✅ Sleek Nordic design

✅ Lightweight with compact tech

✅ Innovative structure

✅ Unique, patented features

✅ Easy to integrate designs

✅ High safety and comfort

✅ Premium materials

✅ User-friendly design

✅ Customizable options

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Introducing EleNor, a luxurious wheelchair platform lift from Liftup’s innovative collection. Inspired by Danish design and Nordic craftsmanship, EleNor features sturdy, simple construction with endless customization options.

EleNor not only provides accessibility for people with mobility challenges but also enhances home aesthetics with its attractive design. Whether you want to future-proof your residence, increase its value, or improve access to different floors, EleNor offers versatile design choices and top-notch quality, making it a perfect addition to any modern home.


1100 x 1400 mm platform

EleNor: A Luxury Platform Lift by LIFTUP
EleNor: A Luxury Platform Lift by LIFTUP
A Wide Range of Possibilities
  • Color Choice: Pick any color for the desired look (Standard: black RAL 9005).
  • Platform Customization: Match floorboards (Standard: aluminum checker plate, non-slip linoleum, mahogany plank).
  • Handrail Color: Choose your preferred color (Standard: stainless steel).
  • Safety Glass Options: Customize with smoked, frosted, colored, built-in light, or logo (Standard: clear safety glass).
  • Railing Consistency: Match with staircase or upper-level railings.
  • Access Options: Include a pit or external ramp for easy access.
  • Call Stations: Choose one-way or two-way, wired or wireless, wall-mounted or free-standing.
  • Safety Features: Onboard alarm system and on/off key lock for public safety.
  • Installation: Delivered in modules for easy installation, fitting through standard doors.

EleNor: A Luxury Wheelchair Platform Lift by LIFTUP

EleNor’s customizable floorboards seamlessly blend with your terrace, creating a unified look. The patented underpan ensures safety, especially in driveways, by activating an emergency stop if pressure is detected. This prevents accidents by stopping the lift if there are moving objects or people below.
  1. LED lighting
  2. Identical flooring to the terrace
  3. Matching glass to the surrounding railing
  4. RAL color or black to complement the house
  5. Saves space – can be parked on the upper level

Comfort and safety

Safety Above All:

  • Optional 1 or 2-way communication (analog/GSM) ensures safety.
  • Battery-powered descent feature for power outages.

Patented Lifting Plate:

  • Stops the lift if it encounters an object below, enhancing safety.

Stable and Reliable:

  • Belt drive for stable operation.
  • Robust attachment to end wall pillars for smooth lifting.

Torque Limiter:

  • Dual protection with torque limiter on door hinges.
  • Prevents injuries from automatic door closure and protects the door motor.

Minimal Motor Noise:

  • Easy-to-install and maintain motor system with low noise levels for comfort.

Key Features

  • Beautiful Nordic Design and Architecture: Inspired by elegant Nordic aesthetics.
  • Compact Technology for a Lightweight Design: Advanced tech ensures a lightweight build.
  • Innovative Composition and Structure: Features a modern and innovative structure.
  • Includes Unique and Patented Features: Equipped with exclusive patented elements.
  • Various Design Options for Easy Integration: Offers multiple design choices for seamless integration.
  • Ensures High Levels of Safety and Comfort: Prioritizes user safety and comfort.
  • Made from High-Quality Materials: Constructed with premium materials.
  • Designed with a Carefully Thought-Out User Experience: Focuses on user-friendly design.
  • Offers Optional Design Elements for Customization: Provides customizable design options.

Technical Specifications

Attribute Value
Inner platform size 1100 x 1400 mm
Outer platform size 1320 x 1860 mm
Lifting capacity 400 kg
Lifting height 1150-3000 mm
Stops 2
Speed 0.15 m/s
Noise < 60 dB
Duty cycle 2 min. / 4 min.
Power supply 110-240 V / 50 Hz (13 A), max 2,900 W, standby < 150 W
Drive Type Double belt drive
Approval EN81-41:2011, ASME A18.1:2020


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