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Manual Wheelchairs

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  • Lightweight High Back Steel Manual Wheelchair: 120 KG Weight Capacity – ST-WL-1010

    • Steel frame for enhanced durability
    • Fixed armrests for consistent support
    • Swing away footrests for easy transfers
    • Smooth 8 x 1″ PVC front casters for maneuverability
    • High backrest at 460mm for added comfort
    • Impressive weight capacity of 120 KG
    • Lightweight design with a net weight of 16.5 kg
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  • Lightweight Wheelchair with Foldable Backrest and Attendant Handbrakes

    Lightweight Wheelchair with Foldable Backrest and Attendant Handbrakes-FREEWHEELS


    ✅ Manual Compact Aluminium Wheelchair

    ✅ Suitable for Seniors, Aged cares and people with limited mobility

    ✅ Foldable backrest for more compact design

    Aluminium Material for durable all weather resistance 

    ✅ Lightweight and foldable manual wheelchair

    ✅ Attendant handbrakes for extra assistance 


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    BREEZY Style Folding Aluminum Wheelchair: Lightweight, Stylish, and Reliable

    ✅ Lightweight and reliable folding aluminum wheelchair

    ✅ Reduced weight starting from 13.9 kg

    ✅ Strong and durable construction with 25mm diameter aluminum tubes

    ✅ Tubular design of the crosshead without screws or anchors

    ✅ Versatile customization options for seat width, backrest type, and rear wheel size

    ✅ Wide range of frame colors to choose from

    ✅ Complete standard configuration with anatomical seats, liftable footrests, and padded side protectors

    ✅ Maximum user weight of 125 kg

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  • Manual Wheelchair AU204L: Advanced Wheelchair with 100 Kg Weight Capacity


    ✅ Aluminum chair frame

    ✅ Comfortable ergonomic seat

    ✅ Detachable and height adjustable armrest

    ✅ Detachable elevating footrest

    ✅ Solid castor wheel

    ✅ Pneumatic rear wheel

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  • Foldable And Lightweight Transit Chair Manual

    Foldable And Lightweight Transit Chair Manual – GM-DY019001


    Transit Wheelchair suitable for Seniors, Aged cares and People with Limited Mobility

    ✅ Flip up footrests and armrests for easy access

    ✅ Seatbelt for extra safety

    ✅ Durably Aluminium Material

    ✅ Lightweight Foldable Transport Wheelchair

    ✅ Attendant Propelled


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  • Aluminium-Made-Manual-Wheelchair-With-Light-And-Foldable-Options

    Aluminium Made Manual Wheelchair With Light And Foldable Options Premium-Carer-Wheelchair


    ✅ Light Foldable Manual Wheelchair

    ✅ Durable Aluminium Material

    ✅ Can assist you in doing the same activities as others

    ✅ Weight Capacity: 100kgs

    ✅ Suitable wheelchair for Seniors, Aged Cares and people with Limited Mobility

    ✅ Self Propelled


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  • Lightweight Manual Standing Sport Wheelchair – Stand Upright Quickly – GM-MX8801


    ✅ Stand Upright Quickly

    ✅ Lightweight, Durable, and Easy to Carry

    ✅ Made of High-Quality Aluminum Alloy

    ✅ Load Capacity: 90kg

    ✅ Net weight: 19kg

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  • Children Manual Wheelchair with Safety Harness Support and Adjustable Seat Width


    ✅ Safety Harness for Extra Security

    ✅ Adjustable seat size

    ✅ Durable construction with quality materials

    ✅ Lightweight aluminum construction for portability

    ✅ Quick-release pneumatic rear wheel for easy maneuverability

    ✅ Folding armrests and a fixed footrest for easy folding and storage

    ✅ Adjustable seat width and height-adjustable platform for growing with your child

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  • Beaches Accessible Amphibious Wheelchair-BlueBeach.

    Beaches Accessible Amphibious Wheelchair – BlueBeach


    ✅ Amphibious Wheelchair

    ✅ Work Effectively on Sand

    ✅ Float on Water

    ✅ Highly Stable

    ✅ Total length (folded rudder) 220 cm

    ✅ Total width 107 cm

    ✅ Seat width 50 cm

    ✅ Seat height 45 cm

    ✅ Backrest height 90 cm

    ✅ Weight 31 Kg

    ✅ Wheel weight 3 Kg


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  • Basketball Sports Wheelchair: Ultra Light Weight with Removable Wheels


    ✅ Sports wheelchair with removable wheels

    ✅ Small design will fit in most cars

    ✅ Compact design for maximum mobility

    ✅ Lightweight and Durable

    ✅ Heavy Duty Aluminum Material

    ✅ Recommended for athletes of most ages, sizes and abilities


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  • Big Rear Wheels Manual Tilt Wheelchair: Enjoy Stability Over Various Terrains – GM-9300


    ✅ Steel Frame

    ✅ Quick release rear wheel

    ✅ Detachable armrest

    ✅ Backrest & Legrest inclination

    ✅ Adjustable footrest & pedal

    ✅ Leather cover seat

    ✅ Soft leg support

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  • Child Wheelchair Stroller, Reclining Tilting Seat, Baby Pram

    ✅ Made from aerial aluminium alloy, making it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

    ✅ Small folding size, making it easy to store and transport.

