4-wheel lightweight Rollator with wide seat Aluminum walking and aged care approved


VAT Excluded

✅ 4 Wheel Rollator
✅ Wide seat walking frame
✅ Disability Aid Approved
✅ Aged care Approved
✅ Includes shopping bag
✅ Suits indoor and outdoor


This aluminum walking 4-wheel rollator lightweight has a wide seat approved by Disability Aid and Aged Care  Facilities.

This aluminium 4-wheel rollator lightweight walking frame has crossbar easy side-folding, compact travel light walking frame with a shopping bag, 8″ casters, nylon seat and backrest. With its durable aluminium liquid coated frame.

A cup holder and other accessories can be added to this rollator


iPhone, iPad, bottle and cup holders can be added to add a unique touch to your rollator


Armrests are height adjustable which can be easily changed to match your height.


Handbrakes can be used by the user or carer to control the rollator’s movement

Features of this 4 Wheel rollator lightweight frame:

  • Durable aluminium liquid-coated frame
  • Nylon cushion seat and U-shaped backrest for extra comfort
  • Folding handle belt
  • Crossbar for side folding
  • Hand Grips and pull up hand brakes pull down to lock in brakes for extra safety

Specifications of the 4-wheel rollator lightweight frame:

  • Retractable handles Height Adjustable 770-870mm
  • Folding Size 280 mm
  • Wheel size rear 8″ x 2 Front 9.5″ x 2 black  casters with 360 degrees turning radius
  • Colour BLUE ONLY
  • Height Adjustable: 82-92 cm
  • Overall width: 55cm
  • Internal width: 45cm
  • Overall length: 85cm
  • Net weight: 6.5 kg
  • Seat Depth: 25cm
  • Bag measurements: 46X23X20-25cm
  • Storage bag max capacity 5-7 Kg
  • Net Weight: 7.5 Kg
  • Gross weight: 8.2 Kg
  • Max capacity 100 Kg
  • Width 64 Cm
  • Length 72.1 Cm
  • Seat width 450 mm
  • Cup holder
  • Colour: Blue

Frequently asked questions:

1- What is a bariatric rollator?

The narrowest rollator walker is CareQuip Rollator Walker. It is a fantastic small rollator featuring low seat height and narrow seat width, great for smaller users.  The Overall width of this rollator walker is only 56cm and it weighs just 6.2 Kg! Our slimline rollator walkers are ideal for someone on a budget and they weigh just 5 Kg!
Individuals that should not use a rollator walker include:
  • Individuals that have difficulty balancing
  • Individuals with cognitive disabilities
  • Individuals with very low strength
Yes, you can use a rollator as a wheelchair, our 4-wheel rollator have seats which means that you can put the brakes on when you need a rest and take a seat. Alternatively, they can be used for short periods of time if the carer pushes you whilst you are sitting on them. However, it cannot be used as a wheelchair for long periods of time as it lacks back support and cannot be used outdoors. Alternatively, if you regularly need to be pushed, or transported from the car or different vehicle to your home. Our transit wheelchair is an ideal product and is a lightweight safer solution.

Additional information

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 72 × 27 × 82 cm


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