How to book Srilankan Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

Srilankan Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Thinking of visiting Sri Dalada Maligawa to see the relic of the tooth of Buddha? Or how about the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kandy to see its collection of orchids? Or perhaps the Dutch Fort in Galle which is a World Heritage Site? All of these favorite tourist destinations in Sri Lanka are wheelchair friendly and fortunately, its carrier airline is also offering assistance services for wheelchair users who want to visit Sri Lanka.

In this blog post from Gilani Mobility, we’ll discuss all the relevant information you will need to avail of Srilankan Airlines wheelchair assistance.

Disability assistance request

Sri Lankan Airlines has a dedicated web page for disability assistance requests. Travelers who will be needing assistance for their Sri Lankan flights are requested to lodge their requests during booking or not less than 72 hours before their flights.

Assistance can be provided to travelers who:

  • Have cognitive disability and will need connection assistance
  • Need portable oxygen concentrators
  • Need a manual or electric wheelchair
  • Travel with medical devices
  • Rely on service animals
  • Need escort assistance because of visual impairments
  • Need to stow assistive devices
  • Need other special assistance

Booking a wheelchair

If you failed to inform you need a wheelchair during the time of your booking and aside from requesting online via the disability assistance requests form, you can also book a wheelchair by contacting the Srilankan Airlines wheelchair assistance number. 

How to Request a Wheelchair in Saudi Airlines

24-hour contact center

Telephone: +94117 77 1979 (within Sri Lanka: 1979)
WhatsApp: +94744 44 1979 (chat only)
Fax: +94197 33 3399

At the airport

Wheelchair requests without prior notice are also possible but with the following terms and conditions:

  • Srilankan Airlines wheelchair assistance price of LKR 5000 (originating out of Colombo only)
  • The age limit is 75 – 85 for elderly passengers. Passengers below and above this age range will need to show authorized medical forms to avail of the service. The same restriction applies to all wheelchair services.
  • Wheelchairs are only allowed until the ramp and steps. For cabin wheelchair assistance, passengers need to submit a Medical Information Form.

Day of travel

Traveling with mobility limitations is easier nowadays. However, passengers with disabilities are required to arrive earlier at the airport during their flights for security checks and check-in.  

Assistance with check-in

Sri Lankan Airlines as is most airlines provide assistance during check-in for passengers with special needs. Airline personnel will help with the check-in procedure including issuance of boarding pass and baggage tagging.

Security screening

Disability assistance is provided to passengers with special needs from check-in until embarkation. For those traveling with their own mobility equipment with lithium batteries or other Medical Portable Electronic Devices, they will need to undergo additional security screening procedures. 

Airline staff and employees will also provide assistance during this process but passengers are requested to read more about the restrictions and general conditions for traveling with their own mobility aids here


Wheelchair users are among the passengers with priority boarding. If you’re traveling with your own chair, you will need to leave your chair before boarding. If you have total immobility, you will be transferred to a cabin wheelchair that you will use to get to your seat and inside the aircraft. 

During the flight

Wheelchair users are recommended to select their seats during booking especially those that would require to use the bathrooms frequently during the flight and would want a seat near it. Some disabled passengers might prefer instead to sit on a seat with extra legroom.


Wheelchairs are available to passengers upon disembarkation on their destination. Their wheelchairs, if they’re traveling with one, will be available at the gate or the airline or airport (such as Dubai airport wheelchair assistance) will provide one. 


Booking for wheelchair assistance with Srilankan Airlines has made traveling accessible for those with limited mobility and in need of special assistance. As such, people with disabilities can now travel without limitations.

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