    ✅ Wide back support to firmly and gently hold the shoulder and arm.

    ✅ Tilt angle of 0-45°, providing the ability to change positions for the comfort of the child.

    ✅ Folding anti-tipper to ensure the wheelchair remains stable and safe.

    ✅ Adjustable leg support and base support for customized fit and comfort.

    ✅ Adjustable handle height for caregiver comfort.

    ✅ PU tires wheels for smooth and quiet movement.

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  • High-quality 24 inch Rear Wheel Aluminum Leisure Sport Wheelchair


    ✅ Foldable light weight frame

    ✅  Angle adjustable front castor

    ✅ Breathable, comfortable cushion

    ✅  Foldable anti-tipper

    ✅  Ergonomic handle

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  • Bariatric Manual Wheelchair With 130kg Weight Capacity


    ✅  Heavy Duty Bariatric Manual Wheelchair with extra wide seat

    ✅  Maximum weight capacity of 130kg!

    ✅  Folding Leg Rest and removable cushion for wheelchair

    ✅  Folding, compact and heavy duty

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  • K-SERIES - Küschall

    K-SERIES – Küschall Manual Wheelchair: Iconic, Modular, and Dynamic

    ✅ Iconic modular design for personalized comfort and adaptability

    ✅ Versatile seat module independently adjustable from the frame

    ✅ Ergonomic backrest brace for compact folding and easy transportation

    ✅ Hydroformed frame for lightweight strength and structural rigidity

    ✅ Unloaded weight: Approx. 7.8 kg

    ✅ Transport weight: Approx. 5.1 kg

    ✅ Maximum user weight: Up to 130 kg

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  • wide seat manual wheelchair

    Oversized Manual Wheelchair – Self Propelled


    ✅ Bariatric Manual Wheelchair

    ✅ Foldable and Compact

    ✅ Self Propelled

    ✅ 250kg Weight Capacity

    ✅ Adjustable Footrests and Armrests

    ✅ 1 Year Warranty

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    Premium Manual Folding Wheelchair: Steel Wheelchair with Customization Options-BREEZY

    ✅ Steel structure of great quality for unparalleled functionality

    ✅ Maximum User Weight: 125 kg

    ✅ Total Weight: 16.5 kg

    ✅ Designed to last over time with incredible rigidity

    ✅ Comfortable nylon upholstery

    ✅ Detachable 70º footrest

    ✅ Flip-back armrests

    ✅ Ergonomic handle lever for brakes

    ✅ Armrests with cushioning comfort

    ✅ Wide lever for footrest adjustment

    ✅ Customizable with a wide range of options and accessories

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  • Lightweight Leisure Manual Wheelchair With Foldable Option – INVENTWHEELS


    ✅  Leisure Manual Wheelchair
    ✅  Self Propelled
    ✅  Foldable
    ✅  Super Lightweight
    ✅  Removable wheels


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  • Champion - Küschall

    Küschall Champion Wheelchair: Unique, Hybrid, and Super Compact

    ✅ Folding convenience with rigid frame performance

    ✅ SK (Swiss Knife) option for super compact storage during travel

    ✅ Lightweight aluminum active brake for precise control

    ✅ Choose from 13 frame colors and multiple decal designs

    ✅ Total weight unloaded: Approx. 9.2 kg

    ✅ Transport weight: Approx. 6.7 kg

    ✅ Max. user weight: 120 kg

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  • Rea Azalea Max manual wheelchair

    Rea Azalea Max Manual Wheelchair: Adjustable Seat & Backrest, 180kg Weight Capacity

    ✅ Adjustable seat

    ✅ Weight capacity up to 180kg

    ✅ Dual Stability System (DSS) for safety

    ✅ Tilt and recline options (manual or electric)

    ✅ Reversible two-way backrest

    ✅ Body length compensation for limited movement

    ✅ Ergonomic push handle for caregivers

    ✅ Total weight: 54kg, Transport weight: 33kg

    ✅ Total height: 1020mm – 1240mm

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  • The KSL - Küschall

    KSL – Küschall Super Light Wheelchair: Elegant Design, Custom Fit

    ✅ Clean and minimalist design exudes elegance and quality

    ✅ Fully customizable to fit individual preferences and needs

    ✅ Option for a foldable backrest, combining strength with portability

    ✅ Modern hydroformed frame design merging technology and aesthetics

    ✅ Incredibly light at approximately 6.8 kg unloaded weight

    ✅ Max. User Weight Up to 100 kg

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  • Portable-Leisure-Manual-Wheelchair

    Portable Leisure Manual Wheelchair – ACTIVEWHEELS


    ✅ Leisure Manual Wheelchair

    ✅ Self Propelled

    ✅ Foldable and Easy To Use

    ✅ Super Lightweight, folding chair

    ✅ Compact and Portable

    ✅ Easy to Pack for Travel and Storage

    ✅ Disability Aid Approved



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  • Rea Azalea Tall Manual Wheelchair

