Best 3 Wheelchair Providers in Dubai and UAE

Mobility equipment helps impaired people in their daily activities. They facilitate their freedom of movement. However, the wheelchair is among the best medical equipment for zooming around. It can be the most acceptable option if you want to travel safely from one place to another.

Perhaps it’s necessary to find the best wheelchair provider in the city to get a trustworthy product for yourself. 

This post discusses the best 3 wheelchair providers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and details the best wheelchair for each. We use their services and have tried out their wheelchairs to offer you an excellent option in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates that works well in multiple environments. So, let’s get started.

Top 3 Wheelchair Providers in Dubai and UAE

The top 3 wheelchair suppliers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are listed below. 

Mayfair – Moving People Forward

Mayfair General Trade is one of the leading mobility aids suppliers in the Middle East Market, having headquarters in Al Ain, UAE. However, the company operates a network of offices and employs sub-distributors throughout the region. They seek to offer the best mobility gadgets for impaired people using cutting-edge technology.

At Mayfair, the team of biomedical engineers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists is under the management of biomedical engineers. The business also has global partnerships with the top manufacturer of medical mobility products.

You can find any mobility assistant, including Manual and Electric Wheelchairs, Power Scooters, Home Accessibility Solutions, Vehicle Accessibility Solutions, Seating and Positioning systems, Standing and Walking Aids, Health Care Products, etc. 

Best Electric Wheelchair at Mayfair

Pride’s Go Chair is the top electric foldable wheelchair at Mayfairs. Go Chair is portable, lightweight, and tiny. The wheelchair has a swing-out storage compartment and is comfortable. A cane holder or oxygen holder install at the rear ends for outings.

The wheelchair is made with a feather-touch disassembly design for easy transport. You can separate its seat, front, and back ends within a few seconds. Its bulkiest component only weighs 16 kg.

Key Features: 

  • Max Speed: 6Km/h
  • Weight Capacity: 136 Kg
  • Battery: 2x 18 Ah, 12 Volts
  • Dual Braking System
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Turning Radius 648mm
  • Wide and larger adjustable armrests
  • Spacer Footplate
  • One-hand feather-touch disassembly
  • Under-seat storage compart
  • Cup Holder
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Rear Basket
  • Oxygen Holder
  • Available in 6 different colors

Manafeth – Mobility and Medical

Manafeth is a trustworthy mobility aids supplier for the disabled in the Middle East, headquartered in Al Abraj st- Dubai, and provides a wide range of wheelchairs.  

The company offers a vast selection of medical services and mobility devices. Manafeth meets the needs of mobility and accessibility after years in this industry.  

The business employs a sizable team of knowledgeable engineers, mechanics, and medical specialists. In addition to offering mobility items, they also sell hospital beds, ambulances, and parts. Additionally, you can order customized automobiles. Manafeth, however, can install accessibility equipment in your home or car or modify your vehicle.

Best Wheelchair at Manafeth

The finest option at Manafeth is the Thunder Pro Electric Wheelchair. It is a foldable wheelchair made of aluminum alloy. It is not heavy at all, weighing about 25Kg without batteries. You can travel at 6 km/h for up to 25 km. It has plenty of room for seating with a 400mm depth and 470mm width.

Key Features: 

  • Max Speed: 6Km/h
  • Driving Range: 25Km
  • Load Capacity: 180Kg
  • Battery: Lithium 6AHx 2 pcs, 24V
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Turning Radius: 899mm
  • Maximum Slope Capacity 8° 
  • Net Weight with Batteries: 28Kg
  • Intelligent Electro Magnetic Braking system
  • Wide Armrest of 470mm
  • Brushless Motor 250W x 2pcs  

Gilani Mobility – Mobility Solution Specialist

Gilani Mobility is a top-level mobility tools provider in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s main office is situated in Dubai at 917th Street, Umma Ramool, Dubai. 

Gilani has been a successful and reputable mobility equipment provider in Australia and sells TGA(Therapeutic Goods Administration) licensed medical products. The business of the corporation has grown throughout the Middle East region.

At Gilani Mobility, you can choose top-notch quality wheelchairs. Additionally, the business offers electric scooters, hospital beds, recliners, sofas, wheelchair ramps, bathrooms, and shower accessories. In addition to offering mobility aids, they also provide home and car modifications services. Their engineers and medical professionals use the latest technology to improve the lives of impaired individuals. They put their efforts into giving the best solution to your problem. 

Best Wheelchair at Gilani Mobility

Air Hawk heavy-duty foldable electric wheelchair is the best option available at Gilani Mobility. It is steady and reliable as well. It drives smoothly on the grassy and uneven path because of the large rear wheels. It is easily foldable and can fit in a compact place. The cushion of the wheelchair is breathable, removable, and washable in the washing machine. So you can enjoy a clean and comfortable ride each time. 

Additionally, a detachable joystick that may be used by right- and left-handed rider are attached for simple steering. Moreover, it has a practically comfortable seat, a ton of foot room, and a reliable armrest.

Air Hawk wheelchair is world famous because of its unique features. 

Key Features: 

  • Maximum Speed: 6Km/h
  • Driving Range: 25Km
  • Maximum Weight with two batteries: 28Kg
  • Load Capacity: 180Kg
  • Battery: Lithium 24 V/2 batteries/6 AH (total 12 AH)(Extra Batteries for Distance Traveling)
  • 360° Joystick Controller
  • Maximum Slope Capacity 12° 
  • Turning Radius: 850mm
  • Motor: 24 V/250 W brushless motor*2 Pcs
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Suspension
  • Safe Braking System
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Easily Removable Batteries
  • Custom Made Cushion Available
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Warranty: Fully 1-year Warranty of Battery and Frame

Which One is Best

The Gilani Mobility Air Hawk wheelchair is the clear winner among all these models.


Compared to its rivals, the Air Hawk wheelchair has many extra features, including a 360° Joystick Controller, suspension, greater compactness, a sleek and sturdy frame, and a 1-year warranty. Additionally, it has a significant sales volume and is TGA certified in Australia.

So, these are the best 3 wheelchair providers in Dubai and UAE. They offer services and medical equipment to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

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