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  • Premium Wood Montessori Toys for Kids’ Educational Development

    • Montessori-inspired design for educational play
    • High-quality wood material for durability and safety
    • Vibrant multi-color design to engage young minds
    • Perfect size for little hands to handle
    • Versatile usage in homes, schools, and daycare centers
    • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Encourages fine motor skill development
    • Fosters creativity and imaginative play
    • Child-friendly with smooth edges and non-toxic finishes
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  • Stress-Relief Sensory Sock for Kids with Autism: Custom Lightweight Spandex Elastic Full-Body Wrap

    • Customized full-body wrap for sensory comfort
    • Lightweight, gentle spandex elastic material
    • Machine-washable and easy to maintain
    • Assorted colors and free print patterns
    • Versatile use at home, school, or therapy
    • Available in multiple sizes
    • Designed for autism, ADHD, and sensory needs
    • Calming and anxiety-reducing sensation
    • Enhances sensory awareness and self-regulation
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  • 4-Wheel Rollator Deluxe – Folding Walking Frame for Elderly and Disability


    Best 4wheel Rollator Walker Frame

    Height adjustable backrest for better comfort and support

    ✅ Lightweight frame

    ✅ Shopping bag included

    ✅ Net Weight: 7.5 Kg

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  • Automatic And Safe Stair Climber Chair – EZYSTAIRS


    High-quality aluminum alloy

    ✅ Automatic Climbing

    ✅ Safety Mechanisms

    ✅ User-Friendly Controls

    ✅ Portable and Versatile

    ✅ Craw track sliding system

    ✅ Durable and Easy Maintenance

    ✅ Ultra-wide rubber track slide system

    ✅ Suitable for people with limited mobility, the elderly, disabled, bariatric, and immobile patients

    Can be used for hospitals, care homes, emergency centers (fire, police, ambulance)

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  • Sale! Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair

    Transfer Commode and Over Toilet Wheelchair – iMOVE


    ✅ Ideal aid tool for families, medical institutions, and nursing homes

    ✅ Assisting in moving from wheelchair to sofa, bed, and bathroom for assisted or independent washing, showering, and dining

    ✅ Adjustable height

    ✅ Waterproof

    ✅ The Best Commode Chair on the Market

    ✅ 1 Year Warranty

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  • Dolomite Alpha Basic Rollator

    Dolomite Alpha Basic Rollator: Enhanced Support & Customizable Design

    ✅ Designed for gait training, arthritis, orthopedic needs, and post-surgery recovery

    ✅ Multi-directional adjustments for personalized comfort and handling

    ✅ One-hand brake for convenience and ease

    ✅ Wheel Guard to protect clothing from wheel splash, keeping you clean

    ✅ Seat Height: 620 mm

    ✅ Max. User Weight: 125 kg

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    Blind People’s Canes: Perfect for Visually Impaired

    ✅ Innovative canes designed specifically for individuals with visual impairments

    ✅ Primary function: Signal possible obstacles during walks, enhancing safety and mobility

    ✅ Constructed with durable light alloy tubes for long-lasting use

    ✅ Height of 135 cm provides optimal coverage and reach

    ✅ Foldable design with a folded height of 40 cm for easy storage and travel

    ✅ Comfortable grip handle for a secure hold and reduced strain on the hand

    ✅ Ergonomic handle design ensures maximum comfort and control during use

    ✅ Rigorously tested for reliability and functionality

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  • Ceiling Hoist for Patient Transfer for Homes Hospitals and Aged Care Centers

    ✅ Help to improve mobility, comfort, and stability

    ✅ Reduce the physical strain on carers

    ✅ Can also be detached and moved from one gantry track system to another

    ✅ This transfer method is gentle for the patient and their carer

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  • Easy Wheelchair Transfer Board: Curved Transfer Board for Wheelchair Users, Sliding Board with Handles


    Wheelchair Transfer Board

    ✅  ABS High Quality Plastic

    ✅  Blue Colour

    ✅  Size: 80 Cm x 21 Cm x 2.5 Cm

    ✅  Maximum Loading Capacity: 150 Kg

    ✅  High tensile strength and malleability to prevent breakage

    ✅  Handle Bar

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  • Gemino 30 Comfort - OUTDOOR ROLLATOR

    GEMINO 30 Comfort – Versatile Rollator for Indoor and Outdoor Use

    ✅ Compact and lightweight design for easy maneuverability.

