Air Hawk Wheelchair a Lightweight and Foldable Electric Wheelchair


VAT Excluded

  High-quality Brushless Motors
✅  Removable and breathable cushion
✅  Maximum Weight Capacity of up to 180 kg
✅  Easy folding and unfolding
✅  Net weight 25 Kg with the batteries and Fully Foldable
✅  TGA Certified, ARTG ID: 372653

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Air Hawk Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair with Extra Wide Seat

Known as Air Hawk, previously known as D09, is one of the most ergonomic, heavy-duty foldable electric wheelchairs on the market with easily foldable feet and armrests, ensuring flexibility and comfort for your mobility needs.

Air Hawk is TGA Certified per Therapeutic Medical Devices to be used inside homes, aged care, and hospitals.

Air HAWK Foldable Electric Wheelchair Gilani Mobility
AIR HAWK Wheelchair with improved foldable electric wheelchair

The Air Hawk wheelchair can be used confidently in many Leitner landscaping conditions, knowing you can rely on it without failing to serve its purpose. This aid care product is famous for its unique features, widely used worldwide as an E-Transport Traveler Scooter to find their Path of Travel to ease Mobility options.

This Powered Motorized Wheelchair acts as E Powered Scooter regarding Leitner’s harsh landscapes.

  • The heavy-duty Aid Care electric wheelchair is fitted with a removable joystick to suit left-efficiency and right-handed users.
  • The Air Hawk wheelchair offers a lightweight frame without compromising on strength and has a sleek and modern feel making it enjoyable to use.
  • The breathable cushion is removable and washing machine friendly ensuring a clean and comfortable ride each time.
  • Offering both durability and elegance, the Air Hawk wheelchair for rent is engineering at its finest.
  • Due to its larger back wheels, it can be driven on uneven surfaces, including paved and dirt roads, grass, gravel, and rough terrain.
  • The seat is practical but comfortable; it is wide enough for comfort and space and can fit perfectly through a standard door.
  • For Extra width, add the widening kits to one or both sides of the wheelchair.
  • For longer travel distances, have the spare batteries with you.
  • The wheelchair is Air Travel certified and complies with the regulations.
  • Traveling is easy since the entire device, including the battery, weighs only 28 kg with a redesigned and more robust frame.
  • Airlines require batteries to be taken out and kept in the cabin on the carry-on luggage while traveling.
  • Effortless steering with a simple joystick design.
  • The controller can be attached to the right or left-hand side of the wheelchair armrest, so it is practical for both right and left-handed users.
  • Inquire for accessories for the most comfort. Please refer to the photos.
  • For custom-made wheelchair cushions, contact us directly.

What makes the Air Hawk wheelchair unique?

  • The Air Hawk has two very high-quality Brushless Motors.
  •  It is the lightest foldable heavy-duty electric wheelchair on the market, with a net weight of just 25kg!
  • Despite its lightweight, it is one of the most heavy-duty wheelchairs on the market at 180kg! 
  • Most Heavy Duty Wheelchairs available are much heavier and are NOT foldable electric wheelchairs.

Key Features of Air Hawk Wheelchair:

  1. The bag closes with a zip and is attached to the frame with quick-release Velcro latches.
  2. Shock Absorbent
  3. Suspension
  4. Easy to Fold up by pulling the back bracket
  5. Easy to fold out simply by opening the wheelchair
  6. Safe Brake System
  7. Handsets flip up to access the dining table, basins, and other features.
  8. Compact enough to be used inside restaurants, Clubs, Shopping centers, and more
  9. Option on Footrest Modifications to suit individual requirements.
  10. Custom-made cushions are available.
  11. Many accessories can be fitted and adjusted to this unique wheelchair.
  12. Quick-release battery
  13. Full United Arab Emirates 1 Year on Frame and Battery Warranty

