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How to Charge Mobility Scooter Battery?

You might think there’s no need for this article since charging a mobility scooter battery. How hard can that be? But for People of Determination who rely on a mobility scooter or any mobility product for that matter, they need to make sure their equipment is always at its optimal best.

Mobility scooters’ technical issues often include its batteries which is why it’s important to ensure battery health. One of the ways to keep your mobility scooter’s batteries in good condition is by knowing how to properly charge it.

Quick info about your mobility scooter’s batteries

The first step to care for your mobility aid is to understand how each component works. With your mobility scooter, it’s best to know first what kind of battery your mobility scooter uses before you start charging it.

3 main types of batteries

The three most common types of batteries used in mobility scooters are:

1. Sealed lead-acid (SLA)

Lead-acid batteries are the most affordable type of batteries because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, are lightweight, and have a longer lifespan. However, they need to be inspected frequently because they tend to leak. The batteries contain a mixture of water and electrolytes and need to be replenished. Spilling the liquid may cause burns.

mobility scooter battery

2. Gel cell batteries

Compared with the SLA, gel cell batteries are costlier and have a shorter lifespan. But they are spill-proof and are allowed on airplanes. If you travel constantly by plane, it’s best to have an electric wheelchair that runs on gel cell batteries rather than SLA.

Gel cell batteries

3. AGM batteries

Like gel cell batteries, AGM batteries are also transportable by air. These batteries are shockproof, use the newest technology, don’t spill, and don’t need maintenance. As such, they’re the most expensive.

Gel cell batteries

Step-by-step guide to charging your battery

1. Locate the battery

The first step is to locate the battery. If you’re not aware of where the battery is, refer to your user’s manual. Depending on the make and model of the mobility scooter, the battery may be located underneath the seat, or in a removable battery pack, or a compartment near the rear.

2. Turn off the scooter

After locating the battery, turn off the scooter before charging it. This prevents accidental movement of the scooter and ensures safety while the battery is being charged.

3. Connect the charger

Next, connect the charger to the battery as mentioned in the user’s manual. The majority of mobility scooter chargers include a plug that fits into the battery’s socket. Make sure the connector is inserted firmly.

4. Plug the charger to a power source

After the charger and battery are firmly connected, plug the charger into a wall socket. To avoid harming the charger or battery, make sure the power source does not exceed the voltage specifications provided by the manufacturer.

5. Check the charging progress from time to time

As the battery charges, keep an eye on the battery’s progress if it’s indeed charging or it’s already time for a scooter battery replacement. The charging status of a mobility scooter’s charger is often indicated by indicator lights. This is to signify that the battery is charging.

6. Allocate enough time for charging

The length of time required for charging depends on various factors such as the battery’s size, and the charger’s capability (similar to mobile phones there are high-speed chargers available). Allocating enough time to charge the battery is one of the best practices in caring for your electric or folding mobility scooter.

7. Disconnect the charger

Once the battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger and store it in a cool, dry place.


How can I charge my scooter battery at home?

Charging your scooter battery at home is possible as long as there is a power source and the charger is functioning.

How can I charge my mobility scooter without a charger?

Charging a mobility scooter without a charger is tricky especially since the charger is important in making sure the battery will have enough power to run again. However, if you don’t have a charger, you can use a universal charger or find the nearest mobility scooter rental facility that could charge your scooter for you.

How long does a mobility scooter battery charge last?

A mobility scooter battery charge lasts depending on the make and model of the battery.

What is the best way to charge an electric scooter?

The best way to charge an electric scooter is to use its manufacturer-recommended charger.

Can I leave my mobility scooter on charge overnight?

It’s best to not leave the mobility scooter charging overnight. Once the battery is fully charged, remove the plug.

How do I know when my mobility scooter battery is fully charged?

There is a light indicator that will show whether the battery is fully charged.

Should I charge my mobility scooter every time I use it?

The mobility scooter must only be charged when the battery is low.

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