicle

    ✅ Two gas pistons and two handles to support the ramp when opened or closed

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  • Removable ramps for vehicles

    Removable Ramp for Vehicles by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Easy to install and use

    ✅ Available in a variety of lengths and types

    ✅ Provides safe and convenient access to vehicles

    ✅ Shock-resistant plastic end terminals and handles

    ✅ Folding and telescoping versions for easier storage

    ✅ Adjustable width and length to fit the particular vehicle

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  • MOVIA 3 level ramp

    MOVIA 3 Level Aluminum Ramp by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Range of sizes available

    ✅ Lightweight aluminum construction

    ✅ Optional lights for encumbrance signals

    ✅ Grooved surface for maximum grip and stability

    ✅ Gas pistons and handles for easy opening and closing

    ✅ Fixed to the floor of the vehicle with a removable plate

    ✅ Movable wheels and adjustable tracks for quick setup and removal

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  • Car Swivel Seat Base

    Car Swivel Seat Base by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Easy installation with mounting kit

    ✅ Supports up to 110 degrees of rotation

    ✅ Lightweight die-cast aluminum construction

    ✅ High-precision coupling and rotation mechanisms

    ✅ Retraction stroke of up to 270mm for tall and strong users

    ✅ Range of accessories for further convenience and ease of installation

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  • C400 Electric Turney Seat

    C400 Electric Turney Seat by Fadiel Italiana

    ✅ Enhanced safety with C400 turney seat fastening straps and silent opening mechanics.

    ✅ Customizable comfort with adjustable backrest and natural armrests.

    ✅ Easy access for those with limited mobility or seniors with 400 mm downward travel and electronically-controlled motor.

    ✅ Compact design with only 90 mm thickness under the seat.

    ✅ User-friendly motor programmable to memorize preferred seat positions.

    ✅ Lightweight aluminum alloy construction reduces vehicle load.

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  • EC400 Turnout swivel seat

    EC400 Turnout Swivel Seat: Convenient Swivel Seat Solution for Reduced Mobility-Fadiel

    ✅ Lightweight and strong design

    ✅ Compact size for smaller cars

    ✅ Comes with a footrest and ABS fairings

    ✅ Ideal solution for those with reduced or impaired mobility

    ✅ Adjustable and programmable movements for maximum comfort

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  • Wheelchair Tie Down Restraints For Accessible Vehicle Solutions


    ✅ United Arab Emirates made Tie Down Restraints 

    Four tie down restraints, two in the front and two in the rear (lap & sholders)

    ✅ It comes in three designs

    ✅ Easy to install

    Mechanical automatic tightening

    The four retractors can rotate 360 degree

    ✅ Safety approved by United Arab Emirates standards

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  • Electric Running Board For Vehicle Modifications

    Side Electric Running Board


    ✅ Electric Running Board

    ✅ Suitable for Buses and Transport Vehicles

    ✅ Remote Controlled Key for Easy Use

    ✅ Powered Sidesteps

    ✅ Available for Many Vehicle Models

    ✅ 300kg Weight Capacity

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved Electric Running Boards

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  • Chair Topper Wheelchair Carrier For Car-Gilani Mobility

    Chair Topper Wheelchair Carrier For Car-Gilani Mobility

    ✅ Customised Chair Topper Colour

    ✅ Full United Arab Emirates Warranty

    ✅ Disability Aid registered Providers

    ✅ Remote controlled automatic Stowage

    ✅ Weatherproof – prevents debris build-up, corrosion and water damage

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  • Electric-Side-Step-Automatic-Vehicle-Access

    Electric Side Step Automatic Vehicle Access


    ✅ Extends automatically when you open the door
    ✅ Retracts automatically when you close the door
    ✅ Automatic Access Solution
    ✅  Aerodynamic design provides a retracting step
    ✅  NO Manual Handling needed
    ✅  Electric Step Available 
    ✅  Elderly and Disability user friendly

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  • Remote Controlling Boot Hoist LIFTER Wheelchair

    Remote Controlling Boot Hoist LIFTER Wheelchair-BT80

    ✅ The new and improved Gilani Mobility United Arab Emirates Made boot hoist

    ✅ Lifts mini scooters and wheelchairs weighing up to 100kg

    Four-way option into a wider range of vehicles.