Air Hawk Electric Wheelchair Specifications

Max speed: 6 km/h
Driving distance: 25 km
Battery: Lithium 24 V/2 batteries/6 AH (total 12 AH)
Charger: 24 V
Turning Radius: 85 cm
Tire Size: 7″ Solid tire (Front), 12″ Solid tire (Back)
Controller: 360° joystick controller
Motor: 24 V/250 W brushless motor*2 Pcs
Max slope capacity: 12°
Max W: 58 cm (from outside armrest to outside another armrest)
Max L: 80 cm (w/o footplate)
Max L: 95 cm (with footplate)
Max H: 93 cm
Seat W: 46 cm
Seat D: 44 cm
Backrest height from the cushion: 52 cm
Seat H cushion to the ground: 46 cm
Seat base to the ground: 41 cm
Backrest H: 40 cm
Folded W: 58 cm
Folded L with footplate folded up: 78 cm
Folded H: 34 cm
Extra Width option: 56-60 cm (by adding Widening kits)
Cushion Height: 5.5 cm
Battery Length: 55.5 cm
Max Weight Capacity: 180 kg
Net weight: 25 kg (w/o battery)
Net weight: 28 kg (with battery)
Gross weight: 35 kg
Storage bag: 27*18*15 cm
Dimension (Carton Package): 63*39*85 cm


This wheelchair also increases your freedom when you desire to have adventures on a blue-sky sunny day. No wonder this freedom chair is the favorite of everyone and everywhere.

Air Hawk wheelchair comes in 6 new trend-setting colors.


Air Hawk Wheelchair in Gray Color

Air Hawk Wheelchair in Black

Air Hawk Wheelchair in yellow color

Air Hawk Wheelchair in Red color


Air Hawk Wheelchair in Pink color

Air Hawk Wheelchair in Silver color



This product can be shipped all over the United Arab Emirates. We are the exclusive seller and distributor of the Air Hawk electric foldable power wheelchairs. If you already know what you want and wish to have it delivered today. We will provide it, even today! (SAME DAY express courier service available in Dubai).

We are proud to announce that we are the Exclusive United Arab Emirates Distributors for this product!


Frequently asked questions

What extras or accessories are available for the Air Hawk Wheelchair?

We can virtually provide any accessory to the Air Hawk because our company is the exclusive United Arab Emirates distributor of the chair. We can supply various types of cushions, storage, shopping bags, extra batteries, joysticks, anti-tippers, widening kits, leg rests, headrests, phone holders, and many more!

What makes the Air Hawk stand out from other regular electric wheelchairs?

The Air Hawk is lightweight and heavy-duty, making it a unique combo. This product is efficient to use with its easy fold and movability. The chair also has easy access to remove and put back in batteries and easy charging methods.

How to remove the battery from the chair?

Press the bracket on the battery while you pull the battery out.

Electric Wheelchair With Lightweight and Foldable Functionality
Lithium battery motorized wheelchair Air Hawk.

How good is the Air Hawk wheelchair?

The Air Hawk wheelchair is known for being a lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair. Here are some of its strengths in the UAE market:

  • Easy portability: Perfect for those seeking a travel-friendly option due to its lightweight design and ability to fold compactly.
  • Durable: Built with a strong alloy metal frame for everyday use.
  • Good range: Suitable for most daily tasks with its battery life (although exact range depends on usage).

What is the range of the Air Hawk wheelchair?

Air Hawk wheelchair is designed for everyday tasks. The range will depend on factors like user weight, terrain, and driving style. Gilani Mobility, the UAE distributor, can provide more details based on your typical usage.

Is the Air Hawk wheelchair FDA-approved?

TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration, an Australian regulatory body. The Air Hawk wheelchair is TGA Certified. TGA Certification indicates the Air Hawk meets specific safety and quality standards.

How do you charge the Air Hawk wheelchair?

The Air Hawk comes with two lithium batteries. These are removable and can be charged using the included charging adapter. This allows for convenient charging at home or on the go.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 69 × 43 × 88 cm



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