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VAT Excluded

✅ Easily attaches to active wheelchairs, transforming them into power chairs

✅ Smooth maneuvering on various surfaces, including uneven terrains

✅ Adjust and extend functions via the SMOOV Mobility App

✅ Suitable for both foldable and non-foldable wheelchairs

✅ Weight: 7.2 kg

✅ Maximum User Weight: 140 kg

✅ Maximum Speed: 10 km/h

✅ Driving Range: Approx. 20 km

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SMOOV 010 Wheelchair Power Pack: Elevate Mobility with 10 km/h Speed & 20 km Range


SMOOV One is an electric power-assist drive unit for active wheelchairs, specially designed to increase the user’s mobility. It attaches easily to an active wheelchair, and it features a 10 km/h top speed.

The Invacare SMOOV One can be operated via a Bluetooth hand control unit – this unit attaches perfectly to your active chair as well.

With the Invacare SMOOV One, you can convert your active wheelchair to a power chair that maintains a stable speed and lets you maneuver on different surfaces, including uneven terrains.

SMOOV One comes in a range of about 20 km with a 7.2 kg weight. It is equipped with a handy USB socket for charging – this makes charging easier, especially for active users.

More so, SMOOV One features a flexible 360° swivel drive wheel that provides extra power when needed. The unit can be easily docked and undocked.

SMOOV One wheelchair power pack can be used on foldable and non-foldable wheelchairs. It can fit on various active wheelchairs If you’re looking for a durable and highly functional electric power-assist drive unit for active wheelchairs, SMOOV One is an excellent choice. Below are some key features of the Invacare SMOOV One:


  • Adaptability: It can be mounted to the most active rigid-frame and folding wheelchairs easily.
  • Easy to use: The Invacare SMOOV One is designed to attach easily to various wheelchairs, and it comes with a Bluetooth hand control unit, making it easy for active users to operate conveniently.
  • Flexible: The drive and control units can be easily docked and undocked.
  • Adjustability: It allows individual adjustment and extension of the scope of functions possible via the SMOOV Mobility App.
  • Durable: The Invacare SMOOV One is designed to last while maintaining its functionality.
  • High Performance: It has a swiveling drive wheel for dynamic driving, maintains a constant speed, and maneuvers even on uneven surfaces.


Drive unit

Discreet and high-quality aluminum housing with an integrated lithium-ion battery pack for a range up to 20 km. Powerful drive unit for a maximum speed up to 10 km/h.


Control unit

Large and ergonomic clickwheel for selecting desired speed as well as switching on/off the drive. The integrated LED display shows the actual battery and operating state.


Battery charger and charging cable

Small and handy charger with automatic shutdown function. In addition, it is a multirange charger for easy traveling with the SMOOV one. The charging time is about 6 hours.


Wheelchair attachment

To combine SMOOV one with a rigid chair a small bracket must be attached to the cross tube. For folding chairs, an adapter axle in between the stube axles is needed.


  • WEIGHT PER WHEEL: 7.2 kg
  • SPEEDmax. 6 km/h Optional 10 km/h with Mobility Plus Package
  • DRIVING RANGE: 20 km
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 36 V / 6.2 Ah
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-Ion
  • BATTERY WEIGHT: Fully Integrated
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 7.2 kg
  • MAX. USER WEIGHT: 140 kg


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  1. Khaled alqattan

    I got this last week and my experience was so good and I liked it thanks to Ammar for being nice and suggested this chair

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