Best Disability Vehicles Modifications in UAE

Are you looking for some best disability vehicle modifications in UAE? If so, then you are at the right place.

Gilani Mobility has an experienced team of engineers who always provide disability vehicle modifications in the town. Our dedicated team always thinks beyond your expectations and comes up with innovative and reliable ideas.

Gilani is the town’s best option for mobility products and services.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

The first question arises for choosing our services; below are some unique points that stand out from us in the crowd.

Multidisciplinary Team

Gilani Mobility has an experienced team of allied health professionals and mechanical engineers to meet your desired requirements. They develop together the best disability modification. Their collaboration brings unique and innovative custom-made solutions for you. We are a team of professionals, not salespersons, who take pride in assisting you to provide results that fit your needs and should function effectively over a lifetime.

We are Experts in our Field and have Qualified Certified Engineers.

You can believe in us because our certified engineers overlook your project at Gilani Mobility. Our team consists of qualified mechanics and mechanical and automotive engineers to provide top-notch quality for your vehicles. After leaving us, you will be delighted.

We Work with any Brand of your Choice.

Our experts can work efficiently with any brand from across the world. However, if you want to install some specific product, let us know; our team is an expert in installing any products.

We have the Largest Range of Customer Incentives.

We offer interest-free programs, Aged Care Packages, or different payment options.

We do all Disability Car Conversions!

Gilani Mobility has skillful persons for installing thumb controls, hand controls, left foot acceleration, stowage solutions, Boot hoist installations, patient transfer, and much more.

Here are the categories that we offer;

Transfer Solution

Transfer solution will assist in getting in and out of the car. This installation includes a simple step board, turny Evo seat, or handy lift installation.

Boot Hoist and Stowage

Gilani Mobility can modify a wheelchair to stow it onto your vehicle. This modification can be in a boot hoist or rooftop.

Wheelchair Access

This modification helps you to access your vehicle. Through this modification, the user will stay in the wheelchair while sitting in the car.

Driving Solution

Gilani Mobility finds a solution for your problem and delivers the best disability vehicles modifications services in UAE.

A driving solution includes modified hand controls, a joystick, push or pull brakes, and an over a ring or under ring accelerator.

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