The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion

Introducing the G24 Family Van, a wheelchair accessible Vehicle that makes getting around easier than ever. With the MaxiPlus® option, you can choose between seating for 8 people or having 5 seats plus a dedicated space for a wheelchair. It’s safe, easy to use family van.

The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion
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The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion 1

Features & Advantage

This design brings you the most innovative systems including:

Hassle-free Wheelchair Access By Lowering The Internal Floor

No worry about needing disability parking space, park anywhere with ease!

AutoTailgate® is integrated for fully automated opening with just the press of a button.

The MaxiPlus® is popular among taxis and community transportation services.

5 Seats and a Wheelchair Or 8 Seats With Foldable 3rd Row Seats

No External Ramp is Required as The Rear Tailgate and Vehicle’s Floor Lower to Ground

External ramps can block the driver’s rear view, and internal ramps solve this problem

With the press of a button, get ground-level access to the vehicle via the internal system.

What are the international Standards for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

Understanding the international Standards for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles is very important to ensure that it’s safe and comfortable for people of determination.

These standards ensure that wheelchair accessible vehicles are designed and modified to accommodate the specific needs of people with disabilities, providing them with greater mobility, less pain, more freedom, and accessibility.

Some of them are 

Noramp standard sizes
The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion

What is NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Car Conversion Design?

No ramp means that an extended ramp is not required behind the car to enter or exit a person sitting in a wheelchair.

NoRamp® Design allows easy accessibility of wheelchairs into a vehicle.

What vehicle are suitable for this conversion?

  • Kia Carnival
  • Hyundai Staria
  • Honda Odyssey

More models are to be released soon!

The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion
The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion

Who is Authorised to perform this Conversion?

Gilani Mobility is an authorized and certified provider of wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions in Dubai. The exclusive NoRamp® conversion design is a patented innovation developed by Gilani Mobility. Our expert team excels in customizing vehicles to meet your specific requirements.

What can be added with this design conversion?

The add-ons with the NoRamp Design include

  • Turning Seat, Hand Controls
  • Automatic Door Opener,
  • All safety features including Restrains and Tie Down Systems.
The Ultimate NoRamp® Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversion

Customer Reviews

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we believe that our customer reviews speak to our success in that regard.

Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali
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I got my car changed by Gilani Mobility, and I'm really impressed. They were very professional, caring, and skilled in what they did. The team made sure I was happy with the changes they made, going the extra mile. I would totally suggest their help for anyone needing changes for people with disabilities or help with getting around easily.
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We modified our vans for wheelchair taxi use. Gilani Mobility’s team made it easy and ensured it followed RTA rules. They know their stuff and have good experience in van modifications for wheelchair accessibility. I recommend them for van modifications for wheelchair taxis.
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I have been using Gilani Mobility for a few months now, and I am so grateful for their services. The wheelchairs are high-quality and well-maintained, and the rental process is simple and straightforward. I especially appreciate the flexibility of their rental options and the prompt delivery and pickup services. Thank you, Gilani Mobility, for making mobility easy and convenient!