✅ Safe, controlled and flexible environment

✅ Compliant with the national legal requirements under the RMS.

✅ Customisation – options of seating arrangements

✅ Qualified engineers and trades personnel to perform car conversions

✅ Fully Automatic

✅ No Manual Handing require

✅Third row Kia Wheelchair accessible car conversion



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The Kia Third Row Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversions

is ideal for less frequent wheelchair users and those who are able to transfer to standard seat car positions for longer travels. 

Gilani Engineering is known for its car conversions

Gilani Engineering is known for its car conversions

Kia Grand Carnival Wheelchair conversion is designed, modified, and certified by our skilled engineers at Gilani Engineering

Wheelchair-accessible vehicle: KIA Grand Carnival Conversion

The wheelchair passenger will remain seated in the wheelchair. The vehicle will be able to accommodate 5 people + 1 traveling in a wheelchair.


Our vehicle conversion provides a safe, controlled, and flexible environment ensuring that all specific needs are met. The Kia station wagon can sit up to 5 occupants plus a wheelchair in the car providing space for all occupants in the vehicle.

You can also fold down the optional third-row seat which allows the vehicle to carry its original seating of 8 passengers.

The station wagons by Kia are suitable for family trips and outings, to give our customers the freedom to travel wherever they want.

We offer complete vehicle conversion for the Kia Carnival so that we can adapt and alter the vehicle to suit your available wheelchair and current lifestyle.

From minor adjustments to larger ones, we at Gilani Engineering can provide you with any solution when it comes to vehicle modification. We want to ensure that all requirements and needs are met so that you, your carer, or your family can comfortably ride your WAV.

All the vehicles we work with are compliant with the national legal requirements under the RMS.

Advantages and uses:

  • Side Steps – this assists individuals who require mobility assistance in and out of the wheelchair access vehicle, side steps reduce the step height.
  • Boarding and departure winch – the is ideal for vehicles with a lowered floor. the Adapt Solutions Power Pull Winch is compact and the superior design removes the need to assist manual wheelchairs into the vehicle. Maximum weight of 160kg.
  • Automated Entry – provides convenience in regards to using your wheelchair-access vehicle. The automated ramps reduce the need for an individual to manually handle the ramp. This feature is outstanding for wheelchair passenger conversions and a vital part of self-drive options.
  • Folding 2 Person Seat in Row 3 – row 3 sits perfectly between 2 adults and stows to the side to provide easy access for the mobility aid device to the vehicle. The best way to increase the seating capacity of the Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversion up to 6 people plus 1 wheelchair.

How long does installation take?

The installation will depend on each individual’s requirements on what exactly they want. It can take a few days or even weeks. Please contact us with your specifications and we can let you know the exact time frame and the pricing involved.

Please contact us directly to enquire about pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How much does it cost to make a car wheelchair accessible?

2- What cars can be converted for wheelchairs?

3- Is a wheelchair van tax deductible?

4- Can I get a grant for a wheelchair?


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