✅ Water etching, high temperature resistant

✅ Abrasion and corrosion-resistant paint

✅ All stainless steel construction

✅ Emergency rescue system

✅ Emergency stop button

✅ Waterproof hand control

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During hydrotherapy (water therapy) treatment, which is beneficial for the physical development of the disabled and the elderly, the safe transfer of people to the water is very important.

Pool lifts offer a reliable and permanent solution for individuals with limited mobility to access swimming pools or spas. They provide a safe and inclusive way for people with disabilities to enjoy aquatic activities with independence and dignity.

The lifting mechanism of a fixed pool lift device is securely attached to the pool deck or an adjacent concrete pad. It employs a hydraulic or electric-powered system to lift and lower the user in and out of the water. The lift mechanism is controlled by a user-friendly control panel, often located within reach of the user or their caregiver.

The seat or platform of a fixed pool lift device is designed to provide stability and comfort. It features a non-slip surface and may include adjustable features such as seat height and backrest angle. Safety features like armrests, seatbelts, and footrests are integrated to ensure secure positioning during transfers.

Fixed pool lifts are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations. They are engineered to support a range of weight capacities to accommodate individuals of varying sizes and needs.


  • Can be applied in all indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Installed and used without any damage even in high-temperature spa pools like 38-40 degrees.
  • Made of stainless aluminum and is not affected by pool chlorine or seawater.
  • Has a carrying maximum weight capacity of 150 kg.
  • Compatible with all pools and can be assembled in max.1 hour.
  • Works with a battery actuator, which is a maintenance-free system and does not require old systems such as electricity or water pressure.
  • Provides safe access to and from the pool without the need for a companion.
  • During the installation of the water-pressure fixed pool lift, an appropriate mounting hole must be drilled on the edge of the pool while such drilling is not required.
  • Safe and fast operation is provided with a simple fixation from 4 points.
  • Battery-powered systems operate a little faster than water-pressure elevators.
  • Considering the power exerted by the water pressure on the system, this period may also take longer than the weight of people. Therefore, even if there is a weight increase in battery powered systems, faster and safer transfer is provided without decreasing the up and down speed of access to water.




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