    Rea Azalea Tall Manual Wheelchair: Wheelchair for Tall Users up to 135kg

    ✅ Designed for tall individuals with specialized tilt-in-space technology

    ✅ Longer seat height and 50mm extra chassis length for improved stability

    ✅ Flex 3 backrest offering individual adaptability and support options

    ✅ Adjustable push bar for easy maneuverability by caregivers

    ✅ Stylish frame available in five colors and upholstery in three colors

    ✅ Backrest angle adjustable from 0° to 30° for personalized comfort

    ✅ Suitable for users weighing up to 135kg (297lbs)

    ✅ Crash-tested for maximum safety and peace of mind

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  • Rea Clematis Pro E-Tilt manual wheelchair

    Rea Clematis Pro E-Tilt Manual Wheelchair: 135 Kg Weight Capacity and Adjustable Bakrest

    ✅ Electric tilt-in-space functionality for easy weight shifting

    ✅ 5° additional tilt compared to the standard model

    ✅ Dual Stability System (DSS) for enhanced stability

    ✅ Adjustable backrest recline up to 30°

    ✅ Compact design for easy maneuverability indoors

    ✅ Angle adjustable leg rest with height and depth options

    ✅ Optional accessories for customization

    ✅ Max user weight: 135kg

    ✅ Total weight from 35.5 kg

    ✅ Transport weight from 25.5 kg

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  • Reclining Tilting Seat Pediatric Wheelchair with Headrest and legrests-Child-Chair


    ✅Aluminium Frame

    ✅Reclining Back

    ✅Comes with Seat Belt

    ✅Reclining Back Feature

    ✅Armrest are detachable

    ✅Height is adjustable


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  • Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair: Personalized Comfort and Optimal Support


    ✅ Aluminum reclining wheelchair

    ✅ Quick release rear wheel

    ✅ Detachable armrest

    ✅ Adjustable Seat Height

    ✅ Adjustable footrest & pedal

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  • Tilting Reclining Wheelchair Cerebral Palsy for Adults

    ✅ Tilting Seat Manual Wheelchair

    ✅ Reclining Backrest Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

    ✅ Lightweight Manual wheelchair

    ✅ Adjustable Head and Legrests

    ✅ Compact to Fold

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  • Ultralight Aluminum Pediatric Wheelchair: Enhance Your Child’s Mobility


    ✅ Aluminum Chair Frame

    ✅ Reclining high-back

    ✅ Tilting Seat

    ✅ Detachable seat and back

    ✅ Solid Castor

    ✅ Pu Mag Rear Wheel

    ✅ Safety belt

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  • Zoof Classic Manual Wheelchair – Effortless Folding, Compact Design, and Ergonomic Seating


    ✅ One movement fold

    ✅ Convenient shape when folded

    ✅ Extra storage space and hook

    ✅ Fixed cushion and footrest

    ✅ Easy to handle

    ✅ Push bar for ergonomic use

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  • Foldable and Lightweight Bariatric Manual Wheelchair

    Foldable and Lightweight Bariatric Manual Wheelchair – Premium Bariatric Wheelchair


    ✅  Bariatric Manual Wheelchair

    ✅  Self Propelled

    ✅  Foldable and Easy To Use

    ✅  Super Lightweight

    ✅  Anti Tipping Wheels for Extra Safety

    ✅  180Kg Weight Capacity


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  • Manual Wheelchair With Adjustable Leg Support

    Manual Wheelchair With Adjustable Leg Support – ADAPTABLE WHEELCHAIR – GM-FS253LACHQ



    ✅  Full United Arab Emirates Warranty

    ✅  Heavy Duty

    ✅  Lightweight Aluminium frame

    ✅  Foldable, compact and portable

    ✅  Travel Friendly design

    ✅  Easy to use


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  • Compact - Küschall

    Küschall Compact Wheelchair: Versatile Leg Rests, Hydroformed Frame, and Customizable Design

    ✅ Choose between fixed or swing-away leg rests for personalized comfort

    ✅ Smaller tube diameter with hydroforming technology

    ✅ Choose from 13 frame colors, 2 decal designs, and 6 decal colors for a personalized look

    ✅ Lightweight Wheelchair

    ✅ Supports up to 130 kg

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  • Manual-Push-Wheelchair-With-Anti-Flat-Wheels

    Manual Push Wheelchair With Anti Flat Wheels – COMPLETE PUSHCHAIR


    ✅ Lightweight Manual Push Wheelchair

    ✅ Recommended for Seniors, Aged Care Facilities and People with Limited Mobility

    ✅ Full United Arab Emirates Warranty

    ✅  Self Propelled

    ✅  Light Weight Foldable Frame

    ✅  Low price Manual Wheelchair

    ✅  Attendant Safety Brakes


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  • Star Beach Water Wheelchair – Lightweight, Durable Construction for Easy Maneuverability


    ✅ Light & Durable

    ✅ Large & Wide Wheels

    ✅ Buoyancy Features

    ✅ Comfortable Seat

    ✅ Adjustable back & footrest

    ✅ Safety Features

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Manual Wheelchairs with propelled wheels and hand brakes, heavy duty , lightweight.