What is Wheelchair

What is Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a mobility device designed for people who can’t walk due to disability, medical problems such as illness or injury, or problems related to old age. It is like a chair but equipped with a four-wheel to make it easy to maneuver.

Usually, it has two small caster wheels at the front and large wheels at the rear end. However, some advanced wheelchair models with cutting-edge technology have big front wheels.

A wheelchair is mostly used indoors; however, newly designed wheelchairs are sturdy and strong, work well for outdoor activities, and can be used in the neighborhood or taken to nearby markets or parks.

What is the Purpose of a Wheelchair

The main purpose of a wheelchair is to provide mobility assistance to impaired individuals. It gives such people freedom and helps them participate in social activities. Using it, people with limited mobility can move freely instead of lying on the bed.

Wheelchairs are designed differently to accommodate the needs of users. They are available in various formats, so users can choose according to their health conditions, mobility needs, and other requirements.

Wheelchairs have different seating positions, controllers, folding features, etc.

Types of Wheelchairs

Generally, there are many types of wheelchairs. However, there are a few main types of wheelchairs; these are;

  1. Manual Wheelchairs
  2. Electric/Power Wheelchairs
  3. Sports Wheelchairs
  4. Standing Wheelchairs

However, these types are further categorized into subdivisions based on the functionalities such as controls, propulsions methods, and technology used by each model. Some models are designed for general purposes, while others design to address different activities.

Like any other thing globally, wheelchairs companies keep upgrading new wheelchairs with innovative technologies analyzing market ergonomics.

1- Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs have a sitting seat, a frame with two footplates, and four wheels: two small caster wheels at the front and two large ones at the rear. While the rear, two large wheels have push rims of small diameter.

These rims allow pushing the wheelchair forward or backward without grasping the tires. Otherwise, the wheelchair can be pushed by the family member or caretaker using the handles installed at the upper rear end.

2- Electric Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are also known as “powerchairs” because they have batteries and electric motors, which help to move the wheelchair without any external force. The attendant or the wheelchair user can control them through a joystick or digital controller.

This controller is mounted on the armrest and easily operated with a palm or thumb. However, there are alternative controls: chin-operated joystick, sip-and-puff controllers, head switches, or many other special controls.

Small-size power wheelchair has four wheels; however, some large models have six wheels, two large wheels in the middle, and two small wheels on the front and rear. Usually, the electric wheelchair has a range of up to 15 Km per charge.

3- Sports Wheelchairs

You can guess from the name that this type of wheelchair is specially designed for playing different sports. They are made of lightweight material yet stable and strong enough to participate in games.

Different types of games are developed for disabled individuals so they can enjoy their life by playing these games. Such games include tennis, basketball, rugby, racing, and dancing.

4- Standing Wheelchair

Standing wheelchairs are designed to give a standing position to the user. Such chairs use hydraulic pumps or electric-powered assistance to get standing positions.

They act as both wheelchairs and standing frames. You can use it as you wish. Standing wheelchair benefits in different ways, such as increasing productivity, giving independence, and enhancing the self-esteem of disabled individuals. Further, they help give more access, relieve pressure sores, provide better respiration, maintain bone mineral density, and many more benefits.

Other Wheelchair Models

These are the common and popular types of wheelchairs that are discussed above.

But the types of wheelchairs are not limited. Still, there are numerous other models of wheelchairs that are designed to different technologies and user demands.

Other types of wheelchairs include all-terrain wheelchairs, powerchair football, beach wheelchairs, power soccer wheelchairs, smart wheelchairs, etc. Different types of wheelchairs offer a variety of capabilities. Remember that each model comes with different prices.

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