GrassMat an Accessibility Mat for Lawn

✅ Made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene

✅ Quick and easy installation, simple maintenance

✅ Non-slip

✅ Avoid getting bogged down

✅ UV resistant

✅ Easily modular

✅ Does not prevent grass from growing through the mesh

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GrassMat is a polyethylene mat that is installed on grass and turf and helps protect areas subject to frequent pedestrian or vehicle traffic. It thus makes lawns accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility (PRM) or wheelchair users and allows the creation of parking lots and pedestrian zones.

Key Features

Excellent landscape integration

The green color of the GrassMat mat respects the landscape integration of your sites. The mesh allows grass to grow through it.


The GrassMat is made from recycled and recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). UV resistant, it combines respect for the environment and solidity.

A lightweight and easily stored product

Very light, the Grassmat can be stored very simply in the form of rolls, which allows it to be installed and removed even for temporary events.

Pedestrian, PRM and vehicle access (passable)

The twisted mesh helps increase traction in desired areas. Access for vehicles, pedestrians and PRMs is simplified.

A simple installation solution

Available in rolls of 1 or 2 meters wide, a 100 meter section can be installed in less than half an hour by 2 people.

No specific maintenance required

It is relatively easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance. You can use a broom, a blower or even a jet of pressurized water.


Property Grassmat (1.6 kg/m²) Grassmat (2 kg/m²)
Color Green Green
Width 1.00 m or 2.00 m 1.00 m or 2.00 m
Length Custom-made (up to 20 m) Custom-made (up to 20 m)
Weight 1.6 kg/m² 2 kg/m²
Thickness 14 mm 14 mm
Suitable for Grass preferably, and other loose soils Grass preferably, and other loose soils
Ideal Use Pedestrian use, PRM or light vehicles (< 3.5 tonnes) Intensive use for light vehicles (< 3.5 tonnes) or passage of heavy vehicles (up to 15 tonnes)


GrassMat an Accessibility Mat for Lawn

GrassMat an Accessibility Mat for Lawn

GrassMat an Accessibility Mat for Lawn


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