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VAT Excluded

✅ Ideal for long-term bed rest

✅ Permeable material keeps skin dry

✅ Massage feature prevents bedsores

✅ Low noise operation for peaceful sleep

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Introducing the FOFO Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pumps from Gilani Mobility Dubai. This innovative product offers maximum comfort and pressure relief for patients. With adjustable settings and quiet operation, it provides personalized support for faster healing. Experience enhanced comfort and well-being with this advanced air mattress solution.

Gilani Mobility presents the FOFO Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pumps in Dubai, offering maximum relaxation and pressure relief.

Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pumps

  • Unsurpassed comfort and pressure relief with this Mattress.
  • It features an innovative mattress cover system with an adjustable pressure pump. This mattress can provide dynamic, supportive pressure ulcer support and improve patient comfort.
  • Invest in better care by creating an environment conducive to healing.
  • The FOFO Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pump Pressure Change System is a revolutionary innovation in patient care that provides maximum relaxation, comfort and support for optimal patient recovery.
  • It is with a pump for easy application.


Dynamic Pressure Relief

  • FOFO Mattress uses the most innovative alternating pressure system that provides dynamic pressure relief, with individual tubular air cells inflating and deflating sequentially to reduce pressure distribution while reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.
  • In addition, the dynamic support increases blood circulation, which enhances patient comfort during healing and accelerates healing

High-quality comfort and firmness

  • The tubular structure of the mattress topper provide maximum support and comfort to the patient.
  • It features air cells that specifically conform to the contours of your body to provide more cushioning and reduce pressure points.
  • This results in a reduction of pressure points that reduces discomfort and improves well-being.
  • That means that patient comfort, pain relief and well-being increase.

Flexible and customizable

  • This Tubular Medical Air Mattress features adjustable pressure settings that allow caregivers to tailor the level of support offered to each patient’s unique needs.
  • The included pump allows easy adjustment to provide the most comfortable pressure relief possible.
  • It makes it easy for caregivers to adjust the settings to each patient’s needs to provide personalized treatment that improves patient outcomes.

Whisper-quiet operation

  • The alternating pressure pump operates quietly without disrupting sleep patterns, creating the perfect atmosphere for rest and healing.
  • In addition, the whisper-quiet operation helps care for others by eliminating distractions so caregivers can focus on attentive care.

Directions before using Tubular Medical Air Mattress

  • Flatten mattress before inflation, takes about 30 minutes to inflate.
  • Ensure air pump pressure is maximum and tubing is cut properly.
  • Check air pipe joints under mattress for proper connection.
  • Consider adding a thin layer to keep patients warm in cool weather.
  • Not suitable for patients over 135 kg.
  • Control pressure during inflation to avoid airbag damage.
  • Keep mattress clean with neutral detergent; avoid acids and alkalis.
  • Remove sharp objects to prevent piercing.
  • Store in dry, ventilated place to avoid moisture.
  • Provides pressure reduction through continuous movement.
  • Alternating system with durable air tubes and control unit promotes blood circulation and reduces bed pressure sores.
  • Heat-sealed bubble-style pads for long-term durability.


Tubular Medical Air Mattress with Pump


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