    ✅ Superb rolling characteristics and stability.

    ✅ Large, soft wheels for comfortable walking on any surface.

    ✅ Certified for both indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance.

    ✅ Higher push handles for taller users.

    ✅ Extra-strong basket with a 10 kg capacity.

    Advanced net bag with easy one-hand operation.

    ✅ Total weight of only 8 kg (including bag) for convenient transport.

    ✅ Suitable for individuals with a height range of 1500-2000 mm.

    ✅ Maximum user weight of 150 kg.

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  • HandyTech Person Lifter: Easy Car Transfer Solution for Wheelchair Users – HANDYLIFT

    ✅ Electro-mechanical lift arm

    ✅ Wireless remote control

    ✅ Electric gear motor with an anti-crushing safety system

    ✅ Quick and easy transfer

    ✅ Passenger transfer solution

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  • Horse Transfer System

    ✅ Very quiet motor

    ✅ Gives independence and dignity for riders

    Prevents carer lifting injuries

    Mobile & Static solution

    ✅ Powered on a battery pack

    Hand control over mounting position

    Quick release mechanism


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  • Dolomite Step Up rollator

    Invacare Dolomite Step Up Rollator: Ergonomic Design & Adjustable Comfort

    ✅ Ergonomic design for optimal comfort and pressure relief

    ✅ Versatile adjustments: manual, hydraulic, or motorized

    ✅ Practical basket for convenient storage

    ✅ Oxygen tank holder for secure mounting

    ✅ Elbow stop for stability

    ✅ Swivel caster with directional brakes

    ✅ High user weight capacity: 150 kg

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    Model 0640 – Light Alloy Double Adjustable Forearm Crutches: Reliable and Ergonomic Support

    ✅ Modular crutches for intense, continuous use

    ✅ Designed for tall individuals (68-98 cm height)

    ✅ Soft anatomical handgrip (L/R) or ambidextrous

    ✅ Interchangeable and replaceable handgrips

    ✅ Forearm support adjustment (6 cm in 1.5 cm steps)

    ✅ Rotation-proof elliptical forearm support

    ✅ Supports users up to 150 kg

    ✅ Lightweight alloy material

    ✅ Available in multiple colors

    ✅ Promotes advanced body posture

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  • Sara Steady Sit to Stand Manual Lift – Encourage Safe Standing and Rehabilitation for Patients

    ✅ Encourages safe and independent standing for partially weight-bearing patients

    ✅ Reduces the amount of manual handling required by caregivers

    ✅ Provides an innovative pivoting seat for easy patient transfer and angled seated support

    ✅ Equipped with soft knee supports to stabilize patients during the lift and while standing

    ✅ Offers a crossbar handle that allows patients to pull themselves up, reducing the risk of urine leakage and improving patient dignity

    ✅ Integrated handgrips on the seat make it easy for caregivers to turn the lift while in use

    ✅ Pedal-operated chassis legs can be easily adjusted to accommodate wide chairs

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  • scalamobil S35 stairclimber

    Scalamobil S35 Stairclimber: ErgoBalance Handles, Safety Brakes, Compact Design with 140 KG Capacity

    ✅ ErgoBalance handles for safe and comfortable operation

    ✅ Safety brakes on all wheels ensure automatic stair edge stopping

    ✅ Compact, lightweight design allows easy transport

    ✅ Speed: 18 steps per minute

    ✅ Driving Range: Up to 300 steps

    ✅ Max. Climbable Obstacle Height: 20 cm

    ✅ Step Height: 20 cm

    ✅ Total Weight: 25.5 kg

    ✅ Max. User Weight: 140 kg

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  • Electric And Height Adjustable Patient Transfer Chair

    Electric And Height Adjustable Patient Transfer Chair – iMOVE7


    ✅ Light Weight Portable Patient Transfer
    ✅ Heavy Duty: 150kg
    ✅ Disability Aid approved , Aged Care approved
    ✅ Over Toilet Aid Transfer Chair
    ✅ Electric Height Adjustable

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  • Electric-Foldable-Shower-transfer-commode-chair-Waterproof-Remotely-height-adjustment-iMOVE-ADVANCE

