Cost to Buy Electric Wheelchair in Dubai

How Much it Cost to Buy Electric Wheelchair in Dubai

A self-propelled or electric wheelchair gives its user the gift of independence and mobility. Someone confined to their home due to a stroke, a disease, or an injury can utilize it to help them move around the house and the neighborhood. How much does it cost to buy an electric wheelchair in Dubai, even though it is a trustworthy source for such individuals?

Typically, a power wheelchair in Dubai costs between 5,000 AED to 18,000 AED, depending on the model you want to purchase. Most models cost a few thousand dirhams; however, the ultimate cost varies depending on the model, features, upgrades, and modifications.

Let’s talk about the many types of wheelchairs, additional cost factors, and ways to lower their cost. To discover more about each of these topics, keep reading.

How Much it Cost to Buy Electric Wheelchair in Dubai 1

Why Power Wheelchairs are So Expensive

Power Wheelchairs are expensive because of the latest innovative technology and extensive research put into their design, costing the companies thousands of dollars, ultimately leading to the higher price of motorized wheelchairs. Further, the companies invest in testing to give valuable products to the end user. So, we can say that power wheelchairs are expensive to buy because it is expensive to manufacture. 

But it is worth buying if we look at the bells and whistles of electric wheelchairs that give freedom to the rider. 

Three Types of Power Wheelchairs

Three different varieties of electric wheelchairs are available, each with different pricing. The purpose of explaining them here is to clarify what kind of wheelchair you want to purchase to fulfill your needs.

  • Portable Power Wheelchair
  • Full-Size Power Wheelchair
  • Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Let’s explain each type one by one. 

Portable Power Wheelchair

Portable electric wheelchairs are compact and light enough to fit into tight spaces like car trunks. It works best at home and for short distances. This travel-sized wheelchair is made up of light material and is relatively less expensive than other types of wheelchairs. It can support 200 to 250 lbs of weight.

Full-Size Power Wheelchair

A full-size power wheelchair size categorizes between a portable wheelchair and a heavy-duty wheelchair. It has a more roomy seat and larger batteries. It is good enough to maneuver at home and to travel to nearby markets. It can easily hold a weight of 250 to 350 lbs. 

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

A heavy-duty wheelchair has the sturdiest frame to hold up to 700 lbs with a larger seat room. Its larger batteries make it capable of operating for a longer time. However, it costs far more than a regular wheelchair, but good enough to use indoors or outdoors for a long journey. Additionally, you can accelerate fast and rely on it to travel smoothly over any terrain. 

Cost of Modification and Additional add-ons

Whatever wheelchair model you select, there are a few modifications and add-ons you’ll like to add that will raise the price. Keep in mind that only heavy-duty wheelchairs have some extra accessories.

Common modifications and add-ons are;

  • Changing Tires
  • Upgrading Batteries
  • Changing the side of the Joystick or keypad
  • Adding chin or foot control instead of Joystick(in case rider can’t use joystick)
  • Adding power tile, tile-in-place
  • Upgrading the motor

Other Cost Factors

A few other cost factors can influence the price of a wheelchair.


If you can’t pick up the wheelchair from the manufacturer, there will be a delivery fee in addition to the wheelchair price. Most of the time, the delivery cost is calculated based on mileage.


A new product comes with a one to two years warranty. After the end of the initial warranty period, you have the option to purchase a paid company warranty for workmanship.

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