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A.C.A France

About the Brand

ACA France is a global mobility solution and a specialist partner for over 30 years in the sale and adaptation of automobiles for people with reduced mobility. As the leader in the French market, they offer a wide range of driving aids, TPMR vehicles, transfer solutions, and vehicles for wheelchair driving. They also offer a selection of manual and electric wheelchairs, as well as wheelchair vehicle rental.

The challenge at ACA France is to provide the greatest choice and diversity of adaptations to people with reduced mobility so that everyone can find a solution that fits their handicap and budget. They aim to support their customers throughout their project, from passing the license to fitting out the vehicle and choosing a compatible wheelchair, providing a guaranteed global solution with a single expert contact.

At ACA France, they offer tailor-made vehicle adaptations available near their customers. They provide comprehensive long-term support, providing a global mobility solution to help customers return to autonomy. Their team accompanies customers throughout their journey, offering multi-handicap assessment vehicles to meet specific needs and project requirements.

As the first structure in France to import cars for wheelchair driving and joystick driving systems, ACA France is the leader in car adaptations for people with reduced mobility. They put their expertise and skills to work for their customers every day, supporting them in their return to autonomy.