What is a Wheelchair Ramp

What is a Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane used in the doorways of homes, offices, and public spaces. They allow the accessibility of wheeled objects such as wheelchairs, pushing strollers, carts, etc. They also use in different height areas of buildings for hassle-free maneuverability. 

They are designed carefully to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users and other mobility needs. 

Ramps are usually made up of aluminum, concrete, and wood and are made strong enough to bear the weight. 

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

The main types of wheelchair ramps are;

  1. Permanent Ramps 
  2. Semi-Permanent Ramps
  3. Portable Ramps
  4. Threshold Ramps

Permanent Ramps: These ramps are a permanent source of mobility through the doorways. They are attached in place with the bolts.

Elevation Modular Ramps - Configurable Ramp System for Residential Application-1

Semi-Permanent Ramps: These ramps are used temporarily for the short term. These ramps rest on the top of the ground. 

Portable Ramps: These are made of lightweight materials like aluminum or fiberglass and can be easily moved from place to place. These ramps are foldable and can fold after use. They are often used to provide access to events, exhibitions, or temporary structures and are ideal for people who travel frequently. Moreover, they’re used for loading and unloading the material. 

Wheel Chair Access Ramp with Lightweight and Portable Features

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Threshold Ramps: These are used to overcome obstacles such as door thresholds, small steps, or curbs. They are usually made of rubber or plastic and are very lightweight.

Benefits of Wheelchair Ramps

The wheelchair ramps provide peace of mind for individuals with mobility impairments and also use in public buildings for different purposes. They provide a variety of benefits; 

Cheap: Ramps are affordable as compared to alternative options such as Stair lifts. The installment cost of lifts is way more than ramps. In contrast, you can install ramps at a low price. They are as useful as any other source. 

Easy Installation: The installation of the ramps is super easy. Anyone can put them to use. No technical knowledge or external help require to put them. 

Portability: The portable feature is beneficial. You can use ramps and keep them with you as long as you want. They can fold into a compact shape and stowed in tight spaces for later use. 

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Improve Accessibility: Ramps allow the access of wheelchair users and any other people dealing with impairments. They allow entry and exit from the buildings easily. Moreover, they are helpful in daily routines and activities where we used to walk on different height grounds. 

Safety: The best thing about the ramps is safety. Using ramps, electric wheelchair riders can navigate safely to avoid accidents and injuries instead of using stairs. 

Convenience: Ramps make going through the hallways with wheeled objects convenient. Moreover, help to transport heavy things like luggage and furniture.

Durable: The strength of the ramps is a big advantage for using them at homes, offices, and even in industrial areas where heavy material is transported easily using them. 

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