    ✅ Removable quick release spreader bar

    Simple and easy to operate with a remote control

    ✅ Highly adjustable to suit a wide range of vehicles

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved

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  • Boot Hoist For Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter

    Boot Hoist For Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter

    Introduction of the GE100 Four-way boot hoist for wheelchair scooter and other product storage/stowing. This wheelchair hoist is installed in car boots which can quickly and conveniently lift and store the wheelchair in the vehicle. It is mainly suitable for most VAN, Station wagons, and SUVs. When it is not in use, the arm can…

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    SEGE SPECIAL MULTIKLAPP Seat: Perfect Seat for Gaming, Movie and Relaxing-SEGE

    ✅ Foldable armrest

    ✅ Friendly design

    ✅ Reliable construction

    ✅ 3 point / 2 point seat belt

    ✅ Reclining backrest

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    SEGE Access Seat M1: Comfortable Seat with Reclining Backrest, Adjustable Headrest, Footrest-SEGE

    ✅ Reclining backrest for extra comfort and support

    ✅ Adjustable headrest for the best support for the neck and head

    ✅ 3P Seat belt for secure seating

    ✅ Foldable armrest for easy storage

    ✅ Wide armrest for extra comfort and support

    ✅ Horizontal handle for easy portability

    ✅ USB charger for charging devices

    ✅ Isofix Top Tether for extra safety

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Handicap Vehicle Modifications in Dubai

From wheelchair vehicle modifications to handicap vehicle modifications to tailored accessibility solutions, Gilani Mobility is your go-to destination for expert vehicle enhancements in Dubai.

For Any Handicapped Vehicle Modifications

Whether you need handicap vehicle modifications, accessibility conversions, or simply want to enhance your driving experience, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.

Benefits of Wheelchair Vehicle Modifications


Increased Independence

Take control of your transportation needs and enjoy greater freedom and flexibility.

Enhanced Comfort & Safety

Customized modifications ensure a comfortable and secure driving experience for all passengers. .

Improved Quality of Life

Reconnect with loved ones, explore new destinations, and participate in activities previously limited by accessibility challenges. .

Peace of Mind

Trust our expertise and experience to deliver a seamless and stress-free modification process.


Key Aspects of Handicap Vehicle Modifications

Enhance your driving experience with vehicle modifications tailored for disabled drivers. These changes prioritize safety and ease, transforming vehicles into inclusive and user-friendly modes of transportation, fostering accessibility and independence. .
Vehicle Access Solution


Vehicle Accessibility

Vehicle entry and exit adaptations streamline access, ensuring ease when getting in and out of the vehicle. .
Wheelchair Lift


Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps and lifts offer practical solutions, enabling wheelchair users to board vehicles effortlessly. .
Driving Solutions


Steering Wheel Modifications

Steering wheel modifications cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, further enhancing personalized and inclusive driving experiences.


Van Modifications for Wheelchair Accessibility

Are you seeking to adapt your van for wheelchair access? Transform your vehicle into an accessible option. Gilani Mobility provides top-notch van modification solutions. Key modifications include:
  • Wheelchair ramps and lifts
  • Seating and restraint systems
  • Affordable and flexible rental options
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction


RTA Compliance and Standards

In Dubai, safety rules the road amidst the adventure. RTA regulations ensure stringent standards for vehicle modifications, especially for handicap-accessible ones. Remember these standards before diving into your vehicle transformation.


RTA Compliance is Key

Modified vehicles for disabled drivers must undergo RTA inspections and obtain approval to hit the road.


Accessibility Standards are Your Roadmap

These guidelines ensure your handicapped vehicle modifications meet specific requirements for ramps, lifts, and controls.


Stay in the legal lane

Familiarize yourself with Dubai’s vehicle modification laws and regulations to avoid any hiccups.



What vehicles can be modified for a wheelchair?

A wide range of vehicles can be modified for wheelchair accessibility, including minivans, SUVs, sedans, and even pickup trucks. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.


How to modify car for wheelchair accessible?

At Gilani Mobility Dubai, our team of experts will carefully assess your needs and recommend the most suitable modifications for your vehicle. We handle every aspect of the modification process, from initial consultation and design to installation and final inspection


How can more people with disabilities have access to modified vehicles?

Gilani Mobility Dubai is committed to making modified vehicles accessible to everyone. We offer competitive pricing and financing options to help you overcome financial barriers.


How much does it cost to convert a car to hand controls?

The cost of converting a car to hand controls depends on several factors, including the type of controls chosen and the complexity of the installation process. We provides transparent cost estimates and works with you to find the most affordable solution. .
Gilani Mobility is your one-stop shop for expert vehicle modifications, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you require handicap vehicle modifications, accessibility conversions, or simply want to enhance your driving experience, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. . Don’t let mobility limitations restrict your life. Contact us today to explore our diverse range of vehicle modifications and unlock a world of possibilities. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential and experience the freedom of the open road.