How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Emirates

How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Emirates

It is difficult to travel on an airline when dealing with any kind of disability due to medical problems or injury. Luckily airlines provide mobility aid assistance for convenient traveling for such individuals. 

Likewise, Emirates Airlines is committed to making air travel accessible for all passengers, including those who require special assistance due to a disability or mobility issues.

Emirates offers wheelchair assistance for passengers’ comfort and ease. But you have to book wheelchair assistance 48 hours before the flight. 

This article explains how to book wheelchair assistance on Emirates Airline. What procedure do you have to follow to get this service? Keep reading!

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Emirates Wheelchair Booking Process
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How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Emirates

The wheelchair booking process is simple. You can request assistance while booking your flight. Otherwise, you can request special assistance with your details and inform the airline 48 hours before the flight. 

You can use the following channels to avail yourself or a loved one of the special assistance programs. 

Online Booking: Passengers can book wheelchair assistance online during flight booking. After selecting the flight, passengers can indicate the type of assistance they require, including the wheelchair needed.

You can also book it later if you forget while ticketing. However, make sure to do it 48 hours before the flight. 

Phone Booking: Contact your local Emirates customer service to book wheelchair assistance. The customer service representative will guide the booking process and provide the information required to complete the booking.

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Information Required for Booking

You must provide the following information to get special assistance services at Emirates Airline. 

Passenger Details include the passenger’s name, age, and contact details. 

Flight Detail: It includes the flight number, date of travel, and departure and arrival cities.

Specific Assistance Required: Passengers must specify the type of assistance required, including the type of wheelchair needed and the necessary level of service.

You must provide these details so the airline can arrange the necessary equipment for hassle-free service. 

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Wheelchair Assistance Service Provided by the Emirates
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Wheelchair Assistance Service Provided by the Emirates

You can expect the following service from Emirates Airlines after a request for special assistance with a wheelchair. 

  • Wheelchair assistance helps from the entrance or car drop-off point to the boarding gate and from the flight to the pick-up location. 
  • Onboard wheelchair accessibility.
  • Special assistance passengers can get aisle seats with removable armrests for more ease. 
  • Help with navigating the airport and transportation between connecting flights.

Procedure for Own Wheelchair

You can also take along your wheelchair or any other mobility tools because you can carry two certified medical or assistive aids free of cost on the Emirates flight. But there are certain requirements you need to provide to the company before the flight. 

The requirements are;

  • Inform Emirates Airlines about the wheelchair 2 days before the flight.
  • Provide the size, weight, and battery type of the wheelchair. 
  • Bring the manufacturer’s instructions if the wheelchair is large and needs to disassemble and rebuild. 

The wheelchair will be stowed in the cabin for safety. In case the wheelchair is large and non-foldable, then you have to check in.

The wheelchair will be packed properly to travel safely in the aircraft’s hold. For such cases, the company asks you to arrive at the airport three hours before the flight so they have enough time to do the process. 

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Emirates’ Policies for Passengers with Disabilities

Emirates has policies to ensure that passengers with disabilities are accommodated during their flights.

The policies include guidelines on the type of medical equipment and the level of assistance the airline provides. Passengers can access the Emirates website for more information on these policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wheelchair assistance cost from Emirates Airlines?

Emirates provides free-of-cost wheelchair or any mobility aids assistance to their passengers.

How do I request wheelchair assistance on Emirates?

You can request wheelchair assistance on Emirates online or by phone. 

To Summarize

You can easily book wheelchair assistance in Emirates by contacting the local Emirates service provider or can do it online 48 hours before the flight. The Emirates provides you with mobility devices according to your needs. 

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