Multi Function Adjustable Electric Knee Massager


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Multi Function Adjustable Electric Knee Massager- LIFE CAN FEEL GOOD AGAIN

R&D background

With the development of medical and living standards, people care more and more care about their health. More and more healthcare products come into our life, such as intelligent massagers, massage chairs, knee care devices, back massagers, and so on. No matter the function or in the shape, the new design products is more and more humane, and the quality is also getting better and better. Below we share our company’s new design health care product—knee care device JKAH-1

According to the needs of customers, and through many investigations and analyses on elderly people with knee joint inflammation, using the latest medical technology, and from the point of comfort, safety, and people-oriented, the new design knee care device is innovatively designed based on the model of the human knee, and fully considers the posture characteristics of users. So it is more ergonomic, with good tightness and comfort. The internal structural design promotes tissue regeneration and accelerates the dissipation of inflammation, helping

Vibration massager

Three vibration modes. Through the intelligent computer chip control program, the motors are located on both sides of the knee and drive the whole massager to vibrate by a pair of 3000RPM motors, just like the hand of a masseur, so that people can feel the massage effect of heavy and light.


Different from light heating, this product uses heating film. Temperature rise more quickly and more accurate


TPU is used on both sides of the device, which can cover your whole knee. And the adjustable elastic belt makes it fit d

Adaptor directly

This device is usually used when we sit but not working. So we think using the adaptor directly is more reasonable.


Can be used on the knee, shoulder, and elbow.

Liquid crystal display

Visual LCD control panel, more intuitive to see the various functions, more convenient for the elder


PC and ABS
Hard and soft combination, not

Back lining

High-quality fabric, imported leather lining, elastic belt


Easier to operate

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 17 × 18 cm


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