One-hand Control Manual Transfer Commode Wheelchair: Designed to Assist Individuals with Limited Mobility


VAT Excluded

✅ Sturdy Powder-Coated steel frame

✅ Removable bedpan

✅ Split back support with lock

✅ Height adjustable joysticks

✅ Elevated and descended using the hand crank

✅ Fits over any regular-sized toilet

✅  Flippable footrests

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A Patient Transfer Commode Wheelchair, also known as a patient transfer chair or a transport commode chair, is a specialized mobility device designed to assist individuals with limited mobility or those who are unable to walk on their own.

This wheelchair is specifically designed to facilitate safe and comfortable patient transfers, particularly from a bed to a wheelchair, a wheelchair to a toilet, or a wheelchair to a vehicle.


  • Frame: The wheelchair frame is usually made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as aluminum or steel to ensure durability and ease of maneuverability.
  • Wheels: The patient transfer commode wheelchair is equipped with four wheels. The rear wheels are usually larger for self-propulsion by the caregiver or attendant, while the smaller front casters aid in steering and maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Seat and Backrest: The wheelchair features a comfortable seat and a supportive backrest to provide a suitable seating position for the patient during transfers. The seat and backrest are typically padded for enhanced comfort.
  • Patient Lift Compatibility: This wheelchair is designed to be compatible with patient lift systems. They usually feature integrated or detachable lift points, hooks, or loops on the frame to securely attach to the lift system for safe and controlled transfers.
  • Brakes: The wheelchair is equipped with brakes to ensure stability and prevent unwanted movement during transfers or when stationary. The brakes can be engaged or released by the caregiver or attendant.
  • Commode Opening (Optional): Some patient lift transport wheelchairs may have a cutout or an opening in the seat to accommodate a commode bucket for toileting purposes, making it suitable for individuals with limited mobility who require assistance with using the toilet.
  • Safety Features: Patient safety is a crucial consideration, and these wheelchairs often incorporate safety features such as seat belts or safety straps to secure the patient during transfers.



Overall Length: 71 cm
Overall Width: 60 cm
Overall Height: 79-99 cm
Seat Width: 46 cm
Seat Depth: 40 cm
Real wheel diameter: 5”
Front wheel diameter: 3”
Seat Height above ground: 37-57 cm
Maximum Capacity: 100 kg
Net weight: 25.5 kg
Gross weight: 28 kg
Dimension (Carton Package): 61*36*76.5 cm


Overall, the Manual Transfer Commode Wheelchair with Hand Lift Mode is a versatile mobility aid that combines the functionality of a wheelchair with the convenience of a commode seat. Its Hand Lift Mode provides a safe and efficient solution for transferring individuals with limited mobility, making it a valuable asset in home care settings, hospitals, or rehabilitation centers.


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