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  • Tubular Medical Air Mattress with PumpTubular Medical Air Mattress with Pump

    Medical Pneumatic Waterproof Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress


    ✅ Durable Medical Grade PVC Material

    ✅ Easy-to-Use Pump for inflation

    ✅ Compatible with medical bed frames

    ✅ Flexible Soft PVC Inflating Pipe

    ✅ Generous weight capacity of 120 kg

    ✅ Lightweight: only 2.6 kg

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  • Pressure Reduction Mattress Memory Foam ElasticPressure Reduction Mattress Memory Foam Elastic

    Pressure Reduction Mattress Memory Foam Elastic Hi-Lo Mattress


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Designed Specifically for the GEMN400 Hi-Lo Bed 

    High-Quality Memory Foam

    ✅ Weight capacity 200kgs

    Eco-friendly Foam produced using cleaner chemicals

    Environmentally safe treatment is added to the foam which reduces odours and bacteria.

    ✅ Different functions made specifically for your unique needs and preferences

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  • Rotation or Turning Mattress with Pump

    Rotation or Turning Mattress with Pump


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Emergency Battery Backup

    ✅ Durable and Low Maintenance

    ✅ Programmable pump turns users at regular intervals

    ✅ Supports up to 135 kg (297 lbs) for a wide range of users.

    ✅ Rotation turning medical mattress designed for bedridden patients.

    ✅ Advanced pressure points to redistribute pressure across the body.

    ✅ Operates quietly with user-friendly controls for customized settings.

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  • Sale! Tubular Medical Air MattressTubular Medical Air Mattress

    Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pump

    Original price was: د.إ719.00.Current price is: د.إ495.00.

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Ideal for long-term bed rest

    ✅ Permeable material keeps skin dry

    ✅ Massage feature prevents bedsores

    ✅ Low noise operation for peaceful sleep

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  • Air Lo8 Air Alternating Mattress

    Air Lo8 Air Alternating Mattress: Experience Enhanced Comfort and Pressure Relief


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Bluetooth-controlled pressure system provides 25% better therapy than competing systems

    ✅ Powerful yet silent 10-litre motor

    ✅ Remote control all functions from a smartphone or tablet

    ✅ Quick release heel zone for total pressure off-loading

    ✅ Spring loaded hang hooks to secure control unit to bed end

    ✅ Independent pressure mapping and facility trials demonstrate that the AirLo8 can replace a bi-hourly manual turning regimen

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  • Theraflow 8 Air Alternating Mattress: Active Air Support for Maximum Comfort and TherapyTheraflow 8 Air Alternating Mattress Active Air Support for Maximum Comfort and Therap

    Theraflow 8 Air Alternating Mattress: Active Air Support for Maximum Comfort and Therapy

    VAT Excluded

    ✅ The Theraflow 8 Alternating Mattress is a revolutionary product that offers active air support for patients.

    ✅ Quick-release connectors are available for every cell, allowing complete offloading under any part of the body.

    ✅ The mattress comes with a Belgian multi-stretch top cover, which is both comfortable and effective for therapy.

    ✅ Soft and flexible PU cells ensure that patients receive the best possible support.

    ✅ The mattress’s control unit is powerful and almost silent, allowing it to quickly support patient loads of up to 200kg.

    ✅ The alternating pressure feature of the mattress ensures that pressure is released across the rest of the body.

    ✅ The Theraflow 8 Alternating Mattress can be easily converted to a pumpless support system by removing the air hoses from the base.

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  • Blood-Flow-Stimulating-Air-Overlay-MattressBlood Flow Stimulating Air Overlay Mattress

    Blood Flow Stimulating Air Overlay Mattress


    VAT Excluded

    ✅  Air Overlay Mattress

    ✅  Pressure Mattress with pump

    ✅  Weight capacity 200 kg

    ✅  Blue colour for relaxation

    ✅  Portable and Light weight

    ✅  Made to last

    ✅  Disability, aged care and post injury

    ✅  Consistent massage by air circulation

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  • Supportive And Protective Gel Mattress Pad CushionSupportive And Protective Gel Mattress Pad Cushion

    Supportive And Protective Gel Mattress Pad Cushion


    VAT Excluded

    ✅ Gel Mattress Pad Cushion with Protective Cover

    Reduces back and neck pains

    ✅ Keeps the spine aligned whilst sleeping

    ✅ Improves quality of sleep

    ✅ Can be used as a base, topper or regular mattress

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Discover superior comfort and support with our range of medical bed mattresses. Crafted to meet your mobility needs, our medical mattresses offer unparalleled quality and relief. Explore our collection to find the perfect solution for your comfort and well-being.

Unmatched Comfort and Support:

  1. Advanced design: Our medical mattresses feature innovative designs engineered to provide optimal comfort and support for users with mobility challenges.
  2. Orthopedic benefits: Experience relief from discomfort and pressure points with our ortho medical mattress, specially designed to promote spinal alignment and alleviate back pain.
  3. Medication benefits: Enjoy the benefits of our medicated mattresses, crafted with specialized materials to enhance circulation and promote healing for a restorative night’s sleep.
  4. Quality construction: Each medical bed mattress is crafted with high-quality materials and precision engineering to ensure durability and long-lasting comfort.

Wide Selection and Customization:

  1. Variety of options: Choose from a wide range of medical mattresses, including foam, gel-infused, and hybrid options, to suit your specific preferences and needs.
  2. Customizable features: Personalize your sleeping experience with options for mattress firmness, size, and thickness to create the perfect sleeping environment tailored to your needs.
  3. Enhanced durability: Our medical mattresses are built to withstand daily use and provide consistent support, ensuring lasting comfort and reliability.

Convenient and Affordable Solutions:

  1. Easy maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free care with our medical mattresses, designed for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep your sleeping surface fresh and hygienic.
  2. Affordable options: Explore our selection of medical mattresses for sale, offering high-quality comfort and support at competitive prices to suit any budget.

Elevate your comfort and well-being with our premium selection of medical bed mattresses. Whether you’re seeking relief from back pain or simply looking for enhanced support, our mattresses are designed to meet your unique needs. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself.

What is a medicated mattress?

A medicated mattress is specially designed to provide therapeutic benefits by using materials infused with medications or treatments that promote healing, alleviate pain, or improve sleep quality.

How to make my medical mattress soft?

You can make your medical mattress softer by adding a mattress topper or pad made of soft materials like memory foam or plush fibers. Additionally, adjusting the firmness level of your mattress if possible, or using a mattress pad with additional cushioning can help enhance softness.

Can I write a medically necessary mattress off my taxes?

In some cases, you may be able to write off the cost of a medically necessary mattress as a medical expense on your taxes. However, eligibility for tax deductions depends on various factors including your medical condition, the recommendation of a healthcare professional, and applicable tax laws in your country or region. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional or accountant for personalized advice regarding tax deductions for medical expenses.