    Foldable And Electric Waterproof Transfer Commode Chair – iMOVE ADVANCE


    ✅ 3 in 1 Electric Shower Chair Transfer Commode
    ✅ New and unique design
    ✅ Comes with waterproof pouch for motor
    ✅ Removable sling like chair
    ✅ Commode toilet seat
    ✅ Foldable frame
    Electric Shower Chair
    ✅ Patient transfer in and out of your car made easy with this unique chair
    ✅ Lifting weight capacity 150 Kg

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  • 0742 - WOODEN WALKING STICKS for Man

    Wooden Walking Sticks for Men: Stylish, Durable and Strength

    ✅ Premium wooden walking sticks designed specifically for men

    ✅ Crafted with high-quality wood for durability and strength

    ✅ Height of 90 cm to accommodate men of various heights

    ✅ Maximum user weight capacity of 130kg for reliable support

    ✅ Natural wood grain design adds an element of elegance and uniqueness

    ✅ Provides stability and promotes proper posture during walks and activities

    ✅ Suitable for leisurely strolls, outdoor adventures, and daily use

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  • 0741 - WOODEN WALKING STICKS for Woman

    Wooden Walking Sticks for Women: Perfect Blend of Functionality and Style

    ✅ Premium wooden construction for durability and stability

    ✅ Height of 90 cm, ideal for women of varying heights

    ✅ Supports a maximum user weight of 130kg for reliable assistance

    ✅ Specifically designed for women, featuring a feminine version

    ✅ Natural and rustic charm with a comfortable grip

    ✅ Provides the necessary stability and balance while walking

    ✅ Fashionable accessory that complements any outfit

    ✅ Sleek and polished appearance for a stylish statement

    ✅ Perfect for outdoor activities, social events, and daily use

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  • Patient Hoist Portable Lifter-

    Patient Hoist Portable Lifter


    ✅ Patient Hoist Portable Lifter
    ✅ Weight Capacity 185Kgs 
    ✅ Rotate 360 degrees for easy positioning for both carer and the user
    Ergonomic push handles
    ✅ Made of high-strength steel with powder coating
    High-strength casters with brake

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  • Portable Vehicle Hoist With Lifter And Sling Options


    ✅ Portable Vehicle Hoist

    ✅ Light-weight foldable

    ✅ Portable easy for travel and storage

    ✅ Easy folding

    ✅ Inside or Outside use

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  • Rollator Walking Frame with Remote Control

    Power Rollator Aluminium Walking Frame with Corded Remote Control – The STELLAR


    ✅ The STELLAR Electric Rollator Wheelchair 

    ✅ Two Sizes Available

    ✅ Rear and front control

    ✅ Handgrip turning

    ✅ Large capacity shopping bag

    ✅ Comfortable Seat Cushion

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  • Lightweight Aluminium 4-Wheel Rollator

    4-wheel lightweight Rollator with wide seat Aluminum walking and aged care approved


    ✅ 4 Wheel Rollator
    ✅ Wide seat walking frame
    ✅ Disability Aid Approved
    ✅ Aged care Approved
    ✅ Includes shopping bag
    ✅ Suits indoor and outdoor

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  • Foldable-Aluminium-Four-Wheel-Rollator-Frame

    Foldable Aluminium Four Wheel Rollator Frame


    ✅  Community mobility, grocery shopping and travel

    ✅  Hospital and Home use

    ✅  Suitable for post-operative Knee replacement, hip replacement surgery recovery at home

    ✅  Added Safety features for therapist and client

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  • Foldable Rollator and Aluminium Walking Frame

    Foldable Rollator and Aluminium Walking Frame


    ✅ 4WW, walking frame, rollator frame Aged Care and Disability Aid Approved

    ✅ Flip up leg rest

    ✅ Fully adjustable in height

    ✅ Adjustable handlebars

    ✅ Heavy-duty solid wheels

    ✅ Safety brakes

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  • Walking Walker Frame with Front Castor Wheels

    Walker Frame with Front Castor Wheels


    ✅ Lightweight walking frame with wheels

    ✅ Durable Aluminium Material

    Folds up for convenient, compact storage and transport

    Adjustable Height

    Helps maintain balance and stability when standing and walking

    ✅ Slip-resistant plastic on the armrest and feet provides an increased level of safety

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved Product

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