Access Mat

✅ Quick and easy installation

✅ Pleasant surface for bare feet

✅ Integrated anti-slip strips

✅ Does not heat up in the sun

✅ Does not retain sand

✅ Low environmental impact

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The access mat allows you to create temporary access routes for your beaches. This solution is non-slip and lightweight. It can be a path to temporarily access the beach or a child’s play area. Installation of this beach Mat is quick, simple and suitable for difficult floors. This access path does not heat up in the sun or retain sand. Treat yourself to the best recycled and recyclable carpet. Access Mat therefore has a low environmental impact while serving as temporary access to your beaches.

Key Features

Complies with PMR accessibility standards

The Access Mat non-slip mat perfectly meets accessibility standards and allows PRM (people with reduced mobility) to access the beach.

Quick installation and durability over time

Installation of the this Beach Mat is very quick and does not require specific tools. Its polyester covering is designed to last. The carpet is guaranteed for 5 years.

Fully customizable solution

Our accessibility experts can personalize the solution to your needs: custom cuts, installation service, etc. This allows you to have a product dedicated to your needs.

Recycled and recyclable

The Access Mat is an ecological product that meets environmental criteria. Polyester is recycled and recyclable at the end of its life, thus reducing its environmental impact.

Comfortable and safe

Its flat surface is pleasant for bare feet and does not heat up. Thanks to its 2.5 cm anti-slip strips, This Beach mat prevents falls and guarantees the safety of users.

Economical and reliable

Compared to the replacement or maintenance costs of other mats, This Mat remains the most economical solution on the market.


Specifications Description
Weight 2 kg/m²
Widths 1m, 1.52m, 1.83m, 3m
Length Custom-made
Intended Use Sand
Warranty 5 years


Additional information


2 kg/m²


1m, 1.52m, 1.83m, 3m



Intended Use



5 years


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