AccessDeck Light Cost-effective Plates to Create Modular Accesses

✅ Simple installation

✅ Perfectly modular

✅ Very strong and resistant

✅ Low-maintenance

✅ Anti-slip

✅ Economic

✅ Eco-friendly: 100% made from recycled and recyclable plastic

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The AccessDeck Light consists of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) sheets that allow the creation of modular accesses on different unstable surfaces and is suitable for a wide range of uses: pedestrian access, people with reduced mobility (PRM) or vehicles.

Key Features

Suitable for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

The AccessDeck is perfectly adapted to the movement of people with reduced mobility and meets PRM accessibility standards.

A cost-effective solution

LDPE sheets provide enhanced access to a variety of soft floors at a moderate price.

High strength and long durability

AccessDeck plates are highly impact-resistant and suitable for outdoor use, as they are UV-treated.

Can be used on many types of soils

Make many unstable surfaces accessible: sand, snow or grass. The AccessDeck is one of our most versatile pathways.

Very simple and quick installation

The implementation of the pathway is very fast. The plates connect with each other to form angles, curves, or straight lines.

No special maintenance required

No special maintenance is required apart from cleaning. A simple broom or rinse will be enough to clean your AccessDeck plates.


Property Value
Weight/unit 15.5 kg
Length 1.50 m
Width 1.00 m
Thickness 12 mm
Permissible load 10 tons/m²
Use Sand, Grass, Snow, Gravel, Mud




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