Hot/Cold Compress Pack for Neck & Shoulders: Advanced Hot and Cold Therapy Pack for Enhanced Healing and Pain Management


VAT Excluded

✅ Specially shaped to fit the curve of the neck area

✅ Soothes & relieves muscular tension at the back of the head, neck & shoulders

✅ Heat therapy to loosen muscle & improve stiffness

✅ Cold therapy reduces inflammation & control pain

✅ Made of soft touch material for durability & comfort

✅ Reusable

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The versatility of this hot and cold pack is: it is very high quality, offers options for faster or slower release, has straps to secure to the body part to increase surface contact and mobility, and can be used hot by heating in the microwave, or cold by placing in the freezer.

The pack stays soft and pliable even when frozen, so it molds easily around the injured area. It has more fill than the standard hot or cold pack so it retains the heat and cold longer and more consistently.


Heat and cold therapy are recommended by doctors as a complete treatment for minor injuries.

Cold therapy decreases the surface temperature of the affected area and causes vein shrinkage, which spreads to adjacent areas helping to control swelling, reduce pain and relax tension.

(Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours after an injury)


Heat therapy has been used throughout the ages as a method to relieve pain. It is a versatile way to help with healing as methods can be as simple as a hot bath or shower. With the advent of technology, very useful ways to apply heat to specific areas of the neck, shoulders, and back can be achieved that are simple and easy to use.

(Heat therapy should not be used until 48 hours after an injury)



  • Patients with circulatory problems shall use it under the instruction of a doctor. It is inapplicable for patients with a serious disease or people feeling unwell for a long time. Please go to see the doctor immediately.
  • For Cold/Hot packs, use the cover to prevent the user from frostbite or burn.
  • Check the temperature at the back of your hand before hot using it. This is especially important for children and elders.
  • The pack may break in case or overheating or over-pressure on the hot pack, and the gel leakage may cause scald.
  • Avoid puncturing. throw away if punctures or leaks.
  • Although the gel is non-poisonous, it is inedible.

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